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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2022-03-11 -- president joe biden (13), the new york (12), war ukraine (10), ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy (9), permanent normal trade relations (9)

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president joe biden (13), the new york (12), war ukraine (10), ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy (9), permanent normal trade relations (9)

Opinion: From Inflation to Authoritarianism, Democracy is the Answer

Want to stop autocracy? Want relief from inflation? Democracy is the theory of everything.

Lindsey Graham Runs Away Like His Hair Is On Fire From Putin Puppet Madison Cawthorn

Sen. Lindsey Graham ran like his hair was on fire away from Pro-Putin insurrectionist Rep. Madison Cawthorn.

"The alarmists were right all along": A Moscow journalist on Putin and the new Russian reality

An independent journalist describes what life is like inside Russia’s parallel universe.

US Slashes Russia's Trade Status And Adds New Bans On Vodka, Seafood

Exports of American-produced luxury goods will also be banned as Russia faces even more economic sanctions.

New Photos Appear To Show Breakup Of 40-Mile Russian Convoy In Ominous Sign

New satellite photos appear to show that a massive convoy outside the Ukrainian capital has split up and fanned out.

China Amplifies Unsupported Russian Claim Of Ukraine Biolabs

The United Nations said it found no evidence that the U.S. was operating biological weapons labs in Ukraine, but that hasn't stop the theory from spreading.

GOP Backing Ukraine Now — 2 Years After OK'ing An Extortion Scheme Against It

Trump pushed a conspiracy theory spread by Russian intelligence and held up $391 million in military aid to Ukraine until its leader helped his reelection.

Trump demurs when encouraged by an ally to criticize Putin

A Fox News host seemed eager to help Donald Trump, carefully setting a ball on a tee, hoping the former president would take a swing. He wouldn’t.

U.S. Fights Bioweapons Disinformation Pushed by Russia and China

The Biden administration says the two countries’ promotion of anti-U.S. conspiracy theories might be cover for lethal Russian military operations.

Russian Demands to Ease Sanctions Halt Nuclear Talks With Iran

Russia has injected its fight against sanctions into talks aimed at restoring a nuclear agreement with Iran. The Russian demands have delayed the prospect of a deal.

Facing economic calamity, Putin talks of nationalizing Western businesses.

With the ruble collapsing, the economy contracting and people abandoning the country, Russia’s leader talks of a Western plot to destroy the country.

Bracing for Losses, Democrats Look to Biden for a Reset

At a party retreat in Philadelphia, House Democrats hoped the president would offer a winning strategy heading into a challenging midterm election season.

Analysis | Why Washington shut down Poland’s offer to give Ukraine fighter jets

There are hard limits to what the West is willing to do to help Ukraine.

Biden calls for suspending normal trade relations with Russia and will ban imports of vodka and seafood | CNN Politics

President Joe Biden on Friday called for suspending normal trade relations with Russia and said the US would ban imports of seafood, vodka and diamonds from the nation as part of an effort to ramp up economic pressure on Russia for invading Ukraine.

Kamala Harris heads to Romania in her latest push to reassure US allies over Russia | CNN Politics

Vice President Kamala Harris ventures farther toward NATO's eastern edge Friday with a stop in Romania, a country suddenly thrust into priority position for the United States as fighting rages over its border in Ukraine.

House GOP winces as Hagedorn's scandal-plagued widow eyes his empty seat

Jennifer Carnahan resigned from the Minnesota party chairmanship last year. Her late husband died last month, leaving his congressional seat open.

Biden officials say they support oil and gas production. The industry is wary.

Fossil fuel industry executives have doubts about the Biden administration's long-term intentions despite the support they are currently receiving from administration officials.

Meet the 40 most influential people on race and politics — Recast Power List

Introducing the 40 power players of 2021. These strategists, politicians, activists and influencers are changing the game on race and politics.

Why we're spotlighting who's shaking up race and politics

The nation is in the midst of massive, revolutionary cultural change. In 2021, these 40 people and organizations put their stamp on the intersection of identity, politics and policy.

Biden: Direct conflict between NATO and Russia would be 'World War III'

President Biden on Friday stressed that the U.S. and NATO allies would not fight Russia in Ukraine, describing such a scenario as "World War III."

Biden says US, allies to revoke 'most favored nation' trade status for Russia

President Biden announced Friday that the United States and other Group of Seven (G-7) nations  would move to revoke the “most favored nation” trade status for Russia as part of a new tranche of penalties in response to Russian President

US, Allies Announce Push To Strip Russia Of ‘Most Favored Nation’ Status

President Joe Biden announced Friday that the U.S., alongside the G7 and European Union, are moving to revoke Russia's "most favored nation" status.

Biden Frets About Republicans Taking Congress, Warns Fellow Dems of a 'Sad, Sad Two Years'

President Joe Biden mixes bragging and blame-shifting as he tells Democrats how to cling to power with this year's elections approaching.

Joe Biden Warns Putin of 'Severe Price' if He Uses Chemical Weapons

President Joe Biden warned Friday that Russian President Vladimir Putin would pay "a severe price" if he chose to use chemical weapons.

Kamala Harris Warns Vladimir Putin from Romania: NATO 'Prepared to Act' if Russia Attacks

Vice President Kamala Harris warned Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday that NATO was united and willing to defend "every inch" of their territory. | Politics

Biden Announces U.S. Will Revoke Russia’s "Most Favored Nation" Trade Status

President Joe Biden announced that the United States will revoke Russia's "most favored nation" trade status, one of the foundational precepts of global trade rules and global trade architecture that states that all trading partners must be treated equally.

Russian Forces Target Airports In Western Ukraine, Far From Main Offensive

The latest bombings possibly indicate a new direction in the war.

What Happened on Day 16 of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Russian forces opened fire on a cancer hospital in the southern city of Mykolaiv. Vice President Kamala Harris said Americans would have to pay more for gas to punish Russia.

Biden warns Russia will pay a 'severe price' if it uses chemical weapons in Ukraine

President Joe Biden warned on Friday that Russia will pay a "severe price" if the country uses chemical weapons in Ukraine.

Biden: Russia will 'pay a severe price' if chemical weapons are used

President Biden on Friday warned that Russia would pay a severe price if it launched a chemical weapons attack during its invasion of Ukraine.

Two Ukrainians Defuse Bomb Using Only Their Hands And A Plastic Bottle Of Water

Two Ukrainians were able to defuse a bomb with only their hands and a plastic water bottle, multiple sources reported.

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