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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2022-11-28 -- xi jinping (9), on social media (6), nearly three years (5), killed 10 people (5), covid restrictions (5)

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xi jinping (9), on social media (6), nearly three years (5), killed 10 people (5), covid restrictions (5)

How a deadly fire sparked rare protests in China

Frustration over China’s “zero-COVID” policy has manifested for months, but a recent deadly apartment fire sparked mass demonstrations in cities across the country in a rare show of defiance agains…

China's Xi Faces Threat From Public Anger Over 'Zero COVID'

Barely a month after granting himself a third five-year term as China's leader, Xi Jinping is facing a wave of public anger over his “zero COVID" policy.

A Protest? A Vigil? In Beijing, Anxious Crowds Are Unsure How Far to Go.

In a country where protests are swiftly quashed, many who gathered to voice their discontent — under the watchful eye of the police — were uncertain about how far to go.

At the heart of China's protests against zero-Covid, young people cry for freedom | CNN

For the first time in decades, thousands of people have defied Chinese authorities to protest at universities and on the streets of major cities, demanding to be freed not only from incessant Covid tests and lockdowns, but strict censorship and the Communist Party's tightening grip over all aspects of life.

China Protests Break Out as Covid Cases Surge and Lockdowns Persist

After a weekend of confrontations between officials and demonstrators, video from two sites in Shanghai and Beijing showed a heavy security presence. Here’s the latest on the situation.

Memes, Puns and Blank Sheets of Paper: China’s Creative Acts of Protest

In a country where the authorities have little tolerance for open dissent, demonstrators against Covid restrictions have turned to more subtle methods.

China: Years of Lockdown Abuses Trigger Anti-Communist Protests Nationwide

Protesters thronged the streets of cities across China over the weekend, defying a brutal crackdown from the Communist regime.

Protests in China Increasing Over COVID Shutdowns and Tyranical Government Policies

People in China are protesting across the country.  What started as a fire in one building has led to a fire of protests.  The protests started when a fire broke out in a building where the citizens were trapped inside due to COVID policies in the country. The fire in Urumqi, Xinjiang, the last screams…

Rare protests are spreading across China. Here's what you need to know | CNN

From Shanghai to Beijing, protests have erupted across China in a rare show of dissent against the ruling Communist Party sparked by anger over the country's increasingly costly zero-Covid policy.

BBC journalist 'beaten and kicked by the police' as protests spread across China | CNN Business

Edward Lawrence, a journalist at the BBC, was arrested by police in Shanghai at the scene of protests on Sunday night, according to the BBC and as captured on what appears to be mobile phone footage of the arrest.

China Sticks to Brutal Coronavirus Lockdowns as Protests Erupt Nationwide

China insisted that it would "rectify," but not eliminate, its years-old Chinese coronavirus lockdown policies.

Police in China Arrest, Beat BBC Journalist Covering Coronavirus Protests

A BBC reporter was arrested and beaten by China police on Sunday while covering protests against the country's zero-coronavirus policy.

Biden administration critical of 'zero Covid' amid Chinese protests

The Biden administration has so far held back on issuing a larger condemnation of President Xi Jinping amid the unrest.

Protests against zero-COVID policy spread across China in challenge to Beijing

Demonstrators in Shanghai demand that President Xi Jinping step down and call for the end of Communist Party rule.

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