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social reform (4), reform movements (4), press pool (4), pool congressional (4), graduate work (4)

Rep. Dan Goldman: There's Real Potential Trump Goes To Jail

Former federal prosecutor and now congressman Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-NY) said that Trump could be facing jail time if he is convicted in the classified documents case.

Former Attorney General William Barr Says Trump Is Toast If Even Half The Indictment Is True

Former Attorney General William Barr said that if even half of what is in the DOJ's indictment is true, Trump is toast.

Lindsey Graham Throws A Temper Tantrum When Asked If Trump Did Anything Wrong

Sen. Lindsey Graham was asked if Trump did anything wrong. He responded by trying to change the subject to Hillary Clinton and then had an outburst when he was called out on it.

Republicans Are Having To Bus In People To Protest Trump's Arraignment

Republicans can't count on people to come out and protest for Trump on their own so some Florida Republicans are reportedly busing them in.

Gallego calls Kari Lake’s remarks on Trump indictment ‘dangerous’

Arizona Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego called out former state gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake (R) for her recent remarks on former President Trump’s indictment, referring to them as “dangerous.” …

Trump, Allies Escalate Attacks On Criminal Case

The former president is escalating efforts to undermine the case against him and drum up protests.

North Carolina GOP censures Republican Sen. Thom Tillis

Tillis, who has brokered bipartisan legislation on issues including gun control and same-sex marriage, was censured Saturday at the state party’s annual convention.

Trump documents case is a test for the justice system he wants to dismantle | CNN Politics

Donald Trump’s federal indictment represents far more than a battle between the government and an ex-president over national security secrets that he kept in a stunningly insecure fashion.

Trump to host first major fundraiser the day of his arraignment

First comes the court date, then comes the money.

Poll: Post Indictment, Trump Widens Lead Again over 60 percent Support

 A poll indicates that former President Donald Trump has widened his lead in the GOP primary following the indictment of him.

'Stay tuned': Miami's mayor teases possible presidential announcement

"I'm going to be making a big speech in the Reagan Library," he said.

Lindsey Graham: Trump is stronger today than he was before

Graham, who endorsed Trump in the GOP primary, called the federal charges unveiled Friday “ridiculous.”

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