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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2023-07-16 -- gov ron (8), in west palm beach (5), the desantis campaign (4), 15 2023 (4), spokesperson andrew romeo (3)

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gov ron (8), in west palm beach (5), the desantis campaign (4), 15 2023 (4), spokesperson andrew romeo (3)

Biden Trounces Is Trump And DeSantis With Record $72 Million Fundraising

Anyone worried about Democratic 2024 enthusiasm should look at the fact that the Biden-Harris campaign raised twice as much money as Trump and three times more than Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis team a little lighter after campaign sheds staff

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R) 2024 campaign is reorganizing amid its struggle to meet fundraising expectations — including shedding staff, a campaign spokesperson confirmed to the Hill on S…

Trump accuses DeSantis of neglecting Florida as insurers flee: ‘We want him to get home’

Former President Trump accused Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Saturday of neglecting his home state while out on the campaign trial, as insurers flee Florida over increased risks from natural dis…

Ramaswamy’s second quarter haul includes $5 million in self-donated funds

Republican presidential candidate and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy donated $5 million to his own campaign in the second quarter, bringing in a total of $7.7 million before Saturday’s deadline…

DeSantis Sheds Staff Amid Heavy Spending

The dismissals come as his campaign for the Republican nomination for president struggles to gain traction against former President Donald J. Trump, who is leading in polls.

In Florida, Trump Says DeSantis Has No Path to Victory

Former President Donald J. Trump taunted Gov. Ron DeSantis, his chief Republican rival, for his absence from the conservative Turning Point Action Conference.

Tim Scott is the longshot candidate raising the most cash

Breaking through the Trump-DeSantis logjam will be tough, especially if you can’t raise cash.

Pence Gets Terrible News After Clash with Tucker, Could Be Deathblow to His Campaign

If Mike Pence's campaign contributions don't pick up steam soon, he's going to have some unexpected free time on his hands.

Did Trump Make a Huge Mistake? Experts Say It Could Cost Him Big in Key State

Recent missteps by Donald Trump in Iowa could cause massive problems for him in 2024.

DeSantis’ fundraising report shows signs of strength and real spots of trouble

The Florida governor raised a lot of money early, less so late.

DeSantis campaign sheds staff amid cash crunch

Fewer than 10 staffers were let go Thursday, according to a person familiar with the campaign.

Trump to DeSantis: Come Home to Florida and Do Your Job

Trump will call on DeSantis to "get back" to FL and “do the job he was elected to do,” during his address at the Turning Point Conference.

Watch Live: Donald Trump Speaks at Turning Point Action Conference

Former President Donald Trump will speak at Turning Point Action's Conference on Saturday, July 15.

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