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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2022-03-18 -- war ukraine (11), invasion ukraine (11), ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy (10), chinese president xi jinping (10), president joe biden (9)

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war ukraine (11), invasion ukraine (11), ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy (10), chinese president xi jinping (10), president joe biden (9)

Why India isn’t denouncing Russia’s Ukraine war

New Delhi’s balancing act reflects its interests in keeping a longstanding relationship with Russia.

Putin Speaks At Massive Moscow Rally

A Twitter thread noted a striking oddity in the streaming of the event.

Rescuers Hunt For Survivors At Mariupol Theater Sheltering Children

The Ukrainian theater was serving as a bomb shelter until it was hit by Russian forces this week in what has been decried as a war crime.

Why Vladimir Putin Invokes Nazis to Justify His Invasion of Ukraine

The language of Russia’s invasion has been dominated by the word “Nazi” — a puzzling assertion about a country whose leader is Jewish.

Russia’s Brutality in Ukraine Has Roots in Earlier Conflicts

Its experience in a string of wars led to the conclusion that attacking civilian populations was not only acceptable but militarily sound.

U.S. Calls Putin a ‘War Criminal,’ but Consequences Are Unclear

A day after President Biden’s remark, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said he agreed. Experts warned of hurdles to a successful prosecution.

China’s state media (subtly) softens its tone on the war.

“It was dangerous,” she said. “They were bombing as we drove.”The heavy boom of artillery sounded again as she spoke. “Shells were landing right in our yard,” she said, pulling out a piece of metal...

Biden reaches out to China’s Xi on Ukraine

Biden is expected to press China's president to use his influence with Putin to persuade him to end the war.

Analysis | Why Biden and the White House keep talking about World War III

Over the past week, Biden and his administration have repeatedly held it up as a consequence of calls for U.S. action to go further.

Analysis | Zelensky’s scathing speech to Germany

While Zelensky's speech invoking President Biden was blunt, it has nothing on his address to Germany.

Live updates: Russia invades Ukraine, explosions heard near Lviv airport

Ukraine said it launched a counteroffensive aimed at gaining control of Kyiv's suburbs after NATO officials said Russia's offensive to capture the capital has largely stalled. Follow here for live news updates.

The influencers behind the Ukrainian PR machine

Lobbyists, lawyers and public relations pros have blitzed Capitol Hill and the media to push Ukraine aid.

'We hope that he chooses the right side of history here': Biden administration pressures Xi

Wendy Sherman said Biden will use Friday’s discussion with Xi to gauge where the Chinese leader stands on Russia’s assault on Ukraine.

Breakthrough or bust? What to know so far about Biden and Xi's call today

The Friday call between Biden and Xi is a high-stakes moment and an indication of U.S. leverage — or lack thereof — with China.

PICS: Cities Across Ukraine Rocked by Missile Strikes, Shelling

Russian forces pressed their assault on Ukrainian cities Friday, with new missile strikes and shelling on Kyiv and the western city of Lviv.

Chi-Coms Sail Aircraft Carrier Through Taiwan Strait in Show of Force Just Hours Ahead of Joe Biden's Call with President Xi

Duan Dang — China’s Shandong aircraft carrier and a Type 052D destroyer spotted heading to Taiwan Strait on March 17. China sailed its finest aircraft carrier, Shandong, through the Taiwan Strait on Thursday as the USS Destroyer Ralph Johnson shadowed it. This show of force took place hours before Joe Biden and China’s leader Xi…

China Becomes the ‘X’ Factor In Russia/Ukraine War

Behind the cameras and the worldwide audience, a phone call is taking place today that will have at least as big an impact on

Live Updates: Biden Tells Xi There Would Be Consequences to Helping Russia

Russia broadened its offensive with a missile attack in Lviv, where Ukrainians had sought safety from the war. And in hard-hit Mariupol, 130 people were rescued from a theater nearly flattened in a Russian attack, but hundreds were still feared trapped.

Biden's call with Xi Jinping has ended. Here are 5 reasons it could prove critical.

When President Joe Biden spoke Friday with Chinese President Xi Jinping, it wasn't just another phone call in an ongoing flurry of telephone diplomacy.

GOP shrugs off Trump impeachment echoes in Russia-Ukraine war

The former president withheld aid from the same nation that Republicans are accusing Joe Biden of slow-walking aid to. They don’t see the parallels.

Zelensky: 130 rescued from bombed Mariupol theater, hundreds remain trapped

At least 130 survivors have been found two days after Russian forces bombed a theater in Mariupol, Ukrainian officials said on Friday.

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