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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2020-12-26 -- nashville police chief john drake (9), the rv exploded (8), nashville mayor john cooper (8), law enforcement officer walks past damage from the explosion on (8), in downtown nashville (8)

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nashville police chief john drake (9), the rv exploded (8), nashville mayor john cooper (8), law enforcement officer walks past damage from the explosion on (8), in downtown nashville (8)

Investigators have received 500 tips related to Nashville explosion on Christmas

With an automated voice warning people of a bomb, Nashville police got residents away from an area where an RV eventually exploded. Only three people were hurt.

Nashville mayor praises officers who responded to explosion: 'Incredible heroes'

Nashville, Tenn., Mayor John Cooper (D) hailed the six police officers who responded to the vehicle explosion on Christmas morning as "incredible heroes."

Officials say they're looking into 500 'investigative leads' following Nashville explosion

A federal official said Saturday that law enforcement is looking into more than 500 investigative leads following the Christmas Day explosion of a vehicle in Nashville, Tenn. 

Report: Police Have Person or Persons of Interest Connected to Nashville Christmas Day Explosion

Authorities have a person or persons of interest in connection to the Christmas Day explosion that rocked the city, CBS News reported.

FAA Designates Airspace Above Nashville 'National Defense Airspace' After Explosion

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has designated the airspace above Nashville, Tennessee, as "National Defense Airspace."

Nashville Mayor: 'State of Civil Emergency' After Christmas Explosion

Nashville Mayor John Cooper issued a "state of civil emergency" following a Christmas Day explosion that occurred downtown.

Nashville explosion: Ex-FBI deputy director explains what investigators are looking for - CNN Video

Andrew McCabe, former deputy director of the FBI, breaks down what investigators are looking for in Nashville after an RV exploded on a downtown street on Christmas.

A timeline of the Nashville RV explosion on Christmas morning

The explosion that rattled a historic Nashville street in the predawn hours of Christmas Day came after an RV repeatedly warned of an imminent explosion.

Nashville explosion causes AT&T outages and disrupts flight

The explosion of an RV parked near a transmission building in Nashville disrupted AT&T service in the region and caused a brief ground stop at the city's main airport, officials said.

These six Nashville police officers evacuated residents moments before motor home exploded

Six Nashville police officers are credited for evacuating residents away from a nearby recreational vehicle parked in downtown Nashville Friday morning, authorities said. The RV later exploded, injuring three and damaging dozens of buildings.

FBI Probe Home Of Possible Person Of Interest In Nashville Blast

FBI has received more than 500 tips and leads as authorities say they are looking at every possible motive.

Tennessee governor asks Trump for emergency aid after Christmas Day explosion

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee (R) has requested federal assistance as the state grapples with the fallout of the Christmas Day explosion in Nashville.

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