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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2022-04-21 -- war ukraine (5), ukraine including (5), president biden (5), et 21 (5), but if the ukrainian military can stop russia’s (5)

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war ukraine (5), ukraine including (5), president biden (5), et 21 (5), but if the ukrainian military can stop russia’s (5)

The West Delivers As Ukraine Now Has More Tanks Than Russia

Thanks to the west, Ukraine now has more tanks in their country to defend themselves with than the invading Russians.

Next Phase of War Will Be Pivotal for Russia and Ukraine, U.S. Says

Reflecting a renewed sense of urgency, President Biden announced that the United States would send the Ukrainians $800 million more in military aid.

Satellite images show what appears to be a growing mass grave near Mariupol.

“Of course, getting control of such an important center in the south as Mariupol is a success,” Mr. Putin was shown telling Mr. Shoigu, though the city is not yet fully under Russian control. “Cong...

People who escaped from Mariupol describe the flight from its ruins: ‘The city is gone.’

After a harrowing, all-night drive through Russian-controlled territory, evacuees said most of the city was pulverized by weeks of Russian shelling.

Inside the Azovstal plant, a Ukrainian sergeant prays for rescue.

“We’re hoping for help,” Sgt. Leonid Kuznetsov said. “If we don’t get it, we won’t make it out of this factory. We will die here with weapons in our hands defending Ukraine.”

White House brings on retired three-star general to help coordinate Ukraine assistance

The White House has brought on a retired three-star general to help coordinate the hundreds of millions in military assistance that the United States is sending to Ukraine.

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