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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2022-06-18 -- vice president mike pence (8), william barr (6), the 2020 election (6), election results (5), 6, 2021 (5)

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vice president mike pence (8), william barr (6), the 2020 election (6), election results (5), 6, 2021 (5)

Amid Jan. 6 Revelations, Election Lies Still Dominate the G.O.P.

The hearings have demolished the myth of a stolen presidential election, but with the 2022 primary season in full tilt, the revelations have not loosened the grip of the lie on Republicans.

Post Politics Now: Trump attacks Jan. 6 committee, Pence and Barr in speech to conservative group

The Senate left town this week with a deal on guns still unresolved and a coronavirus funding package in severe peril.

YouTube Twisting Itself in Knots: Rejects Committee Video Containing Trump Lies

YouTube has taken down a video promoted by the Select Committee... containing a Trump lie in order to prove Trump lied.

Pence skips Faith & Freedom conference. Is attacked by Trump anyways.

The ex veep finds himself at a crossroads, unable to lean on his once bedrock constituency.

Why pursuing a fitting punishment for Trump is hard

There are three potential avenues to take, each with their own benefits and pitfalls.

Dominion lawsuit against Newsmax can move forward, judge says

Conservative outlets parroted debunked, pro-Trump conspiracy theories about fraudulent Dominion voting machines. The company is committed to making them pay.

One Year Later: 5 Republicans Who Voted for Trump Impeachment Have Learned What It Cost

Whatever their motives, the Republican House members who voted for Trump's impeachment must face the political reality.

A Day After a Portrait of Pence in Danger, Trump Attacks Him Again

In a speech, Donald J. Trump was undeterred by the Jan. 6 House committee’s account of how his rioting supporters menaced the vice president, and the panel’s dismantling of many of his election lies.

The Watergate Hearings, 50 Years Ago: Truth Was Not Up for Debate

On the anniversary of the June 17, 1972, break-in, alumni of the hearings gather for a reunion. They had it easier than the Jan. 6 committee, they say.

Jan. 6 Panel Could Start Sharing Transcripts With Justice Dept. as Soon as July

Congressional Democrats, under pressure from federal prosecutors, say they will begin sharing interviews after their series of public hearings concludes.

Trump hits Pence over Jan. 6 role as possible GOP 2024 hopefuls gather

The former president slammed his former governing partner for acting as a’ human conveyor belt’ while presiding over the electoral college count.

New Mexico county certifies election results, bowing to court order

Otero County commissioners voted 2 to 1 to accept primary-election results, reversing an earlier decision driven by unfounded concerns about fraud.

Analysis | What John Eastman and ‘the pardon list’ means

We finally have firm evidence of a post-Jan. 6 effort involving pardons for those who sought to overturn the election. Here's what it means.

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