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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2023-05-19 -- the debt limit (8), told reporters (6), president joe biden (6), rep garret (5), graves r-la (5)

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the debt limit (8), told reporters (6), president joe biden (6), rep garret (5), graves r-la (5)

Trump urges hardline position as debt ceiling talks paused: ‘Do not fold!!!’

Former President Trump on Friday urged Republican lawmakers to dig in on debt ceiling talks just as negotiations with the White House were paused over disagreements. “Republicans should not m…

Kevin McCarthy Bails On Debt Limit Talks Because He's Not Getting His Way

Speaker Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans pulled out of debt limit talks because they claim the conversations aren't productive.

Frustrated GOP negotiator says debt ceiling talks have paused

A top GOP lawmaker negotiating a debt ceiling compromise with the White House on Friday said the talks were on “pause,” suggesting at least a temporary breakdown in the process as the clock ticks t…

GOP hits ‘pause’ on debt talks as clock ticks

How much to cut spending is “the major sticking point,” but it’s “not the only one,” as Rep. Dusty Johnson put it.

The Hill’s 12:30 Report — More developments in the US involvement in Ukraine

To view past editions of The Hill’s 12:30 Report, click here: To receive The Hill’s 12:30 Report in your inbox, please sign up here:  –> A midday take on what’s happening…

White House still 'working hard' as debt limit negotiations with GOP break down

The White House confirmed Friday that the ongoing debt ceiling talks between President Joe Biden's team and House Republicans have paused but remained adamant that the administration is striving to reach a bipartisan solution to avoid a national default.

Republicans 'Pressing Pause' on Debt Limit Talks with Biden White House

Rep. Garret Graves (R-LA), who has been leading debt ceiling talks, said that Republicans would "pause" debt ceiling negotiations. 

The debt ceiling deal could make America’s STD problem much worse

Negotiations between Biden and GOP leaders are targeting public health dollars slated for combating record infection rates.

AOC’s advice to Joe Biden on the debt limit showdown

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez believes that Democrats have the upper hand – but has questions about who in the West Wing still has the progressives’ back.

McCarthy says they need a debt deal by this weekend. It's more complicated than that.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy says it would take a week and a half for a debt deal to pass Congress. But both chambers have certain escape hatches in case timing slips — if lawmakers cooperate.

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