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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2021-05-27 -- shelley moore capito (7), 928 billion (7), sen shelley (6), 1.7 trillion (6), white house press secretary jen psaki (5)

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shelley moore capito (7), 928 billion (7), sen shelley (6), 1.7 trillion (6), white house press secretary jen psaki (5)

White House sends positive signal on GOP infrastructure proposal

The White House on Thursday welcomed the $928 billion Republican counteroffer on in

Senate Republicans unveil latest counteroffer to Biden on infrastructure spending

Senate Republicans on Thursday unveiled their latest counteroffer to President Joe Biden on infrastructure spending, calling for spending $928 billion.

Democratic state treasurers warn against repurposing COVID-19 funds for infrastructure

Democratic state treasurers are warning Congress against a GOP pitch to repurpose funds from President Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief law to pay for infrastructure investments.

GOP Senators Propose $928 Billion Infrastructure Plan To Biden

The counteroffer to President Joe Biden's more sweeping plan rejects a proposed corporate tax increase to pay for new investments.

Why the new Republican infrastructure offer obviously won't work

As a practical matter, Republicans keep telling us they're not serious about reaching a compromise on infrastructure. Perhaps it's time to believe them?

Biden says his economic plan is working but urges additional ‘generational investments’

The president's speech in Cleveland followed the release Thursday morning of another counteroffer on infrastructure spending by Senate Republicans that would spend $928 billion and focus more narrowly than Biden wants.

Warren says GOP infrastructure proposal not 'a serious counteroffer'

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Thursday dismissed the Senate GOP's $928 billion infrastructure proposal, taking a much tougher tone than the White House.

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