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advertisement story (6), sen lindsey (5), rally conroe (5), pardons give (5), lindsey graham (5)

Trump’s Texas trip illustrates his upsides and downsides for Republicans and their midterm hopes

The former president encouraged Republicans to vote in the midterm elections but also floated Jan. 6 pardons and protests that GOP candidates were forced to confront.

Trump Is So Scared Of Criminal Charges That He Threatened America

Donald Trump scripted a threat of mass protests and unrests in America if he criminally charged, which only shows his fear.

Trump Calls On Massive Protests If Prosecutors Go After Him And Offers Pardons To Jan. 6ers

At a Texas rally, Trump focused on multiple investigations into him in New York, Washington and Atlanta, claiming: "They want to put me in jail."

Trump Vows To Pardon Jan. 6 Capitol Rioters If Re-Elected

Donald Trump said that he will pardon those convicted for their role in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot should he be re-elected during his Saturday rally speech.

Lindsey Graham All-In on Biden's First SCOTUS Shortlist Pick: 'I Can't Think of a Better Person'

Lindsey Graham gives a glowing recommendation for a South Carolina judge under consideration for the Supreme Court.

Trump suggests that if he is reelected, he will pardon Jan. 6 Capitol rioters

Several prominent Republicans, including Sen. Lindsey Graham, criticized the idea on Sunday.

Lindsey Graham praises potential Supreme Court nominee pushed by Clyburn, calling her ‘fair-minded, highly gifted’

The White House has confirmed that South Carolina Federal District Judge J. Michelle Childs is under consideration.

Analysis | Trump toys with the mob — again

In Texas, Trump encouraged people to hold protests over his legal jeopardy and suggested he would pardon Jan. 6 rioters who took such a message to its extreme.

"I Hope They Go to Jail and Get the Book Thrown at Them Because They Deserve It" - Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins Buck Trump, Vow to Persecute Jan-6ers

President Trump held another packed rally in Conroe, Texas on Saturday night. An estimated 50,000 supporters turned out to see President Trump in Texas. President Trump also promised to release the persecuted January 6 Political Prisoners at the DC Gulag! These poor men and women are held in isolation without any basic human rights. Truly…

Over 75 Percent of Americans Disagree With Biden Only Considering Black Women for Supreme Court

A whopping 76 percent of Americans disagree with Joe Biden’s vow to only consider black women to replace Justice Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court. The findings from a newly released ABC News/Ipsos poll indicate that Biden’s attempt to virtue signal may very well fall flat — just like nearly everything else he does to…

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