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joe biden (17), rule law (14), new york (13), on truth social (11), handling classified (11)

Rachel Maddow Nails Trump For Thinking DOJ Would Never Indict Him

Rachel Maddow says that Trump thought that the Department of Justice would never indict him.

Trump Charges Include Violation Of The Espionage Act

The charges in the indictment against former president Trump include "willful retention of national defense information," in violation of the Espionage Act.

Recuse? Trump's Criminal Case Could End Up Before a Judge He Nominated

Former president Donald Trump could end up with his criminal case assigned to a judge he nominated to the bench.

Trump Has Apparently Committed So Many Crimes That He's Not Sure What He's Indicted For

Donald Trump has apparently committed so many crimes that he had to assume that he was indicted for the classified documents, but he wasn't totally sure.

Weissmann: There are people in jail who've done far less than what Trump's charged with

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell is joined by former FBI General Counsel Andrew Weissmann to discuss the federal indictment against Donald Trump in the Justice Department's classified documents case.

Trump indicted: Rachel Maddow joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss charges

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow joined Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the federal indictment against Donald Trump by Special Counsel Jack Smith in the Justice Department’s classified documents investigation. The charges include, according to The New York Times, a violation of the Espionage Act.

Inside Trump’s Club When the Call Came: You’re Indicted

It was a more familiar drill this time for the former president, his aides and allies, who cranked their political spin machine and fund-raising operation into action.

Trump Indicted: Trump Is Charged in Classified Documents Inquiry

The seven counts against the former president include conspiracy to obstruct, willful retention of documents and false statements, according to people familiar with the indictment. He said he would surrender to the authorities on Tuesday.

Opinion | The More Opposition Trump Faces, the More Popular He Becomes, and He Knows It

How politically radical could the base of the Republican Party become between now and the 2024 presidential election?

Donald Trump's criminal cases, explained | CNN Politics

Could he still run for president? Why did the adult-film star case move before any of the ones about protecting democracy? How could you possibly find an impartial jury? Here are answers to some of the questions about the indictment of former President Donald Trump.

DeSantis sets rivalry aside: ‘Why so zealous in pursuing Trump?’

The Florida governor's response shows just how far he's willing to criticize the former president.

Trump indictment cheat sheet: What to know about the classified documents case

What are the likely charges? Will Trump turn himself into authorities? And could he face prison time?

Trump’s 2024 GOP opponents rush to his defense, post indictment

Vivek Ramaswamy promised to pardon Trump if elected. Ron DeSantis pledged to go after the DOJ.

George Conway calls Trump indictment in documents case ‘absolutely historic’

George Conway, a conservative attorney and prominent critic of former President Trump, called the news that former President Trump was indicted in a probe into his handling of classified documents …

Trump indictment: DeSantis blasts ‘weaponization of federal law enforcement’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) blasted the “weaponization of federal law enforcement” in response to the news that former President Trump had been indicted, but avoiding an outright defe…

Democratic lawmakers claim indictment news shows Trump ‘not above the law’

Democratic lawmakers on Thursday weighed in on former President Trump’s indictment in connection with an investigation into his handling of classified documents, with many arguing that the news sho…

What 2024 GOP candidates are saying about Trump’s indictment

Former President Trump’s Thursday evening announcement that he was indicted on federal charges quickly scrambled the 2024 GOP presidential race, putting his various challengers on the spot to respo…

‘Principles Over Politics’: Vivek Ramaswamy Reacts To Indictment, Pledges ‘To Pardon Trump Promptly’

Republican presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy has pledged, if elected, to pardon former President Donald Trump.

‘Denigration Of The Presidency’: Joy Reid, Chris Hayes React To Trump Indictment

MSNBC hosts Joy Reid and Chris Hayes weighed in on the Thursday announcement that former President Donald Trump has been indicted.

Breaking: Trump Indicted - Deep State Tries Taking Down 45th President Again

The DOJ indicted former President Donald Trump on charges of mishandling classified documents and related offenses.

DeSantis Criticizes DOJ's ‘Zealous’ Prosecution of Donald Trump

Ron DeSantis criticized the DOJ's “zealous” prosecution of Donald Trump after news broke that federal prosecutors indicted him. 

WATCH -- Trump Attorney Slams Indictment: 'They Picked the Wrong Guy'

Those who leveled the indictment against former President Donald Trump are going after the wrong man, his attorney said Thursday.

Never Trump and RINOS Celebrate, Underplay DOJ Indictment

Never Trumpers and RINOS either celebrated or dramatically underplayed former President Trump’s indictment.

Joe Biden Has Yet to Be Interviewed by the Special Counsel Investigating His Stolen Classified Documents | The Gateway Pundit | by Cristina Laila

Joe Biden has yet to be interviewed by the special counsel investigating the stolen classified documents he stored at the Penn Biden Center and in his aware garage.

Trump Is Sitting Around Watching Fox News And Feeling Sorry For Himself After Being Indicted

Donald Trump spent his time after being indicted watching Fox News and feeling sorry for himself.

Trump says he’s been indicted again: The Mar-a-Lago classified documents case, explained

Here’s the background on the investigation that just led to the former president’s second indictment.

Opinion | Trump’s Misconduct Was Too Brazen Not to Charge

The available evidence supports the indictment by the special counsel Jack Smith.

The twice-impeached Trump now faces his second criminal indictment as he looks to recapture White House | CNN Politics

Donald Trump, who has often lied, unquestionably told the truth when he said Thursday was a “dark day” for America.

Trump indictment live updates: Details of allegations against Trump emerge

Updates on former President Donald Trump's federal indictment in classified documents investigation.

McCarthy Bashes Trump Indictment as 'Grave Injustice,' Vows Accountability

Speaker Kevin McCarthy came to former President Donald Trump's defense Thursday after Trump announced the Justice Department had indicted him.

DeSantis Condemns Trump Indictment — and Uses it to Campaign For Himself | The Gateway Pundit | by Cassandra MacDonald

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis condemned the federal indictment of former President Donald Trump — and used his statement about it to campaign.

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