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senate republicans (13), 6 commission (13), commission investigate (12), senate minority leader mitch mcconnell (11), of maine bill cassidy of louisiana (11)

The six GOP senators who backed Jan. 6 commission bill

An unsuccessful bid to create a commission probing the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol garnered the support of six GOP senators on Friday.

Republicans Block Commission to Investigate Capitol Riot

Senate Republicans have successfully blocked the creation of a commission to investigate the Capitol riot of January 6. The vote was 54 in favor and 35 against, falling short of the 60 votes it needed to advance. The measure to establish the commission was the first to be filibustered in the Democratic-controlled chamber. The move … Continue reading "Republicans Block Commission to Investigate Capitol Riot"

May 28 2021: Senate Capitol commission vote news

Senate Republicans blocked a House-passed bill to create a commission to investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol riot after the vote was delayed.

Chuck Schumer Stops McConnell Dead His Tracks And Kills GOP 1/6 Commission Vote Delay

Senate Majority Leader Schumer announced that the Senate vote on the 1/6 Commission will happen on Friday afternoon.

GOP hands Democrats first filibuster, blocking bill to create Jan. 6 riot commission

Senate Republicans on Friday thwarted an effort to create an independent bipartisan commission to investigate the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, blocking legislation they believed would ultimately be used as a political weapon against them by Democrats.

The Filibuster Discourages Bipartisanship. The GOP Filibuster Of A Jan. 6 Commission Just Proved it.

Will this change the opinion of the remaining Democratic supporters of the filibuster?

Here Are The Big Questions A Capitol Riot Commission Could Answer

The House approved a plan for a bipartisan commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. What could it uncover?

Sen. Lisa Murkowski Says Mitch McConnell Is Blocking Jan. 6 Commission For Political Gain

“Is that really what this is about, one election cycle after another?" the Alaska Republican said.

Senate Republicans kill bipartisan plan for Jan. 6 commission

Violent insurrectionists attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Senate Republicans killed a bipartisan plan to investigate the riot.

Senate Republicans slam brakes on bill to create commission probing Capitol riot

Senate Republicans Friday halted an effort to form a bipartisan Jan. 6 commission to investigate the Capitol attack, marking the first successful legislative filibuster mounted by the GOP minority. 

Senate Republicans Kill Bipartisan Bill Establishing 9/11-Style Commission Into January 6 Capitol Attack

Republicans killed a bill establishing a commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack, filibustering the first legislation since President Biden took office.

Senate Republicans block January 6 commission

A crucial Senate vote on a bill to create an independent inquiry to investigate the deadly January 6 Capitol Hill riot failed Friday, falling short of the 10 Republican votes needed to advance and illustrating GOP efforts to move on from the insurrection that left five people dead and injured 140 police officers.

These are the 6 GOP senators who voted to advance the Jan. 6 commission bill

Senate Republicans blocked a bill Friday to create a commission investigating the pro-Trump riot at the US Capitol, preventing a high-profile probe into the attack that led to the deaths of five people and injured about 140 police officers. 

BREAKING: Effort to Open Debate on Bill to Create January 6 Commission Fails in the Senate - Here are the Republicans Who Voted with Democrats

The GOP finally successfully blocked the Democrats in its first filibuster of the Biden Administration. The effort to open debate on a bill to create a commission to investigate the January 6 Capitol riot failed in the senate on Friday in a 54-35 vote. 60 votes were needed to move the bill forward. A) The…

Mother of fallen Capitol Police officer asks GOP senators to support January 6 commission but changes few minds

The mother of fallen US Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick met with more than a dozen Republican senators Thursday, urging them to vote to establish a commission to investigate the January 6 insurrection. But even after those meetings, which two sources familiar said were cordial, most of the senators told her they wouldn't be changing their minds, likely leaving the commission short of the 10 Republican votes needed to pass.

6 Republican Senators Defy McConnell And Vote For 1/6 Commission

Six Republican Senators voted with Democrats to proceed forward with debate on the 1/6 Commission in defiance of Mitch McConnell.

Republicans Filibuster Bill Establishing Bipartisan Jan. 6 Commission

The GOP blockade of a bipartisan probe of the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol will increase pressure on Democrats to eliminate the Senate filibuster.

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