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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2023-05-20 -- president joe biden (10), debt limit (10), the debt ceiling (8), prime minister (7), ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy (5)

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president joe biden (10), debt limit (10), the debt ceiling (8), prime minister (7), ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy (5)

Kevin McCarthy Bails On Debt Limit Talks Because He's Not Getting His Way

Speaker Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans pulled out of debt limit talks because they claim the conversations aren't productive.

G7 urges China to press Russia to end war in Ukraine, respect Taiwan's status, fair trade rules

The Group of Seven wealthy democracies have urged China to push Russia to end its war on Ukraine

White House to arrange Biden-McCarthy call on debt limit at conclusion of G7 summit

The White House is aiming to arrange a phone call between President Biden and Speaker McCarthy (R-Calif.) to try and get talks over avoiding a default back on track once the president has wrapped u…

Wagner Group claims it seized Bakhmut with help from Russian troops

Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Saturday that the Wagner Group has seized Bakhmut with assistance from Russian troops, after a protracted monthslong battle over the eastern Ukrainian city. “As a …

Ukraine's Zelenskyy At Center Of Last Day Of High-Level Diplomacy As G7 Looks To Punish Russia

Japan said Zelenskyy’s inclusion stems from his “strong wish” to participate in talks with the bloc and countries that will influence his nation’s defense against Russia.

Debt ceiling talks break down and attacks escalate as deadline approaches

The GOP wants to raise spending for the military, veterans care and border security; the White House wants to spread the impact of cuts across the board.

Debt limit talks hit a snag as Democrats grow frustrated with GOP demands

The debate in Congress regarding the nation's debt ceiling has hit another speed bump, with Democrats claiming the talks are going in the wrong direction.

McCarthy halts debt limit talks until Biden returns from G7

Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) put negotiations with the White House to avert a debt default on pause Saturday, saying talks will only continue once President Joe Biden returns from the G7 on Sunday.

Biden to call McCarthy from G7 as stalemate derails debt limit negotiations

President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) will speak by phone on Sunday morning amid a stalemate in debt limit negotiations, the White House said Saturday.

Kirby: 'China's influence can be a good thing' since Putin listens to Xi

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby shared his insight on a possible solution to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and it involves China.

After a Show-Stopping Entrance at the G7, Zelensky Pleads for More Aid

He urged his supporters to stay the course and tried to convince fence sitters like India and Brazil that there is no middle ground.

Behind the Scenes, G7 Nations Wrangle Over Ambitious Climate Commitments

The U.S. finds itself caught between defending President Biden’s climate change agenda and aiding allies intent on increasing their access to fossil fuels.

Dems Lament About Debt Ceiling: We Backed Ourselves 'Into this Corner'

Democrats are venting over how they have been forced to negotiate with Kevin McCarthy on a potential debt ceiling deal after saying they would consider doing so.

Trudeau Grills Italian PM On ‘Two-Spirit,’ Trans Rights At Bilateral Meeting

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau grilled Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni over LGBT rights during the G7 summit, according to multiple media reports.

How Dems ended up where they swore they wouldn’t be: Negotiating on the debt limit

President Joe Biden's party slowly relented on its insistence that any hike be clean. And progressives are aghast at the concessions the GOP is poised to extract.

Amid G-7 diplomacy, Biden predicts a debt limit deal will get done

After a hiccup in debt negotiations back home, Biden reassures ‘we’ll be able to avoid a default’ during summit in Japan.

G7 vs China: US, Europe unite in tough messaging against Beijing

World’s wealthiest democracies find broad convergence on need to change tack in confronting the Asian giant.

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