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at rudy giuliani's new york city apartment and office are (10), the republican party (9), sen mitt (9), ron wright (9), republican susan wright the widow (9)

Bid To Censure Mitt Romney Over Trump Impeachment Votes Narrowly Fails

Earlier in the day, the Republican senator was booed while speaking at the Utah GOP's annual convention.

Susan Wright, Endorsed By Trump, Advances To U.S. House Runoff In Texas

The Republican is running for the seat previously held by her husband, Rep. Ron Wright, who died in February after contracting COVID-19.

Federal investigators look into Giuliani's role in ouster of U.S. ambassador to Ukraine

Search warrants executed this week at Rudy Giuliani's New York City apartment and office are part of an investigation looking into whether the former Trump lawyer was involved in any efforts to oust former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.

Texas Democrats concede lockout in House special election

Susan Wright, the widow of Rep. Ron Wright (R), secured the top runoff spot, leaving no Democratic candidates vying for a seat the party had hoped to contest.

Sen. Mitt Romney booed while speaking at Utah GOP convention - CNN Video

CNN's Pamela Brown and Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) discuss his colleague Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) being booed at a Republican convention in Utah, and other signs of infighting within the GOP.

Analysis: GOP leaders who defy Trump feel the heat from his base

Months after voters ousted Donald Trump from the White House, the fractures within the GOP are in sharp relief as the party wrestles with its post-Trump identity and prominent Republicans who stood up to him after the January 6 insurrection are feeling heat from his base with primaries brewing ahead of next year's midterms.

Utah GOP vote to censure Mitt Romney fails while senator is booed at convention

A resolution to censure GOP Sen. Mitt Romney for his two votes to convict former President Donald Trump failed Saturday at the Utah Republican Party organizing convention, where the senator had been booed earlier in the day -- a reflection of the anger that persists among the party's core activists about Trump's impeachment and Romney's frequent criticisms of him throughout his presidency.

Collins: Republican Party is not led by one person

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) said on Sunday that the Republican Party is not led by one person, appearing to push back on the notion that former President Trump is the leader of the GOP.

The Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden Show | RealClearPolitics

The Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden Show | RealClearPolitics

Sen. Tim Scott Puts the Left to Shame on Racial Issues | RealClearPolitics

Sen. Tim Scott Puts the Left to Shame on Racial Issues | RealClearPolitics

Study suggests lockdown costs may have outweighed benefits

States that imposed strict lockdowns in response to COVID-19 may have done more harm than good, a new study shows.

New York Times, Washington Post, and NBC forced to retract claims about Rudy Giuliani's contact with FBI

Several media outlets, including the New York Times, Washington Post, and NBC News, retracted claims about former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and the recent FBI raid that was conducted on his home.

Pelosi’s archbishop denies one can be Catholic and support abortion

The archbishop of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s diocese advocated that Catholic public figures who support abortion can be banned from receiving communion.

Portland rioter draws knife on police after violence breaks out near ICE building, police say

A protester in Portland pulled a blade on police Saturday after dozens of people gathered outside an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in another night of unrest in the embattled city, according to police.

Biden's spending, tax plans will have 'bumps along the way': Economic Advisers chair

closeVideoBiden's spending, tax plans will have 'bumps along the way': Economic Advisers chairBiden administration's Council of Economic Advisers Chair Cecilia Rouse says Americans will experience ...

‘Nice Try, Jake’: Susan Collins Refuses To Tell Jake Tapper Who Got Her 2020 Vote

Republican Maine Sen. Susan Collins refused to reveal her 2020 presidential vote during a Sunday morning appearance on CNN's "State of the Union."

The Texas special election, explained

The death of Rep. Ron Wright (R-TX) yielded a 23-candidate runoff to fill his seat in a changing district.

“If you are a Republican and you want to get elected…you have to make love to Donald Trump every single day, “ says former GOP Rep Joe Walsh

2020 GOP presidential candidate Joe Walsh joins Lindsey Reiser and Kendis Gibson on MSNBC Weekends to talk about the future of the Republican Party, and what he says is the lack of room for moderates like Rep. Liz Cheney and Sen. Mitt Romney

Collins says she was 'appalled' Utah Republicans booed Romney and GOP not led by 'just one person'

Sen. Susan Collins said Sunday that she was "appalled" to see fellow Republican Sen. Mitt Romney was booed by members of his state party for his votes to convict Donald Trump during the former President's impeachment trials, arguing that "just one person" does not lead the GOP.

Can Biden Flip U.S. Government From 'Them' to 'Us'? | RealClearPolitics

Can Biden Flip U.S. Government From 'Them' to 'Us'? | RealClearPolitics

Hillary Clinton 'thrilled' Biden is pushing agenda 'as far as possible' amid government intervention in COVID-19 pandemic

Failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is "thrilled" President Joe Biden is pushing his agenda "as far as possible" amid the coronavirus pandemic, saying a working majority of Americans "suddenly" realized they "need the government."

‘Made Up, Convoluted Crap’: Jake Tapper Says For Republicans, Telling The Truth Is ‘Hazardous To Your Political Health’

Jake Tapper lashed out at Republicans during Sunday's "State of the Union," saying that the party doesn't appear to be "fact-based."

Biden Adviser Cecilia Rouse: Americans Will Experience Some Inflation

Council of Economic Advisers chair Cecilia Rouse said on this week's broadcast of "Fox News Sunday" that they expect to see some "transitory inflation" as America is coming out of the coronavirus pandemic. | Clips

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