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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2022-01-04 -- the 2020 election (9), president joe biden and (9), 6 attack (8), press conference (7), a year ago (7)

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the 2020 election (9), president joe biden and (9), 6 attack (8), press conference (7), a year ago (7)

The January 6th Committee Is About To Come After Sean Hannity

The 1/6 Committee wants to talk to Fox News host Sean Hannity about the attack on the Capitol, and any knowledge he might have.

House Committee Requests Cooperation From Sean Hannity In Inquiry On Capitol Riot

The select committee is asking for information from the Fox News host who sent texts to then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and others on Jan. 6.

McConnell Dismisses Notion That 'Idiots' Would Try To Overturn Election Results

Many GOP lawmakers did in fact seek to throw out their state's electoral votes during the 2020 election — and are laying the groundwork for 2024.

Why Ted Cruz's talk about impeaching Biden matters

Ted Cruz said a Republican-led House might consider impeaching President Joe Biden on "multiple grounds." Don't be surprised if Democrats put this to use.

Analysis | The Trailer: The complete guide to the 2022 election

The latest on two open House seats, and all the gerrymandering news you missed over the holidays.

Analysis | How Jan. 6 could shape the 2022 midterm elections

A House committee is expected to release its report on the Jan. 6 attack sometime this year, before Americans choose who represents them in Congress.

Sean Hannity tried to dissuade Trump from Jan. 6 strategy, texts show

“I do NOT see January 6 happening the way he is being told,” the Fox News host said of Trump’s efforts in a December 2020 text.

Trump cancels Jan. 6 press conference

Former President Trump is scrapping a planned news conference on the one-year anniversary of the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Jan. 6 panel releases Hannity texts, asks for cooperation

The House committee investigating the Jan.

Arizona will give up to $7,000 for students to 'ensure' in-person learning

A new Arizona government program will award up to $7,000 to the families of eligible children at risk of being deprived of in-person learning to cover the cost of switching schools, childcare, or transportation.

Jan. 6 inmate starving to death, attorney says

A man charged in connection to the Capitol riot who is an inmate at a Virginia jail is at risk of dying, his attorney says.

Hong Kong activist sentenced to more prison time for Tiananmen Square vigil

A court in Hong Kong sentenced pro-democracy activist Chow Hang-tung to 15 additional months in prison Tuesday for her role in organizing a commemorative vigil of the Tiananmen Square massacre on June 4 last year.

Police chief says Capitol could withstand Jan. 6 attack today, rejecting union and Republican critics

Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger asserted that the U.S. Capitol has made enough security improvements to withstand an attack such as the one that took place nearly a year ago on Jan. 6, contradicting concerns from the Capitol Police union and Republican critics who allege that not enough has been…

Ana Navarro Says Trump Was Not ‘Legitimately Elected,’ Continues To Blame Russia In ‘View’ Rant

Ana Navarro said former President Donald Trump was not "legitimately elected" in 2016 as she continued to blame Russia in a rant on "The View."

House Republicans Turn the Jan. 6 Tables on Nancy Pelosi with Double Standard Accusation

Pelosi is following the Democratic Party playbook of double standards, but the days for that might be running out.

Sham January 6 Committee Asks Sean Hannity to Cooperate with Investigation

The Marxists on the January 6 Committee continue their assault on the Constitution and the First Amendment. According to Axios, the Jan 6 panel is preparing to ask Fox News host Sean Hannity to cooperation with their investigation. Axios reported: The Jan. 6 select committee is preparing to ask Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity…

Trump Tried A Coup In Plain Sight — And Has, So Far, Gotten Away With It

In 232 years of elections, Trump became the first loser to try to overthrow the republic to remain in power, but remains the Republican Party’s leader anyway.

Trump cancels Jan. 6 news conference at Mar-a-Lago, blames news media and House committee investigating attack on Capitol

The former president had planned to hold an event on Jan. 6 to mark the first anniversary of the attack by a mob of his supporters.

Trump cancels Jan. 6 event amid GOP complaints

Republican senators said the press conference wasn't a "good idea" hours before the former president canceled it.

Trump cancels Jan. 6 press conference at Mar-a-Lago

Former President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that he is canceling his press conference set for the one-year anniversary of the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021.

Donald Trump Cancels Jan. 6 Anniversary Press Conference

Donald Trump canceled plans to hold a press conference at Mar-a-Lago marking the one-year anniversary of the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.

Ana Navarro Goes on Insane Rant About January 6 and Russians, Says Trump was Not legitimately Elected in 2016 (VIDEO)

Isn’t questioning the outcome of an election illegal and an attack on our democracy? The cackling hens at “The View” are obsessed with Donald Trump. Co-host Ana Navarro took her obsession with Trump to another level on Tuesday and went on an insane rant about January 6 and Russians. “There’s things which I think should…

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