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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2022-09-09 -- queen elizabeth ii (26), the royal family (17), buckingham palace (16), king charles iii (15), 70 years (13)

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queen elizabeth ii (26), the royal family (17), buckingham palace (16), king charles iii (15), 70 years (13)

NFL honors Queen Elizabeth II with moment of silence during season opener

The National Football League (NFL) honored Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, who died on Thursday, with a moment of silence before its 2022-2023 season kickoff game. The moment was held in memory…

‘Last Living Link To A Truly Great Britain’: Tucker Reflects On Queen Elizabeth And Her Bygone Empire

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reflected on the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the legacy of the British Empire Thursday evening.

MSNBC Analyst Says Americans Only Care About Queen Because They Miss ‘Era Of Hereditary Privilege’

A guest on MSNBC suggested Thursday that American interest in the late Queen Elizabeth II was driven by a desire for “hereditary privilege.”

'We Mourn Profoundly the Passing': First Message From New King

King Charles III said his family would draw strength from the "respect and deep affection" in which The Queen is so held as they mourn. 

Donald Trump: Queen Elizabeth a 'Grand and Beautiful Lady' — 'There Was Nobody Like Her!'

Former President Donald Trump and former first lady Melania Trump reacted Thursday to the death of Queen Elizabeth II, remembering her legacy.

Pollak: Why American Conservatives, Republicans, and 'Originalists' Loved the Queen

We American conservatives have a fondness for the Queen, despite our passionate attachment to the republican spirit of the Founding.

DOJ Is Investigating Trump For Fraud Related To Fundraising

A different federal grand jury is investigating Donald Trump and his Save America PAC for fraud related to fundraising.

Opinion | The queen is dead. The monarchy may soon follow.

Charles will reign over a Britain that has stepped back from the world — and may have outgrown a king.

Queen Elizabeth II: The One Constant in an Inconstant World

From fading empire to the Cold War to 1970s turmoil to Brexit to Covid, “she was always there.” What will Britain, and the world, do without her?

Biden says queen ‘defined an era.’ For a proud Irishman, it’s complicated.

Biden's mother told him not to bow to the queen, so he didn't. But he paid her the ultimate compliment, saying she reminded him of his mom.

As King Charles III takes the throne, big changes lie ahead for the royal family | CNN

God save the Queen, long live the King. The second Elizabethan age has come to an end and the royal family will now regroup around a new monarch for the next era in British history.

The Not-So-Secret Weapon in the Special Relationship

Queen Elizabeth offered a mystical cord to the past that held together the U.S.-UK alliance.

Queen Elizabeth II Dead, Charles Is King, Britain Enters Mourning Period

Buckingham Palace has announced the death of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, ending her 70-year reign.

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