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law enforcement (10), trump supporters (8), law order (8), jacob blake (8), democratic presidential nominee joe biden (8)

Kenosha mayor prefers Trump not visit 'at this point in time'

The mayor of Kenosha, Wis., said Sunday that he prefers President Trump not visit “at this point in time.” 

Biden accuses Trump of ‘recklessly encouraging violence’ in response to Portland shooting

His response came after Trump denounced Black Lives Matter protesters as “agitators and thugs” on Sunday morning, calling for a federal crackdown on demonstrations in cities such as Washington and ...

Biden: I condemn violence in Portland, 'challenge Donald Trump to do the same'

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Sunday condemned violence in Portland, Ore., after police said one person was fatally shot amid clashes between Black Lives Matter protesters and counter

Chad Wolf Says Trump Might Illegally Send Federal Law Enforcement To Portland

Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf suggested that Donald Trump might illegally send federal law enforcement to Portland.

Trump responds to a deadly shooting in Portland by blaming Democrats — and calling for the National Guard

Trump is running as the "law and order" candidate, but it’s unclear whether that’s a winning message.

What we know about a deadly shooting in Portland, Oregon

One person is dead in Portland after a pro-Trump caravan descended on the city.

Ted Lieu Calls For Possible Criminal Penalties If Trump Refuses To Provide Election Security Briefings

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) said that the House should pass inherent contempt legislation if Trump refuses to provide Congress with election security briefings.

Joe Biden responds to Portland unrest: Trump is 'recklessly encouraging violence'

Joe Biden accused President Trump of "recklessly encouraging violence" in response to the "deadly violence" in Portland.

Joe Biden Says Trump 'Incitement' Led to Death of Apparent Trump Supporter in Portland

Joe Biden blamed President Trump for "incitement" that he said led to the shooting death of an apparent Trump supporter in Portland.

Expert: Portland clashes are between two majority white groups

Portland clashes between Trump supporters and others, versus Black Lives Matter and other leftist activists, are mostly white on both sides, expert Naveed Jamali tells Tiffany Cross. They discuss the portrayal by significant voices in converative circles that most recent clashes in major cities involve mainly black protesters.

Reporters detail Portland clash, possible role of social media

Trump supporters and counter-protesters clashed in Portland overnight. Tiffany Cross and her panel discuss the violence that has erupted in Portland and nationwide as Black Lives Matter protests draw opponents, some violent, and some of whom reportedly organized on social media.

WATCH: Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Blames Trump for Violence that Led to Death of Apparent Trump Supporter

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said Trump was to blame for the violence that, he said, led to the shooting death of a right-wing demonstrator.

Report: Joe Biden Skips Visit to Kenosha; Thinks Trump Visit Could 'Backfire'

Joe Biden has decided not to visit Kenosha, gambling that Trump's planned visit there Tuesday will "backfire" politically, Politico reports.

Willie Brown to Democrats and Media: Stop Calling Riots 'Demonstrations'

Willie Brown said Democrats and the media should stop calling riots "demonstrations" because "burning and looting" will help re-elect Trump.

Analysis | A slip in support for Black Lives Matter?

Recent polls suggest a decline in support for the movement — particularly among Whites — but there are plenty of unknowns.

Biden Accuses President Trump of "Recklessly Encouraging Violence" in Statement on Deadly Portland Riot Shooting

Joe Biden issued a statement Sunday afternoon that blames President Trump for the violence that resulted in the deadly shooting of a Trump supporter in Portland, Oregon Saturday night. Biden said Trump is “recklessly encouraging violence.” Democrats and Biden were silent on the deadly riots occurring exclusively in Democrat cities this summer during their recent…

Biden to Leave Basement This Week for Mystery Campaign Stop to Blame Riots on President Trump

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden will reportedly make a campaign appearance Monday at an as yet secret location to make remarks blaming President Trump for the riots roiling the nation, the New York Times reported Saturday night. Biden deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield confirmed on Fox News Sunday that Biden would travel this week but…

The Mayor Of Portland Erupts And Calls On America To Stop Trump

Mayor Ted Wheeler blamed Trump for the division and violence in the country and called on the American people to stop Trump.

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