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to ban russian oil (20), invasion ukraine (19), president joe biden (17), the biden administration (14), oil gas (11)

Putin Feels The Pain As Shell To Stop Buying Russian Oil And Gas

In another blow to Putin's reeling economy, Shell announced that they will stop buying Russian oil and gas.

Biden Reportedly To Impose Russian Oil Ban As Soon As Today

It is being reported that the White House has decided to ban Russian oil imports and the announcement could come today.

Ukraine Refugee Count Reaches Staggering Amount In Escape From Russian Invasion

It is the fastest exodus in Europe since World War II.

People Flee Embattled Ukrainian Cities Along Safe Corridors

The Russian onslaught has trapped people inside cities that are running low on food, water and medicine amid the biggest ground war in Europe since World War II.

U.S. to ban Russian oil imports

The U.S. is expected to announce it is banning imports of Russian oil as soon as Tuesday, two sources familiar with the matter told NBC News.

The Future Turns Dark for Russia’s Oil Industry

An exodus by Western companies and disdain for Russian oil signal the start of a reckoning.

Analysis | Biden administration cautiously approaches accusing Russia of war crimes

It has been slow to join domestic and international allies in lodging the accusation. But that posture is getting more difficult to maintain.

Analysis | Why Biden is getting some praise from Republicans on his handling of Ukraine

Yet there are some Republicans trying to tease apart a relatively small aspect of Biden’s response — whether to ban Russian oil.

Putin's clumsy military campaign in southern Ukraine makes little sense | CNN

Each morning I hope it will be easier to process. But nearly a fortnight into this war, the conflict still seems surreally distant and alarmingly beyond comprehension.

Biden turns to countries he once sought to avoid to find help shutting off Russia's oil money

President Joe Biden's urgent global search for help shutting off Russia's oil revenues is leading, in some instances, to regimes he once sought to isolate or avoid.

Pelosi to proceed with vote on Russia oil ban

An aide said the White House had been suggesting for days it would act but was only now proceeding after pressure from Congress.

Live blog: War in Ukraine

In video released late Monday night and conspicuously shot in the Ukrainian capital, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said he and his team remain in their offices on Kyiv’s Bankova Street.

Biden executive order on cryptocurrency expected this week

President Joe Biden is expected to sign an executive order on cryptocurrency this week that will mark the first step toward regulating how digital currency is traded

House to move forward with bill to ban Russian oil

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told House Democrats on Tuesday that they are moving ahead with legislation to ban imports of Russian oil, despite expected action from the Biden administration later in the day.

New York Times pulling staffers out of Russia, citing 'safety' concerns

The New York Times will pull its journalists out of Russia, saying it is making the move in the interest of staffers' safety. 

Democrats ready for possible budget vote Friday

House Democratic leaders warned their troops Tuesday to prepare for a last-ditch effort later in the week to prevent a government shutdown — if needed.

'Hannity' on Biden's handling of Russia-Ukraine war, US energy

Guests: Rick Perry, Kevin McCarthy, Lindsey Graham, Mark Levin, Newt Gingrich

Tucker Carlson: Russia-Ukraine war is causing moral panic

Guests: Douglas Macgregor, Michael Gableman, James Polous

One Of Biggest Gas Companies In World Says It Will Stop Buying Russian Oil

Shell apologized for buying petroleum products from Russia and announced it would immediately cancel all future transactions.

Buttigieg: Buy a $55,000 Electric Car, So You Don't Have to Worry About Gas Prices Anymore

Even before Russia invaded Ukraine, gas prices were surging because of inflation caused by Biden's massive spending bills.

Reporter Confronts Psaki Over 'Blaming Putin' for Skyrocketing Gas Prices

The White House knows where it wants to pin the blame for high gasoline prices -- and it won't be on the president's anti-oil policies.

Breaking: As Gas Prices Skyrocket, Biden to Ban Russia Oil Imports

With gas prices skyrocketing across America, Joe Biden has made a decision to ban Russian oil imports into the country.

George Soros and Hillary Clinton Are Cheering on War with Russia

Let me make this very simple. If you live in the West you have been flooded with a massive propaganda campaign portraying Ukraine as a Jeffersonian democracy yearning to breathe free and Russia has the ultimate evil empire. Not true. Two of the most high-profile voices advocating a fight with Russia are Hillary Clinton and…

Justice Michael Gableman Joins Tucker Carlson to Discuss His Historic Report on 2020 Wisconsin Election Fraud (VIDEO)

Justice Michael Gableman, the Special Councel and head of the taxpayer-funded Wisconsin election probe, appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox News’ top-rated show, on Monday night. Last Tuesday morning the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections held an informational hearing on the Gableman 2020 Election Report featuring invited speakers Special Counsel and Former Supreme Court Justice…

Bolton sheds light on why Putin didn’t invade Ukraine under Trump

As Bolton sees it, Putin saw an American president moving in a direction Moscow liked, and the Russian leader was waiting for Trump to finish the job.

Zelensky's heroism is coming up against Western red lines | CNN Politics

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is like the West's moral conscience, with his daily video commentary highlighting his country's heroism in resisting a Russian invasion that has degenerated into murderous barrages against civilians.

Biden bans Russian oil under pressure from Congress

Inside the White House, there's concern about the economic fallout. But momentum to shut off imports built fast on the Hill and within the administration.

'The Ingraham Angle' on US energy policies amid soaring gas prices

Guests: Peter Rough, Ryan Zinke, Dan Sullivan, Dinesh D'Souza, Rick Scott, Raymond Arroyo, Mollie Hemingway

Parents of Marine Veteran Imprisoned in Russia 'Disheartened' After Biden Snub

The parents of a Marine veteran in need say they have been snubbed in trying to get the help they need for their son.

Oil Prices Jump on Reports U.S. Will Ban Russian Oil and Natural Gas Imports

Multiple news outlets reported that a ban on Russian oil and natural gas is expected as soon as Tuesday. | Economy

Joe Biden's America: NBC Tells Americans to Drive Slower to Save Gas (VIDEO)

This is Joe Biden’s America. Gas prices hit a record high of a national average of $4.173 a gallon on Tuesday. Joe Biden will announce a ban on Russian oil imports which will send gas prices soaring… again. Instead of resuming the Keystone XL pipeline and unfreezing new oil and gas drilling leases, Joe Biden…

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