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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2022-02-15 -- the biden administration (7), president joe biden (7), biden said (6), states nato (5), putin russia (5)

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the biden administration (7), president joe biden (7), biden said (6), states nato (5), putin russia (5)

America Is Back As Schumer And McConnell Send Bipartisan Warning To Putin

Senate Majority Leader Schumer and Minority Leader McConnell released a joint Senate statement of solidarity with Ukraine.

The Russia-Ukraine crisis, explained

How the world got here, what Russia wants, and more questions, answered.

Biden Keeps Up Pressure On Putin To Pull Back Russian Troops, End Ukraine Crisis

Russian President Vladimir Putin has suggested there may be a diplomatic solution to the predicament he created.

Biden Tells Putin What Trump Never Would: The US Will Defend Every Inch Of NATO Territory

President Biden delivered a dire warning to Putin that if he invades Ukraine, the US will rally the world and defend NATO territory.

As Russia Announces Pullback, Biden Warns Ukraine Invasion Is Still Possible

After meeting with Germany’s leader, Putin says some Russian troops will return to their bases.VideoPresident Vladimir V. Putin of Russia said he intended to continue talks with the West and that R...

Senate Republicans Block 6 Biden FED Nominees In Biggest Obstruction In Years

Senate Republicans want Sarah Bloom Raskin dropped as a nominee, so they are blocking Biden's slate of nominees for Federal Reserve positions.

Rudy Giuliani Might Be Using The 1/6 Committee To Get Trump To Pay His Legal Bills

There is speculation from the legal community that Rudy Giuliani might be using the threat of 1/6 Committee cooperation to get Trump to pay his legal bills.

Millions have filed to start businesses in US during coronavirus pandemic

Millions of people throughout the United States filed applications to start businesses during the second year of the coronavirus pandemic that has disrupted the economy.

'Diversify your newsroom': NYC mayor blames critical media coverage on racism

At a Tuesday press conference, New York City Mayor Eric Adams accused the media of distorting the news and implied it had something to do with his race.

White House steps gingerly around Ukraine's NATO ambitions

The White House sidestepped a question about a possible fissure in how Western allies are prepared to talk about Ukraine’s NATO aspirations being placed on hold to avert a Russian offensive.

Op-Ed: COVID Would Look Like a Walk in the Park Compared to What Biden May Be About to Do to Us

We are on the edge of our seats waiting to see what Biden will do about Russia and Ukraine. But why do anything?

Joe Biden Warns Russia Invasion Still Possible in Aggressive Speech

President Joe Biden delivered an aggressive speech against Russian President Vladimir Putin, warning him again not to invade Ukraine.

Reporters Press Psaki At The Last Minute As She Scrambles Out Of The Briefing Room

Reporters pressed White House press secretary Jen Psaki with last minute questions Tuesday as she appeared to rush out of the briefing room.

On Ukraine, U.S. and Russia Wage Signaling War to Avert Actual War

Each side is trying to convince the other that the price of conflict is too high. It is a complex game played with deliberate ambiguity, raising the risk of lethal miscalculation.

U.S. Intelligence Agencies Face Crucial Test in Deciphering Putin’s Motives

Knowing the intentions of any autocratic leader is difficult, but President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, who began his career as a K.G.B. officer, poses a particular challenge.

U.S. Arms Sent to Ukraine Would Blunt but Not Stop a Russian Invasion

The effectiveness of the weapons against the better-equipped Russian Army depends on what Moscow orders its troops to do.

US accuses financial website of spreading Russian propaganda

U.S. intelligence officials allege a conservative financial website with a significant American readership is amplifying Kremlin propaganda

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