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train derailment (8), east palestine (8), pete buttigieg (6), palestine ohio (6), norfolk southern (6)

Here's How Democrats Can Kill Tucker Carlson And Kevin McCarthy's Propaganda

House and Senate Democrats also have the power to access the Capitol's 1/6 security footage, so they can kill Kevin McCarthy and Tucker Carlson's propaganda effort by giving credible news organizations access to the footage.

GOP Plan To Quash Any Trump Georgia Indictment Falls Apart

Republicans were planning on using the comments of the Special Grand Jury foreperson to quash any indictments of Trump and others, but that plan fell apart.

Special Counsel Jack Smith Just Hammered Mike Pence

Special Counsel Jack Smith has filed a motion to ask the court to force Mike Pence to comply with his subpoena.

Trump Totally Embarrassed Himself In East Palestine

Donald Trump put the capper on his trip to East Palestine, OH by telling potentially poisoned people to have a good time and have fun.

Buttigieg world frustrated at GOP attacks over train wreck

“Pete Buttigieg has taken a lot of bullets for the president on this,” one senior Democrat said.

Exclusive -- Behind the Scenes With Trump in East Palestine: 'You are Not Forgotten'

Former President Donald Trump delivered a positive and hopeful message to residents of East Palestine: "You are not forgotten."

Opinion | Why this Fulton County juror's media tour is so reckless

Why the blood pressure of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis must be spiking.

With Ohio derailment blame game, Trump and Pence are back in sync

The former president and VP have been at odds in very public ways in recent years, but they’re both aligned in deflecting about the Ohio train disaster.

Crew Alerted to Problem Just Before Ohio Derailment, Investigators Say

The crew tried to slow down after an overheated wheel bearing set off an alarm, but 38 cars still ended up leaving the tracks, the National Transportation Safety Board said.

JUST IN: White House Says Biden Has No Plans to Visit Ohio Derailment Site, Despite Having Plenty of Time to Visit Ukraine

Truth Gettr gab-logo Gab Parler Telegram Share Tweet        The White House has announced that Joe Biden has no plans to visit the train derailment site in Ohio. Former President Donald Trump visit...

Buttigieg, standing near Ohio derailment site, says he could have spoken 'sooner'

“I felt strongly about this and could have expressed that sooner,” DOT secretary said.

'Enough with the politics': Derailment investigator takes aim at partisan sniping, misinfo

"Enough with the politics on this," National Transportation Safety Board Chair Jennifer Homendy said Thursday at an update on her agency's probe.

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