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war ukraine (15), russian forces (15), invasion ukraine (13), vladimir putin (12), brent renaud (12)

Bombshell Memo Reveals Tucker Carlson’s Role In Putin’s Information War

Putin has instructed Russian media to feature Tucker Carlson as much as possible as part of his information war.

Could Putin actually fall?

What history teaches us about how autocrats lose power — and how Putin might hang on.

The humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine’s cities

Cities like Mariupol are running out of clean water, food, and medicine.

Russian Airstrike Hits Base In Western Ukraine, Kills 35

The attacked training base near Yavoriv is less than 15 miles from the Polish border and appears to be the westernmost target struck during Russia’s 18-day invasion.

Russians Strike Near Kyiv And Block Aid Convoy

Russian soldiers pillaged a humanitarian convoy that was trying to reach Mariupol and blocked another, a Ukrainian official said.

Fox News Hosts, Far-Right Embrace Russian Bioweapon Conspiracy Theory About Ukraine

Tucker Carlson devoted segments on his show to the baseless claim. Donald Trump Jr. said the unfounded theories were proven to be a “fact."

At least 35 dead, 134 injured after airstrike on Yavoriv military base

At least 35 people were killed and 134 injured after Russia conducted missile strikes overnight, targeting a base12 miles from Ukraine's border with Poland, also known as the International Center for Peace Keeping and Security, that regularly hosts NATO instructors, soldiers and drills. 

American journalist killed by Russian forces

Ukrainian officials said a Russian airstrike hit a military base about 20 miles from the Polish border. The attack killed at least 35 people and injured more than 130. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited wounded soldiers at a hospital in an undisclosed location. And the U.S. State Department confirmed that an American journalist was killed by Russian forces in Ukraine. 

How Does It End? A Way Out of the Ukraine War Proves Elusive.

Attempts at diplomacy have hit a stone wall as President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia refuses to engage in any serious negotiation, but his endgame is unclear.

‘Things Will Only Get Worse.’ Putin’s War Sends Russians Into Exile.

Thousands of Russians saw their comfortable, middle-class lives fade overnight with the invasion ordered by President Vladimir V. Putin.

Booms, Smoke and Fire Signal Horror of Russian Attack on Base

Residents of a town near Poland’s border awoke to frightful sounds and an awareness they were no longer safe.

Russia Asked China for Military and Economic Aid for Ukraine War, U.S. Officials Say

Jake Sullivan, the U.S. national security adviser, plans to meet with a top Chinese official on Monday in Rome to discuss the war and China’s role.

'It's too late for me to be afraid:' Why this Russian journalist is staying in the country

In light of Russia's newly imposed draconian anti-press law, journalists are ceasing to report from inside Russia and many have left the country — including international reporters from outlets such as CNN and The New York Times.

It's 11:15 p.m. in Kyiv. Here's what you need to know

Sunday is coming to a close in Ukraine as the Russian invasion is nearing its third week.

It's 4 a.m. in Kyiv. Here's what you need to know

Russia has asked China for military assistance in Ukraine, a senior US official said, and the Ukrainian military has thwarted an attempt by Russian military vehicles to cross the Irpin River.

‘He's lashing out’: U.S. sees ‘broadening’ of Putin strategy in Western Ukraine strike

National security adviser Jake Sullivan says strike near NATO territory “does not come as a surprise to the American intelligence and national security communities.”

Russia asked China for military equipment, U.S. official says

Such a request could indicate that Moscow fears its position after struggling to advance deeper into Ukraine more than two weeks into its invasion.

American journalist is killed in Ukraine

Brent Renaud, a Peabody-winning filmmaker, was working on a project on the global refugee crisis when he was shot by Russian forces outside Kyiv.

Pentagon push to send more trainers to Ukraine was scrapped in December amid White House fears of provoking Russia

Senior military officials told the Hill they wanted to train Ukrainians on unconventional warfare tactics. But the idea was stopped cold over the administration's worries about escalation.

US, China aides to meet as tensions mount over Russia

The U.S. and China are sending top aides to Rome on Monday as tensions between the two countries mount over the Russia-Ukraine war and worries spread that the conflict will take even darker turns

Journalists now banned from Irpin after Russia attacked US reporters

Journalists are no longer allowed into the city of Irpin, Ukraine, after Russian forces killed a U.S. reporter Sunday.

China Draws Red Line for the World After Seeing Russia's Invasion Bogged Down by International Response

China is unapologetic about warning Western powers not to interfere with any course it might take to bring Taiwan under its control.

Why the US scrapped Polish plans to give Ukraine fighter jets

NATO countries are weighing military assistance to Ukraine carefully.

Live Updates: Russia and Ukraine Set to Meet After Brutal Weekend of Fighting

The two sides expressed cautious optimism ahead of talks on Monday. Russia expanded its range of attacks, killing 35 at a base near Poland’s border. Moscow asked China for aid for the war, U.S. officials said.

Bipartisan lawmakers ramp up calls on Biden to give Ukraine weapons, fighter jets

The pressure underscores the growing hawkishness among members of Congress, who have been calling on the administration to do more to help Ukraine defend itself against Russian attacks.

American journalist killed in Ukraine remembered as 'gifted and kind'

The journalism and media communities mourned the death of American documentarian Brent Renaud on Sunday after he was killed in the fighting in Ukraine.

Zelenksy says Russian missiles will strike NATO without no-fly zone over Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned Russia is on the verge of attacking NATO territory after a deadly Russian missile strike on a Ukrainian training center roughly 10 miles from the border with Poland, a NATO member.

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