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joe biden (20), election day (18), north carolina (17), two days (12), early voting (12)

Trump Is Planning To Declare Victory On Election Night Then Claim The Election Was Stolen

Trump has hatched to declare victory if it looks like he is ahead on election night, then declare the election stolen if he loses.

Democrats Get A Big Win As Texas Supreme Court Denies GOP Petition To Toss Out 100K Votes

The Texas State Supreme Court has denied a Republican petition to toss out over 100,000 votes in Harris County that were cast through drive-thru voting.

Trump Falsely Takes Credit For Obama And Biden Saving The Auto Industry

At his Sunday campaign rally in Michigan, Trump tried to take credit for Obama and Biden saving the auto industry.

Gov. Tom Wolf Predicts That Joe Biden Will Win Pennsylvania

Gov. Tom Wolf (D-PA) explained that Pennsylvania is different than it was in 2016 as he predicted that Biden/Harris will win the state.

The "shy Trump voters" debate, explained

Polls may be off, but almost certainly not for this specific reason.

At least 92 million people have already voted

Early voter turnout is reaching historic levels in 2020.

Trump Adviser Baselessly Claims Democrats Will Try To 'Steal' Election

Despite an expected deluge of mail-in ballots, Jason Miller said he thinks Trump "will be ahead" on election night and Democrats will try to upend the re...

When Will We Know The 2020 Election Results? Here Are The States To Watch.

The 2020 election is like no other, but it's still possible a winner will be known on election night. Or not.

Biden focuses on Pennsylvania while Trump hits 5 states in final Sunday

With Election Day two days away, President Trump rallied in five states, while former vice president Joe Biden is spending the day in the battleground state of Pennsylvania.

Peaceful march to the polls in North Carolina is met with police pepper spray and arrests, causing outcry on eve of election

The rally for in Alamance County was thrown into disarray when police insisted demonstrators disperse despite a permit authorizing their presence.

Analysis | Where the race stands, 2 days before Election Day

A fusillade of new polls just came out. Here's what we learned.

Analysis: This is how Donald Trump gets to 270

With just 2 days until the 2020 election, this is the last Sunday newsletter before the country votes. The 5 BIG storylines you need to know to understand the last week on the campaign trail are below. They're ranked -- so the No. 1 story is the most important of the coming week.

Texas Supreme Court denies GOP-led petition seeking to invalidate 120,000 votes in Houston area

The Texas Supreme Court denied a petition Sunday by a group of Republicans seeking to invalidate nearly 127,000 drive-thru votes in Harris County, while a similar case awaits a decision in federal court just two days before Election Day.

Analysis: Why this race likely comes down to Arizona and Pennsylvania

President Donald Trump is trying to stop former Vice President Joe Biden's pathway to 270 electoral votes. The polls released over the weekend suggest that this will be a difficult, but not an impossible task.

Trump stages five rallies in five states in pre-election sprint

President Trump held five rallies in as many states on Sunday, seeking to energize his base of supporters in battleground states that he won in 2016 but where he is currently locked in tight contests against Democratic no

Trump denies he will prematurely declare victory, signals election legal challenges

President Trump on Sunday denied that he would declare premature victory in the election but signaled that Republicans would mount legal challenges to prevent ballots from being counted after Election Day.

Biden begins two-day campaign sprint in battleground Pennsylvania

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Sunday kicked off a two-day blitz in Pennsylvania, a critical battleground state that both candidates are honing in on in the closing days of the campaign.

Biden responds to report Trump plans to declare premature victory: He's 'not going to steal this election'

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Sunday responded to a report that President Trump will declare victory early on election night if he has a lead, saying Trump "is not going to steal this election."

Trump won't declare early victory but will go 'in with our lawyers' after the election

President Trump said a report that claimed he would declare an early victory on election night if it looks like he's ahead was "false," but he will be prepared to start a legal battle to cut off collecting ballots.

FBI investigating Trump supporters allegedly harassing Biden campaign bus

The FBI is investigating an incident last week involving a group of trucks touting Trump flags allegedly harassing a Biden campaign bus.

PHOTOS: Lines Wind Through the Countryside for Trump in North Carolina

Thousands of people stood in line for hours to hear President Donald Trump address supporters in Hickory, North Carolina on Sunday evening.

WATCH: Franklin Graham Leads Prayer for President Trump at Hickory, North Carolina Rally (Video0

President Trump landed in Hickory, North Carolina for his THIRD rally of the day on Sunday! President Trump started out this morning in blustery Washington, Michigan. Then the president flew to Dubuque, Iowa for his second rally. Tonight he is in Hickory and then he has two more stops in Georgia and Florida. During his…

WATCH LIVE ON RSBN: President Trump's MAGA Rally in Hickory, North Carolina - Trump Hammers Crooked Joe Biden!

President Trump earlier Sunday wrapped up two huge MAGA rallies in Washington, Michigan and Dubuque, Iowa and headed to Hickory, North Carolina for his third rally of the day! Trump is unstoppable as he campaigns around the clock (literally) with five rallies a day. Trump’s third rally of the day is at Hickory Regional Airport…

Joe Biden Closes Strong In Philly As Trump Complains About The Weather

Joe Biden implored voters to reject Trump's lies and take their country back, while Trump complained about the weather at his rallies.

After Trump supporters surround a Biden bus in Texas, the FBI opens an investigation

Convoys of Trump supporters have taken to the road around the country in the closing days of the election.

Trump Stumps In Midwest, Biden In Pennsylvania 2 Days Before Election

A coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 230,000 Americans and battered the economy has weighed on Trump’s campaign.

Trump plans to declare victory if it looks like he is ‘ahead’ on election night

Axios sources have reported that President Trump told confidants that he will declare victory if it looks like he is ahead on election night. Axios reporter Jonathan Swan explains Trump’s plans.

The year of the vote: How Americans surmounted a pandemic and dizzying rule changes so their voices would be heard

A record 93 million voters cast their ballots by Sunday — an enormous turnout that seemed inconceivable at the start of 2020.

Analysis: This one poll is giving Trump backers hope and Democrats anxiety

Poll of the week: A new Des Moines Register/Selzer and Co. poll from Iowa likely voters has President Donald Trump leading Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden by a 48% to 41% margin.

Bellwether Maricopa County has already exceeded 2016 turnout

Maricopa County, Arizona, has already exceeded the number of people who voted in the 2016 election with several days left to go in the 2020 contest.

Trump and Biden supporters each point to final polls as reasons for optimism

The 2020 campaigns and political pundits have been reticent to use the "L" word before Tuesday's election between President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, for good reason.

Watch Live: Donald Trump Hosts a Campaign Rally in Hickory, North Carolina

President Donald Trump on Sunday will host a campaign rally in Hickory, North Carolina.

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