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social reform (5), reform movements (5), graduate work (5), editor white (5), easley jason (5)

The Lincoln Project Blasts McCarthy And McConnell For Not Standing Up To Trump

The Lincoln Project pointed out that Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell have been too weak to stand up to Trump, even after he called for terminating the Constitution.

Hakeem Jeffries Calls Out Hypocrite Mitch McConnell

House Democratic Leader Elect Rep. Hakeem Jeffries said that Republicans like Mitch McConnell are hypocrites and shamelessness is their superpower.

House Republican Falls Apart When Pressed About Support Constitution Suspending Trump

Rep. Dave Joyce (R-OH) crumbled when he was pressed on saying that he would still support Trump in 2024 if he were the nominee after Trump called for suspending the Constitution.

Kevin McCarthy Humiliates Himself By Vowing To Investigate Facebook And Google

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) still lacks the votes need to be elected speaker, so he is promising to investigate Google and Facebook.

Inside the fight for an end-of-year deal on the child tax credit

How Republicans’ disappointing midterm performance changed the politics.

The Hill’s 12:30 Report — Why Trump called to terminate the Constitution

To view past editions of The Hill’s 12:30 Report, click here: To receive The Hill’s 12:30 Report in your inbox, please sign up here: –> A midday take on wha…

Republican hopes fade as Warnock momentum picks up in Georgia

Republicans are hoping for a surprise in the closely divided state, but their mood has turned grim about Herschel Walker's chances.

As McCarthy scrambles, GOP eyes alternatives for House speaker

The good news for Kevin McCarthy is that he doesn’t have a rival. The bad news for McCarthy is that the larger conversation is starting to shift.

A new low: Why Trump endorsed ‘terminating’ constitutional law

For the first time, Donald Trump explicitly called for the Constitution to be subverted in pursuit of his ridiculous election conspiracy theories.

Jeffries and Schumer begin their Dem buddy act

Blaze trails, it’s the Brooklyn way: One is Congress’ first ever Black party leader, the other its first Jewish leader. Now they’ve got to build their own chemistry.

Republicans Are Grim As Herschel Walker Thinks He's Running For The House

The Georgia Senate runoff is expected to be close, but Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) has momentum, and Herschel Walker thinks that he is running for the House.

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