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a no-fly zone (17), ukrainian president volodymyr (15), president joe biden (12), world war iii (11), war ukraine (10)

Rep. Eric Swalwell Urges Congress To Make Putin Fail With Full Ukraine Aid

Zelensky's speech moved Rep. Eric Swalwell as he urged Congress to make Putin's Ukraine invasion fail.

In Powerful Address, Zelensky Tells Congress Exactly What Ukraine Needs

Zelensky addressed Congress and asked for a no-fly zone or weapons to defend the sky and sanctions against every Russian politician.

Zelensky Speaks to Joint Session of Congress Where He Will Face The Putin GOP

However, it plays out, this will not be a regular speech to a joint session of Congress, Zelensky will not address a body composed of unified support.

Oligarchs Got Richer Despite Sanctions. Will This Time Be Different?

For nearly a decade, sanctions have been little more than names on a list for wealthy Russians. Governments are working to give them bite.

Putin’s War on Ukraine Is About Ethnicity and Empire

Biden’s framework of ‘democracies versus autocracies’ misses the darker source of this war, which has deep roots in Russian history and thought.

As Russia Digs In, What’s the Risk of Nuclear War? ‘It’s Not Zero.’

A series of shifts in Russian statements about using nuclear weapons has led some analysts to believe that the Kremlin sees a nuclear exchange as a viable strategy.

Ukrainian forces launch counterattacks outside Kyiv and Kherson.

Officials in Mariupol, the besieged southern city that has suffered the most intense bombardment, said they could not yet estimate the number of casualties among civilians, who might have been in a...

Addressing Congress, Ukrainian President Zelensky pleads for military aid

President Zelensky cited the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the rhetoric of Martin Luther King Jr. in seeking to roust President Biden and lawmakers to further action to support Ukraine.

Analysis | Zelensky’s bold, consistent message to Biden: Do better

The subject of a leverage campaign by a U.S. president is now asserting his own leverage on a U.S. president.

Zelensky taps national psyches of other countries as he appeals to save his own

This is President Volodymr Zelensky's message to the West and its leaders: We are all Ukrainians.

'He shoots from the hip, and that's part of his charm'

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has effectively moved Congress into quick action to help his besieged country. And he's not doing it with diplomatic norms.

‘If Putin Gets Away With It Again, He’s Not Going to Stop’

Marie Yovanovitch talks about the two years since her impeachment testimony, and what that Ukraine scandal has to do with the current conflict.

Blinken: 'Irreversible’ withdrawal necessary to lift sanctions on Russia

The secretary of State said sanctions are "not designed to be permanent."

Five takeaways from Zelensky's virtual address to Congress

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky brought a moment of enormous drama to Washington Wednesday, when he gave a virtual address to Congress.

Zelensky lights new fire under Congress — with limits

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s emotional speech to America on Wednesday stirred a new appetite on Capitol Hill for more aggressive steps to counter Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine — with clear limits.

China Wins a Little, Loses a Lot From Russia’s War on Ukraine | RealClearPolitics

The unfolding mayhem unleashed on Ukraine by Vladmir Putin carries one major benefit for China and two much larger losses, plus a boatload of secondary...

Leftist Reaction to Zelensky's Speech: 'Let's Go to War with Russia!'

Zelensky attempted to grab the ear of Americans by comparing the situation in Ukraine with Pearl Harbor and 9-11. It’s a sad situation in Ukraine but will the US risk a nuclear war? Axios tweeted Zelensky’s speech and his mention of Pearl Harbor and 9-11: Zelensky to Congress: “Remember Pearl Harbor…Remember September 11th…Our country experiences…

Live Updates: Ukraine Counterattacks as Russia Pounds Civilian Targets

The fate of hundreds was uncertain after an attack destroyed a theater in Mariupol where they had sheltered. After Ukraine’s president pleaded with Congress for arms, President Biden approved $800 million in new military aid. He also called Vladimir V. Putin “a war criminal.”

Analysis | Zelensky puts Biden on the spot with his emotional speech to Congress

The Ukrainian president used his speech to leverage more pressure on U.S. president.

Biden announces fresh aid to Ukraine but stops short of Zelenskyy's demands

Biden spoke after his Ukrainian counterpart urged Congress to consider a no-fly zone, playing a video depicting the grisly consequences of Russian military strikes.

Zelenskyy Prods US Congress Toward Aggressive Military Action by Invoking Pearl Harbor and 9/11

Ukraine's leader begs for help from America as he invokes America's darkest days to tell lawmakers what life is like under Russian attacks.

U.S. Lawmakers Warn Against Escalating Ukrainian War with 'No-Fly Zone'

U.S. lawmakers issued warnings against escalating Ukraine war tensions after President Zelensky urged President Biden to do so.

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