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john lewis voting rights advancement act (17), voting rights legislation (11), president joe biden (11), the freedom to vote act (10), changing senate rules to allow (10)

Biden changed his mind on the filibuster. It’s not enough.

Where the president’s voting rights speech falls short.

Biden Endorses Changing Senate Filibuster For Voting Rights

In a speech in Atlanta, the president said senators opposing the legislation were on the side of segregationists of the past.

Arizona GOP Senate Candidate Releases Shameful Ad Where He Declares Let’s Go Brandon

Jim Lamon, a wealthy businessman who is running for Senate in Arizona, made his plea for Trump's love with an ad declaring Let's Go Brandon.

Biden Calls for ‘Getting Rid of the Filibuster’ to Pass Voting Rights Laws

President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are pressuring Congress to pass federal voting laws that Republicans have repeatedly blocked. “This is the moment to defend our democracy,” Mr. Biden said in a speech in Atlanta.

Biden calls for changing Senate rules to allow voting bills to pass

President Biden on Tuesday gave his full-throated endorsement for changing Senate rules to allow federal voting rights legislation to pass via a simple majority instead of a 60-vote threshold.

Analysis | Biden leans into filibuster changes more than ever. But now what?

As Biden makes a wholesale pitch for filibuster changes to pass voting rights, that's neither sufficient nor apparently good enough for some allies.

‘I’m tired of being quiet’: Biden and Harris make forceful push for voting rights

The president called on the GOP to join Democrats in supporting the voting and elections reform bills.

Biden calls Jan. 6 riot an attempted 'coup'

President Biden on Tuesday described the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol by a mob of Trump supporters as an attempted “coup.”

Trump mocks Biden over Abrams absence from voting rights speech

Former President Trump ridiculed President Biden on Tuesday over Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams’s absence from his voting rights speech in Atlanta, pointing to her nonattendance as a sign that she “wants nothing to do” with the president.

Live updates: Biden, Harris address voting rights in speech

President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will deliver a speech on voting rights Tuesday in Atlanta as Senate Democrats continue to trudge forward in their pursuit of voting rights legislation. Follow here for the latest news.

Harris Shares Her Doubts Over Filibuster Roughly Five Years After Demanding Republicans Keep It

Kamala Harris blasted the filibuster and urged Dems to eliminate it, less than five years after signing a letter urging Mitch McConnell to keep the procedure.

Biden calls for ending the filibuster to pass voting rights legislation

President Joe Biden called on Democratic leaders to reform Senate rules and even eliminate the filibuster to pass his voting rights agenda Tuesday.

Biden calls for changing the filibuster in major voting rights speech

In Atlanta, the president seeks to swing momentum behind voting rights bills that have stalled in Congress because of near-unified Republican opposition.

Biden calls on Senate to change filibuster rules to pass voting rights bills in forceful speech: 'I'm tired of being quiet'

President Joe Biden painted a dire picture for the nation's future elections during a major speech on voting rights while in Atlanta on Tuesday, expressing his frustration at Republicans who blocked voting rights legislation and calling on the US Senate to change its filibuster rules to accommodate the bills' passage.

What to know about the Senate's nuclear option

The nuclear option would be the changing of Senate rules to enable votes on legislation with a simple majority. By requiring only 51 votes to limit debate, the entire character of the chamber would change and the majority party would not be forced to get buy-in from the minority party.

King family: ‘Difficult decision’ to attend Biden’s voting rights speech

“It’s been a long year of a lot of things not being done, and we stand and we share that frustration,” Arndrea Waters King said.

Biden Slips Up, Calls Kamala "President Harris" in Speech Calling on Senate to Nuke Filibuster Rules For 'Voting Rights' Bill (VIDEO)

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on Tuesday traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to push the Democrats’ ‘voting rights’ bill that will make it easier for them to steal elections. Biden and Harris called on the Senate to nuke the filibuster in order to pass a federal takeover of elections. Joe Biden on Tuesday officially announced he…

President Biden Just Accused Trump Of An Attempted Coup

During his voting rights speech in Georgia, President Biden accused Trump of an attempted coup in 2020.

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