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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2022-03-12 -- russia’s invasion of ukraine (12), russian forces (12), president joe biden (10), world war ii (9), ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy (9)

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russia’s invasion of ukraine (12), russian forces (12), president joe biden (10), world war ii (9), ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy (9)

What we can learn from Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s TV presidency

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s pre-political TV career offered a glimpse of who he would be

The dangerous new phase of Russia’s war in Ukraine, explained

Vladimir Putin’s war is still raging, signaling a frightening escalation on the ground.

How a no-fly zone would change the war in Ukraine

The battle for Ukraine’s skies has enormous stakes.

Russia Bombs Outside Kyiv As Port City Mariupol Remains Under Siege

An AP journalist witnessed tanks firing on a 9-story apartment building and hospital workers who came under sniper fire while Russia continues to claim it does not target civilians.

Zelenskyy Warns Of ‘New Stage Of Terror’ From Russia After Mayor Kidnapped

Ukraine’s president equated Russia's reported abduction of Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov to the actions of “ISIS terrorists.”

China Amplifies Unsupported Russian Claim Of Ukraine Biolabs

The United Nations said it found no evidence that the U.S. was operating biological weapons labs in Ukraine, but that hasn't stop the theory from spreading.

Pandemic Fears Give Way to a Rush for Bomb Shelters

Since Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, European anxiety has shifted from Covid to nuclear annihilation. Bunkers, survival guides and iodine pills are flying off the shelves.

How a Line of Russian Tanks Became an Inviting Target for Ukrainians

A skirmish in an eastern suburb of Kyiv illustrated how close Russian forces have come as they continued to tighten a noose on the city, but also revealed their strategic vulnerabilities.

Shaming Apple and Texting Musk, a Ukraine Minister Uses Novel War Tactics

Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s youngest minister, has turned technology, cryptocurrency and social media into modern weapons of war.

Russia meets public resistance in cities and towns it seized.

In Melitopol, a mayor who opposed the occupation was kidnapped by Russian soldiers, igniting street protests. Similar protests have broken out in other towns.

Opinion | Polls Show the Public Is Willing to Sacrifice for Ukraine. History Suggests Biden Shouldn’t Count On It.

Once the American people start bearing the costs of the conflict, opinion is likely to shift.

State Dept. cable: U.S. officials concerned Russia is targeting civilians in Ukraine

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians may not be able to access critical aid or find safe passage out of the country.

EU leaders fail to agree on deadline to phase out Russian energy

As European Union leaders wrapped their two-day summit in Versailles, France, on Friday, they did so without reaching consensus on one key issue: when to end the bloc’s outsize energy dependence on Russia.

Democrats emerge from annual retreat optimistic despite chaotic start

PHILADELPHIA — After a turbulent start to House Democrats' retreat in Philadelphia, top lawmakers voiced a sense of optimism that the party is more unified and ready to fight to keep the majority on the final day of the conference.

Laughs and gaffes as Harris meets nervous allies with war at their borders

Before Vice President Kamala Harris landed in Poland and Romania on a mission to reassure NATO countries increasingly nervous about Russian aggression, her advisers said she would bring the force of the U.S. government to back up America’s defensive pledge.

Yet Another Shortage Looms Over Biden’s Presidency — It Might Be The World’s Biggest

Amid record-high inflation and gas prices, Americans may soon have another economic crisis to worry about at the dinner table: a wheat shortage.

‘He’s The Winner’: Tucker Carlson Says Putin Is Winning Against US Bans On Oil

Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson said Friday that Russian President Vladimir Putin is winning against President Joe Biden's policies against Russia.

Watch: Biden Leans Down, Grabs Podium, Squints, Whispers Nonsense

Biden was addressing Democrats on Friday in an attempt to promote unity and excitement for the upcoming midterms in November.

Joe Biden Threatens 'World War III' if Vladimir Putin Attacks NATO

President Joe Biden warned Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday that any attack against NATO could spark World War III.

Grassley: 'Biden Administration Was for Sending These Polish MiGs to Ukraine Before They Said They Were Against It'

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has called for a more hawkish approach regarding the U.S. reaction to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. | Clips

Zelensky Compares Russia to ISIS for Kidnapping Ukrainian Mayor

The prosecutor's office of the Luhansk People's Republic accuses Mayor Ivan Fedorov of funding "terrorist crimes against Donbass civilians."

THEY LUST FOR WAR: 42 GOP Senators Including Mitch McConnell Call on Joe Biden to Send MiGs to Ukraine to Bomb Russians

The Biden Administration launched a historic economic war against Russia. They are very proud of this. Idiot Joe Biden bragged on Friday about blowing up the Russian stock market and economy. Biden starts angrily whispering as he explains why Russia’s stock market is closed: “Ya hear me? It will blow up.” — RNC Research…

Fox News Hosts, Far-Right Embrace Russian Bioweapon Conspiracy Theory About Ukraine

Tucker Carlson devoted segments on his show to the baseless claim. Donald Trump Jr. said the unfounded theories were proven to be a “fact."

What Happened on Day 17 of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Street battles erupted in a Kyiv suburb, in some of the closest fighting to the capital. Russia warned that arms shipments were “legitimate targets.”

Harris avoids public discord in one of the most intense moments of her vice presidency

As Vice President Kamala Harris was jetting to Poland this week, she got a mid-flight call from the White House.

Hitler didn't kill ethnic Germans unlike Putin to Russians: MSNBC guest

MSNBC attracted criticism on social media for a segment Friday in which a guest downplayed the extent of Adolf Hitler's genocide.

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