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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2020-12-19 -- secretary of state mike pompeo (13), a hit on our ridiculous voting machines during the election (12), we can say pretty clearly that it was (9), pompeo said (9), trump realdonaldtrump (8)

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secretary of state mike pompeo (13), a hit on our ridiculous voting machines during the election (12), we can say pretty clearly that it was (9), pompeo said (9), trump realdonaldtrump (8)

Mike Pence Is Officially House Hunting As Everyone But Trump Acknowledges Biden’s Victory

Whether Trump accepts Joe Biden's victory is a moot point. On Jan. 20, 2021, he will be forced to leave the White House one way or another.

Trump Finally Breaks Silence On Russian Cyber Attack – By Calling It Fake News And Blaming China

Donald Trump finally broke his silence on the massive Russian cyber attack by calling it fake news and blaming China.

Trump downplays impact of hack, questions whether Russia involved

Trump downplayed the impact of the sprawling hack while questioning officials' conclusion that Russia was behind the attack

Two Dozen GOP Senators Are Blocking COVID Relief Because They ‘Don’t See The Need’ For It

These same Republican lawmakers sure know how to act quickly when it comes to handing out tax breaks to wealthy corporations and individuals.

Pompeo blames Russia for a hack on US agencies. Trump disagrees.

President Trump claims "it may" have actually been the work of Chinese hackers.

European countries tighten coronavirus restrictions as holidays approach

Some European countries seeing rising levels of COVID-19 infections are instituting tight restrictions prior to Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Trump Spends Morning Obsessing Over Space Force Instead Of Responding To Russian Cyber Attack

As Russia essentially wages war on the United States, Trump is bragging about an idea that could've come from a third grade civics classroom.

Former governor of cartel-run Mexican state gunned down

The ex-governor of a Mexican state known for its criminal elements was shot dead inside a restaurant bathroom in the city of Puerto Vallarta, officials said.

Three Alaska healthcare workers have adverse reactions to coronavirus vaccine, bringing total number to five

Three healthcare workers in Alaska had adverse reactions to the coronavirus vaccine, bringing the total number of negatively affected healthcare workers in the state to five.

Laura Ingraham: 'We're gonna stop wearing masks when we stop taking our shoes off at TSA'

Fox News host Laura Ingraham said Friday that “all bets are off” when it comes to returning to normality after the coronavirus pandemic is over.

'Squad' member calls Perdue and Loeffler the 'Bonnie and Clyde of corruption'

Rep. Ayanna Pressley told Georgians to vote for Democrats in the special runoff election and blasted Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, as well as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Sen. Coons says Senate COVID relief vote ‘still days away’

A COVID relief package bill being passed by the Senate is ‘still days away’ Sen. Chris Coons tells Tiffany Cross, as they discuss how struggling Americans will cope as they wait for pandemic economic assistance.

Trump Brushes Off Russian Hack Of US Government

President Trump downplayed the widespread hack of U.S. government agencies in his first comment on the issue, tweeting that the media was blowing the incident out of proportion.

Trump Says Media Is Exaggerating Extent Of Recent Cyberattack On US

President Trump responded to the cyberattack on American government departments and businesses, saying that the attack is exaggerated by the “Fake News Media.”

Trump Loses It And Falsely Claims That China Hacked Voting Machines

Trump showed that he remains in the back pocket of Putin by falsely blaming China for the Russian hack of the US.

Trump tweet downplays Russia hack, implicates China

President Trump took to twitter to comment for the first time on a cyber hack that attacked the U.S. government, saying the hack is “in the Fake News Media than in actuality.” The president implicates China is responsible, contradicting Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who says Russia is behind it.

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