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raphael warnock (9), herschel walker (9), president joe biden (7), black voters (6), two years (5)

DNC Makes South Carolina the State with First Democratic Primary

Finally, the all-important first primary looks like the Democratic Party.

Democrats go to war with Iowa and New Hampshire over 2024

It’s Joe Biden’s Democratic Party and he’ll ditch New Hampshire and Iowa if he wants to.

A Great Sign For Raphael Warnock As Early Voting Wait Lines Stretch For Hours In Democratic Areas

There are long wait lines in Democratic areas for the last day of early voting which is a great sign for Sen. Raphael Warnock in the Georgia Senate runoff.

Democrats Move a Step Closer to Making South Carolina First Primary

A key panel supported President Biden’s plan, which would remove Iowa as the first presidential nominating state. States with more diverse, working-class and in some cases more moderate constituencies are being elevated.

Joe Biden just threw the 2024 primary calendar into chaos

His unexpectedly bold proposal would make the early state lineup more diverse. But enacting it will be a challenge.

Newt Gingrich: GOP ‘must learn to quit underestimating’ Biden

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) said in a blog post that the Republican Party “must learn to quit underestimating” President Biden.  Gingrich said in the post on his website that Bi…

Georgia shatters single-day early voting record again

Georgia topped its one-day record for early voting again on Friday, with more than 350,000 voters casting their vote in the runoff election between Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) and Republican Herschel …

Joe Biden: Warnock Votes with Me Nearly 100% - Don't Tell Georgia Voters That (VIDEO)

Joe Biden Friday evening traveled to Boston to participate in an International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers phone bank. Biden was a stuttering mess as usual. At one point Joe Biden began talking about the Georgia Senate runoff. Democrat Warnock is in a tight race against Republican Herschel Walker for Georgia’s senate seat. Radical Marxist Warnock…

The Fight Over Warnock’s Record Comes Down to an Electric Car Plant in Georgia

Hyundai’s huge new plant outside Savannah could be a model for bipartisanship and a central achievement for Raphael Warnock, whose biggest efforts otherwise fell short. But Republicans aren’t giving him credit.

With Big G.O.P. Names Largely Staying Away, Walker Stresses His Georgia Roots

Before the November election, Mr. Walker had help from Republicans far and wide. Now, he’s relying heavily on Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia to pull him ahead of Senator Raphael Warnock, the Democratic incumbent.

In Georgia runoff, GOP worries about Walker, Trump and party’s future

The Georgia runoff between Raphael G. Warnock and Herschel Walker caps a turbulent midterm election in which voters rejected many candidates tied to Donald Trump.

3 takeaways from the big early voting numbers in Georgia’s Senate runoff

Voters have flocked to the polls in a condensed early voting period, especially Black voters and voters in Democratic strongholds.

Obama Lets It Slip? Talks About 'Crazy' 'Uncle Joe, You Know What Happened to Him'

It looks like former President Barack Obama may have finally admitted what everyone knows about "Uncle Joe" Biden.

DNC moves forward with dramatic change to presidential primary calendar

Biden's proposal would have South Carolina hold Democrats' first presidential primary and Michigan and Georgia join the early states.

JUST IN: Democrats Vote to Remove Iowa as First Voting State - Replace it with South Carolina to 'Reflect Party's Diverse Electorate'

The Democrats on Friday voted to remove Iowa as its first voting state and will replace it with South Carolina. Apparently Iowa is too white. This move was championed by Joe Biden to ‘reflect the party’s diverse electorate.’ AP reported: Democrats voted Friday to remove Iowa as the leadoff state on the presidential nominating calendar…

Warnock focuses on turnout as early voting ends in Georgia runoff

Early voting closed ahead of Election Day on Tuesday.

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