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war ukraine (13), ukrainian president volodymyr (11), invasion ukraine (11), world war ii (9), ukraine russia’s (8)

The dangerous new phase of Russia’s war in Ukraine, explained

Vladimir Putin’s war is still raging, signaling a frightening escalation on the ground.

Europe’s embrace of Ukrainian refugees, explained in charts and a map

Data shows why Ukrainian refugees are being treated differently than others fleeing violence.

Russian Troops Push Into Besieged Mariupol As Locals Plead For Help

Heavy fighting shut down a major steel plant in the southern city, which would be a big prize for Russian forces.

American Killed In Ukraine Flew Into War To Help Sick Partner

James “Jimmy” Hill, 68, was killed in a Russian attack on the city Chernihiv, as his partner Irina Teslenko received treatment at a local hospital.

Russian Forces Accused Of Abducting Ukrainian Journalist Covering Invasion

The reporter for news outlet Hromadske was kidnapped in the occupied port city of Berdyansk, said Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s office.

Russia Fires New Hypersonic Missile For First Time; Zelenskyy Warns Against Blockades

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned Russia's strategy will ultimately fail and Moscow will lose in the long run if it doesn’t end its war.

Russian Rocket Attack Turns Ukrainian Marine Base to Rubble, Killing Dozens

As many as 40 marines were killed, an official said, but there were signs the toll could much be higher. At the Mykolaiv morgue, dozens of bodies were laid out in a storage area.

For the U.S., a Tenuous Balance in Confronting Russia

Navigating between aiding Ukraine and avoiding an escalation with Moscow has led to a tangle of decisions and sometimes tortured distinctions over weapons and other elements of policy.

Russia claims to use a hypersonic missile in attack on arms depot in Ukraine.

The United States, Russia and China have all been racing to develop hypersonic weapons, which can maneuver in flight at more than five times the speed of sound.

Analysis | Why Biden and the White House keep talking about World War III

Over the past week, Biden and his administration have repeatedly held it up as a consequence of calls for U.S. action to go further.

Mother shields baby daughter from shelling, prevents her being harmed, Ukrainian hospital says

A mother covered her one-month-old baby with her body while their home was being shelled in Kyiv, according to a Facebook post from National Children's Specialized Hospital Ohmatdit on Friday.

Mariupol residents forced to go to Russia against their will, city council says

Residents of Mariupol, Ukraine, are being taken to Russian territory against their will by Russian forces, according to a statement Saturday from the Mariupol City Council.

March 19, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news

Ukrainian President Zelensky tells Russia "it is time to meet" as the US defense secretary says Russia has used "brutal, savage techniques'' in the way it has targeted civilians. Follow here for live news updates.

‘My Work as a Journalist Is to Help’

Seeing persecution, a Black reporter in Ukraine refuses to keep his distance.

Zelenskyy calls for ‘meaningful’ talks with Russia

‘The time has come for a meeting, it is time to talk,’ the Ukrainian president said.

Russians push deeper into Mariupol as locals plead for help

The fall of Mariupol, the scene of some of the war's worst suffering, would mark a major battlefield advance for the Russians.

Ukrainian media outlet says Russia holding one of its journalists captive

Ukrainian media outlet Hromadske alleged on Friday that one of its journalists is being held captive by Russia.

Grammys pull Ye from lineup over 'concerning online behavior’

Rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, will not perform at the Grammy Awards next month as a result of his "concerning online behavior," his representative said.

Over 3.3 million have fled Ukraine since war broke out: UN report

More than 3.3 million refugees have fled Ukraine, a figure that has steadily increased since Russian President Vladimir Putin began dropping bombs on the neighboring country last month, according to the United Nations.

South Carolina to resume firing squad executions

South Carolina will now be able to perform executions via firing squad after a decadelong hiatus.

Russian Cosmonauts Dress In Ukraine-Themed Flight Suits At Space Station

Three Russian cosmonauts were seen at the International Space Station dressed in Ukraine-themed flight suits early Saturday morning.

Is Russia holding back from cyberwar?

Russia’s military losses may have impacted its cyber tactics.

What Happened on Day 24 of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

A study concluded that Russia has lost its initial campaign and does not have the weapons or manpower to seize Kyiv.

Russian cosmonauts spark speculation after arriving at International Space Station in Ukraine's colors

A trio of Russian cosmonauts arrived Friday at the International Space Station wearing bright yellow flight suits trimmed with blue, raising questions about whether the three were showing solidarity with Ukraine by wearing its national colors and rebuking their own government's invasion.

Starbucks to phase out single-use cups by 2025

Starbucks announced a new goal to provide a reusable cup "for every visit" by 2025.

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