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president joe biden (29), invasion ukraine (21), ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky (20), biden said (20), states allies (16)

Biden Condemns Putin’s Unprovoked And Unjustified Attack On Ukraine

Biden condemned Putin's attack on Ukraine as unprovoked and unjustified, and he will meet with the G7 and announce further actions against Russia.

Jim Acosta Lays Out Trump’s Humiliating History Of Putin Fawning

CNN's Jim Acosta gave a rundown of Trump's fawning over Putin and proclaimed the Republican Party to be the party of appeasement.

The Trucker Convoy Trying To Blockade DC Is Stuck In Traffic

The trucker convoy that is trying to block the Beltway ahead of Biden's SOTU is complaining that traffic is slowing them down.

The increasingly complicated Russia-Ukraine crisis, explained

How the world got here, what Russia wants, and more questions, answered.

How American conservatives turned against the vaccine

The partisan pandemic, explained in 15 charts.

Ukraine President Warns Putin In Emotionally Powerful Speech

“The people of Ukraine and the government of Ukraine want peace,” said President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Ukrainian Ambassador Tells Off Russian Ambassador In Dramatic UN Showdown

Sergiy Kyslytsya delivers a damning message to Russian leadership.

TV Journalists' Live Reports In Kyiv Interrupted By Chilling Sounds Of War

CNN's Matthew Chance stopped his report to put on a flak jacket and helmet as loud booms were heard through the Ukrainian capital.

Cyberattacks Accompany Russian Military Assault On Ukraine

The websites of Ukraine's defense, foreign and interior ministries were unreachable or painfully slow to load Thursday after a wave of distributed-denial-of-service attacks.

Gen. McCaffrey: Trump, Pompeo's support of 'murderous thug' Putin endangers America

Former President Donald Trump and former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo praised Russian President Vladimir Putin's strategy in Ukraine. Pompeo, in a February 18, 2022 interview, said Putin is "very shrewd, very capable. I have enormous respect for him" and referred to the Russian president as a "elegantly sophisticated counterpart." Trump referred to Putin's strategy in Ukraine as "genius," and wished Putin's "peacekeeper" forces could be used on the United States' Southern border. 

Opinion | Russia is attacking Ukraine. Here's why Putin pulled the trigger.

A brief rundown of what helped bring about this moment.

It's time to admit the obvious: Donald Trump sure is acting like a Russian agent

Trump's remarks praising Putin's military aggression against Ukraine should be the last straw for anyone inexplicably holding out hope he's not driven in part by Russian interests.

Opinion | The speech you need to hear about Russia's colonial mindset

Kenya is right: Vladimir Putin is a colonialist with his eye on a new empire.

Biden vows to ‘hold Russia accountable’ and Congress calls for tougher sanctions.

Mr. Biden and his top aides, who warned that Mr. Putin intended to invade Ukraine, said they hoped the countermeasures by the United States would both deter Mr. Putin and allow the Biden administra...

Stocks and Energy Markets Whipsaw After Russian Attack on Ukraine

Stocks in Europe were sharply lower, but the S&P 500 rebounded after an early decline. Energy markets swung wildly, and shares in Moscow collapsed.

Putin Spins a Conspiracy Theory That Ukraine Is on a Path to Nuclear Weapons

Russia’s president has made such arguments before, but usually as asides — not as the justification for urgent action in Ukraine.

Many Russians Feel a Deep Unease Over Going to War

After months of tuning out American warnings that Vladimir Putin was preparing to invade Ukraine, Russians now realize that “this is not a game.”

Trump and his supporters praise Putin and dismiss Biden as crisis unfolds

A vocal group of right-leaning figures admires the Putin for what they depict as his strength and shrewdness, while dismissing Biden as weak.

Analysis | Russia and the ongoing ‘No. 1 geopolitical foe’ question

A new round of "Romney was right" misses that Americans seem to have arrived at that conclusion years ago.

CNN's Matthew Chance in Kyiv, Ukraine, hears explosions during live reporting - CNN Video

CNN's Matthew Chance in Kyiv, Ukraine, stops his live reporting to put on gear as he and the team hear explosions near the city.

February 23, 2022 Ukraine-Russia news

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a military operation in Ukraine early Thursday, and Ukraine's Interior Ministry has said Russia's "invasion has begun" with missile strikes on Kyiv. Follow here for the latest updates.

Russia launches military attack on Ukraine with reports of explosions and troops crossing border

Russian forces have begun an attack on Ukraine, with reports of troops crossing the border to the north and south, explosions in multiple cities including the capital Kyiv and warnings from Russian President Vladimir Putin of bloodshed unless Ukrainian forces lay down their arms.

Russia launches attacks on Ukraine

Latest news, headlines, analysis, photos and videos on Russia-Ukraine conflict 2022.

The line Biden won’t cross on Ukraine

The president says he won’t send American troops to battle Russian forces in Ukraine. That, some critics say, is a stance Russia will exploit and China will remember.

How Germany helped blaze Putin’s path into Ukraine

Berlin gave the Russian president the benefit of the doubt until it was too late.

Lawmakers of both parties condemn Russia's invasion

“Putin must be made to rue the day," one senator said.

Ukraine hit by more cyberattacks, destructive malware

Ukraine’s parliament and other government and banking websites have been hit with another wave of distributed-denial-of-service attacks

Russia attacks Ukraine as defiant Putin warns US, NATO

Russian troops have launched their anticipated attack on Ukraine

As Putin eyes Ukraine invasion, Trump praises his actions as 'genius'

As Vladimir Putin steers Russia toward an invasion of Ukraine, former President Donald Trump is praising the actions of the Russian president as "genius" and "savvy."

Biden speaks with Zelensky, vows support for Ukraine after Russian attacks

President Biden spoke late Wednesday with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and vowed support for Ukraine in the face of Russian attacks.

Lawmakers condemn Putin, call for crippling sanctions on Russia amid military operation

Lawmakers condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement of a military operation in Ukraine late Wednesday night, calling for more severe consequences to be imposed on Russia. 

Biden to unveil 'further consequences' over Russia's operation in Ukraine

President Biden will unveil additional sanctions Thursday in coordination with European allies in response to

Trump: Russian invasion of Ukraine wouldn't have happened on my watch

Former President Donald Trump reacted to the beginning of Russia's attack on Ukraine by claiming that such a conflict could have been avoided if he were in the Oval Office.

'Unprovoked' and 'unjustified': Biden denounces Russian attack on Ukraine

President Joe Biden condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin for announcing a "special military operation" within Ukraine, with his speech quickly followed by reports of explosions in the capital of Kyiv.

UN secretary-general admits to being wrong, calls on Putin to 'give peace a chance'

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres admitted that he had been wrong to believe that "nothing serious would happen" and called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to embrace peace.

Hunter Biden's ex-lovers testify in federal investigation into financial affairs

Two of Hunter Biden's former girlfriends, including the mother of one of his daughters, have testified to a federal grand jury investigating his murky financial dealings.

Ukraine conflict: Violent explosions near Kyiv after Putin declares 'special military operation'

After Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a “special military operation" in Ukraine early Thursday morning, videos and photos surfaced on social media purportedly showing the reality of war in Europe.

Russia invasion of Ukraine marks latest in Putin's history of misdeeds at home and abroad

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s incursion into Ukraine is the latest instance of destabilizing or oppressive behavior at home and abroad by the authoritarian strongman -- who has managed to shrug off pushback and denunciations from foes in his more than 20 years in power.

War In Ukraine Begins Minutes After Putin Announces ‘Military Operation’

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced early Thursday morning in Russia that he has decided to conduct "a special military operation in Donbas."

Zelenskyy Makes Last-Ditch Plea For Peace As US Warns Invasion Could Happen Tonight

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made a last-ditch plea for peace Wednesday as the U.S. warned a full-scale invasion could occur before night's end.

Blinken Predicts ‘Full’ Russian Invasion Of Ukraine ‘Before This Night Is Over’

Secretary of State Blinken said that Russia has "positioned its forces at a final point of readiness" for an invasion of Ukraine, which could come at any time.

Pelosi Humiliates US in Front of World, Somehow Confuses Hungary and Ukraine

Just one day after Biden embarrassed himself on the world stage, Pelosi forgot which country is about to be invaded by Russia.

American Public Sends Biden a Painful Message on Ukraine via Poll

President Joe Biden is being tested by the Russia-Ukraine crisis, and polls show most Americans think he is failing.

Explosions Heard in Ukraine as Putin Announces Military Operation, Threatens ‘Consequences You Have Never Seen’ to Countries Who Interfere

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday announced a military operation in Ukraine and warned other countries that any attempt to interfere with the Russian action would lead to “consequences you have never seen.”

CNN Report Captures Explosions in Ukraine After Russia Announces 'Special Military Operation'

On Wednesday, a live report on "CNN Tonight" by CNN senior international correspondent Matthew Chance from Kyiv, Ukraine captured the sound of explosions in the distance. | Clips

Ukraine UN Ambassador: 'Russian Ambassador Confirmed' War Declared

Sergiy Kyslytsya, Ukrainian Ambassador to the United Nations, said on Wednesday night Vladimir Putin has declared war on his country. 

Ukrainian President Declares Martial Law: ‘No Panic, We Are Ready’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky briefly addressed his nation about 90 minutes after the Russian attack began early Thursday morning.

Biden Condemns Putin's Attacks Against Ukraine, Warns of 'Catastrophic Loss of Life and Human Suffering'

Joe Biden Wednesday evening said Putin’s “unprovoked and unjustified” attacks on Ukraine will bring a catastrophic loss of life. Thursday morning (Ukrainian time) Russian President Vladimir Putin declared the start of military operations in Ukraine. Explosions were heard Thursday morning in several cities including Kharkiv, Kramatorsk, Odessa, and Berdyansk. Ukraine shut down its airspace as…

EXPLOSIONS REPORTED IN KIEV -- CNN Kiev Reporter Puts on Protective Suit After Hearing Explosions (VIDEO)

Earlier tonight Russian President Vladimir Putin declared the start of military operations in Ukraine. Explosions were heard this morning (Ukrainian time) in several cities including Kharkiv, Kramatorsk, Odessa, and Berdyansk. УкраинскиеUkrainian media report that explosions are heard in Kiev, Kramatorsk, Odessa, Kharkiv, Berdyansk, as well as in the area of Kiev's Boryspil airport — 7zRox…