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invasion ukraine (13), the biden administration (11), 03 08 (9), war ukraine (8), on russian energy (8)

Here Are The Facts About Biden’s Ban Of Russian Oil, Natural Gas, And Coal

Republicans are blaming President Biden's policies, but here are the facts about White House ban on the importation of Russian oil, natural gas, and coal.

Josh Hawley Helps Putin By Blocking Biden Defense Nominees

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) objected to Biden defense nominees being confirmed by unanimous consent as not even a war can make Hawley put America first.

2 Weeks Into War On Ukraine, Russia Bears Down On Key Cities

But the invading force of more than 150,000 troops retains large and possibly decisive advantages in firepower.

Ukrainians Are Desperate For Food And Water In Besieged Mariupol

The Russian army has encircled the city and multiple attempts to establish safe routes for civilian evacuations have fallen apart.

Bolton sheds light on why Putin didn’t invade Ukraine under Trump

As Bolton sees it, Putin saw an American president moving in a direction Moscow liked, and the Russian leader was waiting for Trump to finish the job.

Quoting Churchill and Shakespeare, Ukraine Leader Vows No Surrender

In a dramatic video address to Britain’s House of Commons, President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine said he would never capitulate to the invading Russians.

Biden Bans Oil Imports From Russia, Calling It a ‘Blow to Putin’s War Machine’

Officials said President Biden had struggled for days over the move amid deep concerns about accelerating the already rapid rise in the price of gasoline.

Ban on Russian Oil Could Hit the U.S. Economy as Gas Prices Rise

The White House is stopping Russian energy imports as the country wages war on Ukraine, which could push American gas prices even higher.

U.S. to ban oil imports from Russia as White House explores drastic plans to buffer economy from energy shock

The move represents one of the most far-reaching U.S. actions to penalize Moscow since the beginning of the war.

Biden calls for legislation to help sick veterans who served near burn pits

The president, in Texas, discussed his strategy for helping veterans who served near military burn pits. The issue is emotional for Biden, since his son Beau died after serving near burn pits, though the link is not clear.

Analysis | Finland and Sweden weigh expanding Biden’s NATO ‘ring of freedom’ around Russia

Biden was a major NATO promoter in the Senate. Now Russia's invasion is pushing neutral countries to consider joining it. What happens next?

Pentagon says Polish proposal to transfer jets to US to give to Ukraine isn't 'tenable' | CNN Politics

The Pentagon on Tuesday evening dismissed Poland's proposal floated hours earlier to transfer its MiG-29 fighter jets to the United States for delivery to Ukraine.

'We will not be part of subsidizing Putin's war': Biden imposes ban on Russian energy

With gas prices soaring in the U.S., Biden warned energy companies against price gouging.

'Surprise move': U.S. stunned by Poland's fighter jet offer

“We do not believe Poland’s proposal is a tenable one,” Defense Department spokesperson John Kirby said.

‘Putin is angry’: U.S. intel heads warn Russia could ‘double down’ in Ukraine

But the agency leaders agreed Russia would struggle to overcome fierce Ukrainian resistance.

House temporarily punts vote on Russia oil ban

Republicans complained that the bill did not include a key trade provision.

Susan Collins praises Biden's Supreme Court pick after meeting

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) praised Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, President Biden's Supreme Court nominee, on Tuesday, fueling Democratic hopes that they could pick up her vote.

Newsom proposes rebate for California to counter surging gas prices

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) told Californians that he was working on a potential rebate to offset the escalating costs of gas as prices broke historic records across the country Tuesday.

CNN Reporter Claims People Are ‘Okay’ With High Gas Prices As Long As Putin Is ‘Held Accountable’

CNN Business and Politics correspondent Vanessa Yurkevich said Tuesday that people are "okay" with paying high gas prices if it "holds Russia accountable."

Joe Biden: We Can Beat Putin by Transforming Economy to Run on $56,000 Electric Cars

China will benefit by a switch to electric vehicles, as it is one of the largest providers of EV components such as lithium-ion batteries.

Pentagon Shoots Down Polish Plan to Transfer MiG-29s to Ukraine

The Pentagon on Tuesday evening shot down a Polish proposal to transfer their MiG-29 fighter aircraft to Ukraine.

Intel Officials Say Putin's Nuclear Threat Should Be Taken Seriously

Intelligence community leaders said Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin's veiled nuclear threat should be taken seriously.

Breitbart Business Digest: Why Putin Might Cut Off Europe's Gas

With Russia cut out of most of the things it could buy with euros, it may well decide to stop selling Europe natural gas.

Opinion | The GOP is lying to you about gas prices

The U.S. ban on Russian oil will likely send the price of crude up even higher.

What Happened on Day 13 of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

President Biden banned U.S. imports of Russian oil, and McDonald’s and Coca-Cola suspended operations in Russia. A humanitarian corridor allowed thousands to escape fighting in one Ukrainian city, but many more nationwide remained trapped in miserable conditions.

Analysis | Pence-backed ad falsely blames Biden for hike in purchases of Russian oil

Pence’s political group is bankrolling $10 million on an emotional and hard-hitting ad that says Biden’s cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline was a “horrific decision.”

How the tricky politics of a Russian oil ban roiled Washington in 100 hours

It was the only one of the Ukrainian president's major asks that Congress could deliver. So lawmakers kept pressing — and one chamber pushed a vote.

Biden phones family of American detained in Russia

President Biden phoned the parents of Trevor Reed, a former U.S. Marine detained in Russia, on Tuesday to “reiterate his commitment to doing everything he can to bring their son home,” according to a White House official.

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