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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2023-08-08 -- the 2020 election (13), protective order (9), on social media (8), grand jury (8), gov ron (8)

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the 2020 election (13), protective order (9), on social media (8), grand jury (8), gov ron (8)

Jack Smith Drops The Hammer On Trump In Protective Order Response

Jack Smith saw what Trump was trying to do with the protective order and called out the former president for attempting to try the 1/6 case in the media.

Trump's Lawyers Offer Deranged Theory About Biden's Coffee Mug

Trump's lawyers are arguing that President Joe Biden's Dark Brandon coffee mug is a veiled reference to his prosecution.

Ron DeSantis Finally Admits Donald Trump Lost the 2020 Election

During an NBC News exclusive interview, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis finally admitted that Donald Trump lost the 2020 election.

John Eastman Asked For Disbarment Delay Because Jack Smith Might Charge Him

John Eastman is asking for a delay in his disbarment proceedings because he might be criminally charged by Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Trump investigations: The Georgia election interference case

Former President Donald Trump could be indicted soon in Georgia for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election in that state.

‘No, thanks’: GOP voters, major donors losing interest in the DeSantis ‘war on woke’

Mehdi Hasan: “DeSantis says he wants to ‘Make America Florida’ with all the culture war bigotry he's pushed there. And so far, America has responded, ‘No, thanks.’”

Judge Cannon adds new wrinkle to Trump classified documents case

Jack Smith raised conflict-of-interest questions about Nauta’s lawyer. Now the judge is raising questions about the investigation itself.

What to Know About Prosecutors’ Request for Protective Order in Jan. 6 Case

The orders, which can vary greatly in severity, generally ask that the defense use discovery evidence only to pursue actions related to the case itself and to not release it widely.

Analysis | A better analogy for the role of delusion in Trump’s Jan. 6 indictment

How to explain the importance of whether Trump actually believed his claims? Some popular analogies come up short.

Trump-appointed ambassador jumps into crowded GOP Senate race in Nevada

Jeffrey Gunter, a Republican donor and a former U.S. ambassador to Iceland, joins a crowded primary field seeking to take on Nevada Sen. Jacky Rosen (D).

A day of legal action in Trump imbroglio previews a chaotic 2024 election year | CNN Politics

A whirl of developments in a quartet of cases in four separate cities encapsulate the vast legal quagmire swamping Donald Trump and threatening to overwhelm the entire 2024 presidential campaign.

How Ohio's ballot vote could preview the 2024 politics of abortion | CNN Politics

The ballot initiative Ohio voters will decide Tuesday is likely to demonstrate again the continuing public resistance to last year’s Supreme Court decision ending the nationwide constitutional right to abortion – while also offering an early indication about how broadly that backlash may benefit Democrats in the 2024 election.

Trump objects to strict limits on sharing evidence in election interference case

In a new court filing, his legal team said prosecutors’ proposed restrictions are too onerous.

Pence qualifies for first GOP primary debate

Former Vice President Mike Pence has qualified to make the stage at the first Republican presidential primary debate, his campaign confirmed Monday night. Pence’s campaign surpassed the 40,00…

DeSantis says Republicans will lose if election is a ‘referendum’ on Jan. 6, classified documents

GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis suggested Monday that former President Trump’s legal woes may hinder Republicans’ chances in the next presidential election, saying the party will lose the g…

Trump’s communications are ‘erratic and unmoored from truth,’ says former Georgia Lt. Gov

Former Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan (R) said Monday that former President Trump and his legal team’s recent communications are “erratic” and “unmoored from truth.” Duncan made the comments when di…

Fox News’s Watters on possible Trump protective order: ‘He’ll violate it immediately’

Fox News’s Jesse Watters said Monday that former President Trump would “immediately” violate a possible protective order that special counsel Jack Smith requested a federal judge issue last week. &…

‘Bulldoze The First Amendment’: Jonathan Turley Slams Attempts To Silence Trump With Gag Order During Election Cycle

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley blasted special counsel Jack Smith’s effort to silence former President Donald Trump Monday.

‘Money Shows Up’: Byron Donalds Pushes Back Against Dem Congressman’s Comments On Hunter Allegations

Republican Rep. Byron Donalds pushed back against a Democratic congressman’s efforts to dismiss bribery allegations surrounding Hunter Biden.

MSNBC's Reid: Our Criminal Justice System Is 'Bifurcated' in Favor of Trump

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid said Monday on her show "The ReidOut" that the U.S. criminal justice system was "defiantly bifurcated" in favor of former President Donald Trump. | Clips

Trump Argues Proposed Protective Order Violates First Amendment Rights

Trump’s legal team argued Jack Smith’s proposed protective order should be narrowed because it would violate Trump’s First Amendment rights.

Rachel Maddow Uses Leprosy To Destroy Ron DeSantis

Rachel Maddow said that Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to make America like Florida, but part of the problem in Florida is Leprosy.

Fight over Trump Jan. 6 secrecy order marks start of race to trial

Donald Trump's lawyer says limiting his disclosure of evidence in the case violates his free speech rights, as U.S. prosecutors push for an earlier trial.

Mike Pence qualifies for first GOP debate

He's the eighth qualifier.

‘She Let Him Off The Hook’: Chris Christie Slams DeSantis’ Answer On Trump’s 2020 Election Claims

Presidential candidate Chris Christie criticized Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday over his response to a question on the results of the 2020 election.

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