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speaker nancy pelosi (10), build better (10), social spending plan (7), child care (7), vote bill (6)

Nancy Pelosi Outsmarts Kevin McCarthy And Will Hold BBB Vote On Friday

Kevin McCarthy spent hours on the House floor trying to force Democrats to pass Build Back Better in the dead of night, but Speaker Pelosi moved the vote.

Kevin McCarthy Has A Total House Floor Meltdown As Build Back Better To Be Voted On

In one of the worst political strategies in modern memory, Kevin McCarthy is holding the House floor in what looks like a tantrum over opposition to universal pre-k and lower prescription drug prices.

Good News For Democrats CBO Score Means Build Back Better Is Fully Paid For

Democrats got some good news as the CBO's conservative scoring of Build Back Better means that the bill will be more than fully paid for.

Kevin McCarthy’s Pointless Rant Backfires And Annoys House Republicans

The longer Kevin McCarthy talks, the more annoyed and irritated the House Republicans behind him become with his rant.

Vote on Social Policy Bill Delayed as McCarthy Keeps Talking

Representative Kevin McCarthy, the minority leader, prolonged debate with a record-breaking speech of more than eight hours, attacking Democrats and veering from G.O.P. talking points to personal anecdotes.

House Vote On Biden Spending Bill Delayed By Kevin McCarthy Talking For Hours

He talked about spending, border security, China, Hitler, Thanksgiving and what America would have been like if Abraham Lincoln had not been assassinated.

Analysis: House Democrats finally on the verge of passing Biden's massive social spending bill

House Democrats are on the cusp of passing President Joe Biden's sweeping social spending and climate change bill after months of feuding. But the likely win on Friday will only pose new questions over whether the $1.9 trillion measure can survive the Senate and then offer the short-term jolt of political energy Biden's wobbling presidency needs.

McCarthy derails Dem plans to vote on social spending bill Thursday

Democrats delayed the vote on the $1.7 trillion package until Friday, due to a rambling speech by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy that lasted more than four hours.

McCarthy delays swift passage of spending plan with record-breaking floor speech

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) delayed quick passage of Democrats' social spending and climate package late Thursday night by holding the floor for more than 8 1/2 hours in a record-breaking filibuster-style speech.

GOP leader's marathon speech forces House Democrats to push vote

House Democrats have pushed the vote on President Biden’s social spending and climate package to 8 a.m.

McCarthy delays vote on Biden’s Build Back Better Act during marathon speech

Good morning and welcome to Fox News First. Here's what you need to know as you start your day …McCarthy delays vote on Biden’s Build Back Better Act during marathon speechRep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Ca...

Social Policy Bill Will Add to Deficit, C.B.O. Says; Democrats Delay Vote

The White House and the Congressional Budget Office are at odds over how much revenue the Internal Revenue Service could recoup from tax cheats.

McCarthy’s Marathon Floor Speech Prevents Vote On Democrats’ Budget

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy delayed a vote on President Biden's spending package by embarking on an hours-long speech lambasting the bill and other issues.

McCarthy’s overnight speech — longest in modern history — underscores rancor in the House

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) used the marathon speech to air countless grievances against Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Democrats and President Biden.

Kevin McCarthy gives longest House floor speech in history delaying Build Back Better vote

House Democrats pushed back a vote on President Joe Biden's plan to dramatically expand the social safety net after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy stalled floor action with a record-breaking marathon speech that stretched into the early hours of Friday morning.

What Biden's sweeping social safety plan might include -- and what it likely won't

Democrats are still negotiating the final details of their sweeping $1.9 trillion budget reconciliation package so the House can vote on it soon.

McCarthy stalls House vote on Biden's bill as Dems push for passage - CNN Video

CNN's Manu Raju and Don Lemon discuss House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's speech as House Democrats gear up to pass President Joe Biden's plan to dramatically expand the social safety net.

Republicans Praise Rep. McCarthy for Lengthy Speech Ahead of BBB Vote

Republicans rallied around Rep. McCarthy as he spoke for nearly three hours before a full House vote on the Build Back Better Bill.

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