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in eastern ukraine (18), president joe biden (17), invasion ukraine (16), russia ukraine (14), nord stream 2 (14)

House Republicans Sell Themselves Out To Putin As They Call Biden Weak

House Republicans are calling Biden weak after Russia invaded Ukraine while they helping Putin by refusing to support Ukraine.

Trump Wants Putin To Send Russian Troops To The US To Protect The Southern Border

Trump said in an interview that Putin was a genius for invading Ukraine and that America could use some Putin "peacekeepers" on the US Southern border.

Biden Does What Putin Didn’t Expect By Cutting Off Russia’s Western Financing

Putin didn't think that Biden and the west would cut off Russia from western banks, but he was wrong.

MSNBC And Andrea Mitchell Give John Bolton A Platform To Criticize Biden on Russia

MSNBC gave a platform to John Bolton, the neo-con who got Iraq wrong, to criticize Biden on Russia.

Russia-Ukraine border crisis

Russia’s invasion threat looms, and there have been no diplomatic breakthroughs yet.

Joe Biden Announces New Russia Sanctions And European Troop Deployments

After Russia moved to deploy troops into Ukraine, Biden said the U.S. and allies do not want to fight but see Russian actions as an alarming violation.

Russia Invades Ukraine, White House Says, Rapidly Escalating Border Crisis

The development comes after months of rising tensions despite diplomatic efforts by the West to quell the conflict.

Trump Dubs Putin's Ukraine Strategy A Work Of 'Genius'

Russian forces have begun invading Ukraine after Russian President Vladimir Putin said he regarded sections of the neighboring nation to be "independent."

Opinion | Biden, Putin and the death of the United Nations

Biden’s trying to enforce rules on Russia that the U.S. has consistently broken.

Putin Insulated Russia’s Economy. Will Biden’s Sanctions Hold Him Back in Ukraine?

President Vladimir V. Putin has learned from earlier U.S.-led sanctions, and his allies could benefit from a more isolated Russia.

The Limits of a Europe Whole and Free

Vladimir Putin sets down a marker in Ukraine. Does the West have the means to stop him?

Putin issues demands as Russian lawmakers approve use of military force.

“Negotiations have reached a dead end,” a Russian deputy defense minister said.

In Kyiv, a Soldier’s Funeral and Vows of Defiance

Ukrainians have been preparing for a possible military escalation by Russia for months. They were somber but largely defiant.

On Ukraine, Republicans are united on criticizing Biden, but not on how to counter Russian threat

On Ukraine, Republicans are united on criticizing Biden not on what should be done.

Analysis | How U.S. sanctions against Russia work

They’re essentially an economic alternative to using military force to try to compel a country to do (or not do) something.

February 22, 2022 Ukraine-Russia crisis news

Tensions between Moscow and Kyiv are at their highest in years, with Russian President Vladimir Putin signing decrees recognizing two separatist pro-Moscow regions in Ukraine as independent, a provocative move as fears of an invasion mount. Follow here for the latest news updates.

VIDEO: Biden says Putin's actions are the 'beginning of a Russian invasion of Ukraine' - CNN Video

President Joe Biden announced new sanctions against Russia in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin ordering troops into two separatist regions in eastern Ukraine.

Analysis: Get up to speed: Russia faces sanctions for 'beginning' invasion

Europe and the US announced tough new sanctions meant to isolate Russia from the Western banking system, cut off some of its natural gas market and punish Russian oligarchs who could have sway with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump praises Putin's strategy in Ukraine | CNN

CNN's John Berman talks to Gloria Borger and Maggie Haberman about recent reaction from prominent members of the Republican party to Russian President Vladimir Putin's aggressive moves in Ukraine, and President Biden's response to it.

U.S. imposes sanctions on Russian banks, sovereign debt and elites after Ukraine invasion

President Joe Biden said more sanctions will be imposed if Russia widens the invasion of its neighbor.

Putin recognizes separatist claims to Ukraine’s entire Donbass region

‘We have recognized all their fundamental documents,’ says Russian president about Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics.

U.S. and Europe respond with sanctions after Russia invades Ukraine

Latest news, headlines, analysis, photos and videos on Russia-Ukraine conflict 2022.

Five takeaways while the Ukraine crisis intensifies

The Russia-Ukraine crisis deepened on Tuesday, a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared two separatist regions of eastern Ukraine to be independent states. 

Schumer requests Senate briefing on Ukraine-Russia conflict

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) has requested an all-Senate briefing on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine as Russian forces have entered eastern Ukrainian territories controlled by separatists.

Biden, allies launch sanctions against Russia

President Biden's strategy to confront Russian aggression against Ukraine is being put to the test.

Psaki confirms Biden-Putin meeting off the table

Any plans for a meeting between President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin are off the table for the time being, White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Tuesday.  

Four dead in military-contracted helicopter crash at Hawaii Navy facility

Four people are dead after a military contractor helicopter crashed on the Hawaiian island of Kauai on Tuesday, according to officials at a local U.S. Navy facility.

Ukraine asks US to revive FDR’s ‘arsenal of democracy’ program as Russia invades

Ukrainian officials seeking additional American assistance against Russia are taking inspiration from Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s assistance to European allies before the United States's involvement in World War II.

SEE IT: Police chase stolen party bus in California

The driver who stole a limo party bus and led police on a wild highway car chase through Southern California on Tuesday has been arrested, according to authorities.

DOD Admits Biden Let 28 Afghans with Suspected Terrorist Ties Into US, Then Promptly Lost Them All

The Biden administration didn't just bungle the Afghanistan withdrawal. It also failed to vet Afghan refugees.

Putin Must Be Laughing: Biden Slurs His Words, Speaks Nonsense During Update on Russia and Ukraine

President Joe Biden picked a really bad day to issue yet another volley of garbled, incoherent half-sentences.

National Guard Troops "Scrambling" to Secure Tow Trucks as DC Swamp Braces for US Trucker Convoy

The DC Swamp is ‘scrambling’ to find tow trucks as officials frantically brace for the arrival of multiple American trucker convoys that are gearing up for a massive protest in the Nation’s Capitol. A group called The Peoples Convoy, which is planning on departing from California on Wednesday, claims to have an army of 1,000…

"Yeah!" Psaki When Asked if Americans Should Expect Higher Gasoline Prices From Russia Sanctions (VIDEO)

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday echoed Joe Biden and said Americans should expect higher gas prices from Russia sanctions. On Tuesday Joe Biden assured American consumers that the price of freedom in Ukraine means gas prices could go higher. “Americans should expect higher gasoline prices” from Russia sanctions? a reporter asked Psaki…

Jen Psaki Calls Out Traitor Trump For Putin Praise

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki called out Trump for praising Putin's invasion of Ukraine, opposing sanctions, and supporting Russia.

Biden, Putin Signal Bigger Confrontation Ahead Over Ukraine

Putin has yet to unleash the force of the 150,000 troops massed on three sides of Ukraine.

Opinion | The speech you need to hear about Russia's colonial mindset

Kenya is right: Vladimir Putin is a colonialist with his eye on a new empire.

U.S. and Allies Impose Sanctions on Russia as Biden Condemns ‘Invasion’ of Ukraine

President Biden warned President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia that more sanctions would follow if he did not withdraw his forces and engage in diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis.

Biden says Russia is beginning an 'invasion of Ukraine' as he unveils sanctions on Moscow

President Joe Biden described events now underway in Ukraine as "the beginning of a Russian invasion" as he unveiled tough new sanctions to punish Moscow on Tuesday.

Ukraine prepares to remove data from Russia’s reach

Multiple backups and centralized databases are key to Ukrainian cyber contingency plans.

EU sanctions to limit Moscow’s access to financial markets

Bloc agrees range of measures in response to Putin sending troops into eastern Ukraine.

Missouri GOP rejects filing fee for state candidate over 'vile' statements

The Missouri Republican Party is rejecting a state candidate's filing fee over his "vile" past statements.

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