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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2020-09-14 -- the trump campaign (10), joe biden (9), former new york (7), democratic presidential nominee (7), swing states (6)

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the trump campaign (10), joe biden (9), former new york (7), democratic presidential nominee (7), swing states (6)

Michigan lieutenant governor blasts Trump coronavirus response: He 'is a liar who has killed people'

Michigan's lieutenant governor blasted President Trump on Sunday over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, blaming him for tens of thousands of lives lost across the country due to the pandemic.

Trump holds first entirely indoor rally in nearly three months

President Donald Trump spoke to thousands of supporters indoors on Sunday for the first time in nearly three months.

WATCH LIVE: Trump holds first indoor rally in months in Nevada

President Trump is set to appear at a campaign rally in Henderson, Nev., on Sunday night, marking his first indoor rally in months as the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage.

Crowd aims 'lock him up' chant at Obama during Trump rally

A crowd at President Trump's rally Sunday evening chanted "lock him up" after the president accused his predecessor, former President Obama, of being caught "spying" on the 2016 Trump campaign.

Trump Blows A Gasket After Mike Bloomberg Spends $100 Million To Help Biden In Florida

Trump blew up on Twitter after Mike Bloomberg announced that he will be spending $100 million to help Biden win Florida.

Why Mike Bloomberg plans to spend $100 million boosting Biden in Florida

The onetime Democratic presidential candidate hopes to shore up Biden’s Florida numbers.

Trump’s Nevada rally was an exercise in delegitimizing voting — and denying reality

Trump keeps holding probable superspreader events in the middle of a pandemic.

Latino groups warn that Biden’s sluggish outreach to their voters could hurt in November

Latino leaders say Biden’s outreach falls short and he is risking his chance to win Florida. A Biden visit to Miami on Tuesday — and a cash infusion from Mike Bloomberg — reflect a scramble to catch up.

Jake Tapper Abruptly Ends Interview With Trump Aide: 'Just Answer The Question'

The CNN host asked White House trade adviser Peter Navarro why the president misled the public on the coronavirus. It didn't go well.

Jake Tapper Ends Peter Navarro Interview When He Refuses To Say Why Trump Lied About COVID

Jake Tapper ended and interview with Trump adviser Peter Navarro after Navarro refused to answer why Trump lied to the American people about COVID.

Devin Nunes: Mueller team members may have obstructed justice by wiping phones

Former special counsel Robert Mueller's team may have obstructed justice, according to a top Republican investigator.

Science Magazine Editor Pens Scathing Critique Of Trump's 'Shameful' COVID-19 Lies

"These lies demoralized the scientific community and cost countless lives in the United States," wrote Herbert Holden Thorp, editor in chief of Science m...

Supporters Shout, 'Lock Him Up!' When Trump Mentions Barack Obama

Supporters of President Trump began chanting, "Lock him up!" on Sunday when he mentioned former President Obama at a Nevada campaign rally.

Watch Live: Donald Trump Speaks at Campaign Rally in Las Vegas

President Donald Trump on Sunday will speak at a campaign rally at an airport in Nevada.

Trump holds Nevada rally, Biden gets $100 million boost from Bloomberg in Florida

President Trump is on a campaign swing out West this weekend, while former vice president Joe Biden has no public events.

Bloomberg to spend at least $100M to help Biden in Florida

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is committing at least $100 million to help Joe Biden’s presidential campaign in the crucial battleground state of Florida

Polls: Joe Biden leads Trump in several key swing states

With 51 days to go, polls suggest that Biden’s lead is holding.

Trump Seems To Endorse Extrajudicial Killing: 'There Has To Be Retribution'

"That's the way it has to be," Trump said after U.S. marshals killed a man suspected in a deadly shooting in Portland, Oregon, last month.

Nevada governor: Trump 'taking reckless and selfish actions' in holding rally

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak (D) took aim at President Trump's decision to hold an indoor rally in his state Sunday evening, accusing the president of taking "reckless and selfish actions" that he said put lives in danger.

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