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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2022-09-10 -- queen elizabeth ii (14), king charles iii (14), buckingham palace (11), the royal family (9), the new king (8)

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queen elizabeth ii (14), king charles iii (14), buckingham palace (11), the royal family (9), the new king (8)

58% Of Americans And 25% Of Republicans Say MAGA Is A Threat To Democracy

A new poll found that 58% of Americans and 25% of Republicans think MAGA is a threat to US democracy.

Former FBI Official: DOJ Seems To Be Heading Toward Indicting Trump For Fraud

Former FBI Assistant Director For Counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi said that the DOJ seems to be heading toward indicting Trump for fraud.

Greg Abbott Releases A Disgusting Statement After New Uvalde Shooting

Gov. Greg Abbott said nothing about guns but talked about gang violence in a bid to shift the focus after a new shooting in Uvalde, TX.

Biden Announces He Will Be Attending Queen Elizabeth's Funeral

President Biden told reporters that he would attend Queen Elizabeth's funeral on Friday.

King Charles III Signals His Reign Will Offer Change Of Tone

As the United Kingdom mourns a beloved queen, the nation is already wondering how King Charles III will reign and whether his monarchy will depart from the traditions of his mother.

Camilla Becomes Queen Consort, Capping Years of Image Restoration

Upon Queen Elizabeth’s death, there was no question that as her son became King Charles III, Camilla would become queen consort. Elizabeth put the issue of Camilla’s role to rest earlier this year.

Why King Charles’s profile may face left on British coins, and why it matters.

Queen Elizabeth II faced right on British coins. Her son and successor might face the other way.

British royal family line of succession: Who's who

Charles has become Britain's new King following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, at the age of 96.

What we know about the Queen's funeral plans

As a new era dawns in Britain, arrangements for a final farewell to Queen Elizabeth II are underway.

Live updates: Queen Elizabeth's death and King Charles' accession

The UK has entered a period of official mourning, with tributes pouring in for Queen Elizabeth from around the world. Follow for live news updates.

55 Things You Need to Know About King Charles III

The patient Prince-turned-King is an environmentalist with a long series of ups and downs in the public eye.

Biden says he will attend Queen Elizabeth's funeral

Details regarding the queen’s funeral have not yet been announced, but it’s expected to be at Westminster Abbey, where the queen was crowned.

Biden Says He’ll Attend Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral

President Joe Biden confirmed Friday that he will attend the funeral for Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away Thursday.

Bill Clinton-Appointed Federal Judge Throws Out Trump's Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton

Judge Donald Middlebrooks, an appointee of Bill Clinton, has dismissed former President Donald Trump's lawsuit against Hillary Clinton

DOJ Subpoenas Stephen Miller And Dozens Of Trump Associates In Fake Elector And Fraud Investigations

Stephen Miller was among the more than a dozen Trump associates who were subpoenaed by the DOJ in connection with investigations into fake electors and fundraising fraud.

Opinion | Trying to modernize the British monarchy is a lost cause

The royal family derives its power from upholding tradition and resisting modern life.

Charles, in First Speech as King, Pledges a Reign of Service to Britain

On a day of mourning in the U.K. after the death of Queen Elizabeth, Charles’s ascent to the throne was a symbol of the continuity of the monarchy.

King Charles III vows to serve 'with loyalty, respect, and love' in first address as monarch

On the first full day of his reign, King Charles III demonstrated his seriousness in dedicating the rest of his life to public service.

King Charles III Gives First Address as England's New Monarch, Vows 'Lifelong Service'

During his address, King Charles III memorialized his mother's history-making 70-year reign and discussed the future of the UK's royal family

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