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his first public (10), joe biden (8), grand jury (7), the new york (6), indictment trump (5)

Trump Showing Maps Of North Korea To Kid Rock Looks A Lot Different After Indictment

The story that Trump showed maps of North Korea to Kid Rock in the Oval Office looks a lot more criminal after the Jack Smith indictment.

Kari Lake Is Trying To Incite An Armed Insurrection For Trump

Kari Lake was speaking at a Republican convention in Georgia on Friday night where she called for an armed attack against the United States in response to Trump's indictment.

Ann Coulter Suggests Republicans Commit Suicide To Show Solidarity With Trump

Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced that Rep. Jim Jordan will attempt to illegally interfere in Trump’s trial by investigating the classified docs case.

Kevin McCarthy And Jim Jordan Plot To Illegally Interfere In Trump's Trial

Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced that Rep. Jim Jordan will attempt to illegally interfere in Trump's trial by investigating the classified docs case.

Trump Calls Special Counsel A ‘Thug’ And ‘Deranged’ In First Post-Indictment Appearance

Trump Saturday made his first campaign stops after his indictment on 37 counts of illegally retaining and conspiring to hide secret documents from authorities.

Opinion | Trump's defense team is playing offense. That's a very bad sign.

There's a reason defense lawyers try to shift the focus away from their clients’ behavior.

Trump Supporters’ Violent Rhetoric in His Defense Disturbs Experts

The former president’s allies have portrayed the indictment as an act of war and called for retribution, which political violence experts say increases the risk of action.

Trump goes off on Jack Smith and the indictment brought against him

The former president made clear he’ll fight the charges on political grounds.

Raffensperger calls on GOP to elect ‘principled’ leaders ahead of Trump’s Georgia speech

The former president is under scrutiny for a 2021 phone call to Georgia’s secretary of state asking him to “find” enough votes to secure his victory in the state.

Trump indictment live updates:

Updates on former President Donald Trump's federal indictment in classified documents investigation.

Cohen on Trump indictment: ‘Donald will throw anyone and everyone under the bus’

Michael Cohen, a onetime attorney of former President Trump, said on Saturday that Trump will “throw anyone and everyone under the bus,” after an unsealed indictment alleged that he mis…

Trump gives advice to DeSantis: ‘Never change your name in the middle of a campaign’

Former President Trump took a jab at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Saturday for attempting to “change” his name, amid his campaign for the Republican nomination.  DeSantis has faced questio…

Oklahoma governor throws support behind DeSantis for 2024

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) endorsed Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis on Saturday, after several fellow Republicans from the Sooner State threw their weight behind the Florida gover…

North Carolina GOP votes to censure Sen. Thom Tillis for straying from party platform

The North Carolina Republican Party voted on Saturday to censure Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) for policy decisions they said do not align with the party, according to The Associated Press. Tillis, who…

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt Endorses Ron DeSantis For President

Oklahoma's Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt endorsed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for president in 2024 on Saturday.

WATCH LIVE: Donald Trump Delivers Remarks at NC GOP Convention

Donald Trump is slated to speak at the NC GOP state convention in Greensboro, just days after being indicted on 38 federal counts.

MUST SEE VIDEO: Kari Lake's FIRST Music Video "81 Million Votes My Ass" CONFIRMED to Hit Two Billboard Charts and Possibly a Third! - WATCH HERE | The Gateway Pundit | by Jordan Conradson | 126

Kari Lake’s new song with The Bombers is already a hit, making it onto two Billboard music charts within one week of its release, and a new music video was just released.

Trump Faceplants In Georgia And Offers No Indictment Defense

Trump's first remarks since being federally indicted were a mix of stale lines and tactics that revealed his inability to defend his actions.

‘This Is the Final Battle’: Trump Casts His Campaign as an Existential Fight Against His Critics

Donald J. Trump delivered his first post-indictment public remarks on Saturday at the state G.O.P. conventions in Georgia and North Carolina, as his federal indictment dominates the political landscape.

Trump bemoans indictment as 'political hit job' as he hits the campaign trail with indicted aide | CNN Politics

Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail Saturday, accompanied by indicted aide Walt Nauta, as the former president cast his own federal indictment as “election interference” and told Georgia Republicans it represented an abuse of power by the Biden administration.

Trump vows to stay in the race even if convicted

“I’ll never leave,” he tells POLITICO.

Trump pledges to endorse Mark Robinson for North Carolina governor

Former President Donald Trump has pledged to endorse Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson for North Carolina governor

Trump stands firm on 2024 despite indictment: ‘I will never be deterred’

Former President Trump indicated on Saturday that he is standing firm on his 2024 president campaign, despite facing a second indictment this week over his handling of classified materials. “…

Trump: We Will Beat ‘Globalist Vultures in the Washington Swamp’

Trump wil declare that “we are going to fight the globalist vultures in the Washington Swamp just as we did before—and we are going to win."

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