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vice president mike pence (8), the 2020 election (5), overturn election (5), adam schiff (5), a bachelor’s degree in political science (5)

Are You Listening DOJ? The Number Of Americans Who Want Trump Criminally Charged Grows To 58%

The number of Americans who think that Trump should be charged with 1/6 related crimes has grown to 58%.

Devastating News For Trump As Adam Schiff Reveals He Was Involved In Fake Elector Scheme

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that the 1/6 Committee has evidence Trump was involved in the criminal fake elector scheme that the DOJ is currently investigating.

Republicans Are Now Threatening To Shoot School Librarians

The communications director of the far-right Republican front group Moms for Liberty was recorded threatening to shoot school librarians.

President Biden Owns The GOP And Trump Without Saying A Single Word In Response To Bike Fall

On his way out of the church, President Biden responded with three hops and a jump rope motion when asked how he was feeling after a bike fall. 

Republican Drive to Tilt Courts Against Climate Action Reaches a Crucial Moment

A Supreme Court environmental case being decided this month is the product of a coordinated, multiyear strategy by Republican attorneys general and conservative allies.

Opinion | Neither Trump nor Jan. 6 are in America's rearview mirror yet

On Jan. 6, those around Trump either told him what he wanted to hear or enabled his fantasies. Not much has changed since.

Schiff says committee has 'evidence' Trump was involved in fake elector plot

A top Democrat on the Jan. 6 committee said there is evidence tying the former president directly to a plan to send fake electors to Congress.

Trump will be 'hard to stop' in 2024, says GOP lawmaker who backed impeachment

Former President Donald Trump "will be hard to stop" if he seeks the GOP presidential nomination in 2024, says a retiring Republican congressman who voted in favor of impeachment after the Capitol riot.

Clarence Thomas should be removed from Jan. 6 cases, Schiff says

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas should not be involved in any cases related to the Capitol riot, according to a member of the House Jan. 6 committee.

Despite Growing Evidence, a Prosecution of Trump Would Face Challenges

As House hearings highlighted testimony that could create more pressure to pursue a criminal case, the former president tried out a defense that strained credulity.

GOP member of Jan. 6 committee warns that more violence is coming

Public officials have been inundated with threats in recent months, many spurred by former president Donald Trump’s continued obsession that his 2020 loss was a result of a vast conspiracy of fraud.

Analysis | All the Jan. 6 evidence that Trump and Co. knew their plot was corrupt

How the Jan. 6 committee makes the case that a) Trump's team knew that their efforts were likely illegal and b) were told their voter fraud claims were bogus

Analysis | 6 video clips to catch up on from the Jan. 6 hearings so far

The most visually compelling moments from a very digital set of hearings.

Schiff: 'Certainly a Possibility' Pence Will Be Subpoenaed for January 6 Probe

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union" that it was "certainly a possibility" the January 6 House Select Committee could subpoena former Vice President Mike Pence. | Clips

Kinzinger: Trump Guilty of 'Seditious Conspiracy'

Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) said Sunday on ABC's "This Week" that he believes former President Donald Trump was guilty of "seditious conspiracy." | Clips

Chris Christie: 'Unlikely' to See Trump Prosecuted

Former Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) said Sunday on ABC's "This Week" that he believes it was "unlikely" former President Donald Trump will be prosecuted for his role in the events surrounding the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol. | Clips

DeSantis draws huge cash haul from Trump donors

Though many donors are focused on November, when the governor is up for reelection, DeSantis’ fundraising signals that he is a viable 2024 candidate.

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