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democratic presidential nominee joe biden (17), kenosha wisconsin (16), law enforcement (15), jacob blake (15), 17 -year-old (13)

Trump Offered to Make John Kelly FBI Director the Day After Firing Comey, Demanded Loyalty

Advertisements Donald Trump offered to make John Kelly director of the FBI the day after he fired Director James Comey but the President was clear he wanted Kelly to be loyal only to him. The extraordinary account is revealed in the new book Donald Trump v. The United States by the New York Times Michael Schmidt. The Pulitzer Prize-winning … Continue reading "Trump Offered to Make John Kelly FBI Director the Day After Firing Comey, Demanded Loyalty"

Senator Angus King Calls Cancelation of Election Security Briefings a "Pre-Coverup"

Advertisements Senator Angus King (I-Maine) called the cancelation of election security briefings “a pre-coverup.” King’s comments after Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe announced his office will no longer deliver in-person election security briefings to members of Congress. “I can’t get into the head of these people, but we have a president who never likes … Continue reading "Senator Angus King Calls Cancelation of Election Security Briefings a “Pre-Coverup”"

Herman Cain Twitter Account Claims The Coronavirus Isn’t Deadly After It Killed Him

The coronavirus killed Herman Cain, but his Twitter account posted a tweet claiming that the virus isn't as deadly as first thought.

Trump Suggests He Saved Kenosha From Being Destroyed: "Great Death and Injury"

Advertisements Donald Trump suggested on Monday that he had saved Kenosha, Wisconsin from being destroyed because of his insistence that the National Guard be deployed to the city. The President took to Twitter to make the extraordinary claim as he prepares to visit on Tuesday, despite the Governor of Wisconsin asking him not to do … Continue reading "Trump Suggests He Saved Kenosha From Being Destroyed: “Great Death and Injury”"

Poll: Biden’s approval rating got a convention bounce. Trump’s didn’t.

The new ABC News/Ipsos poll also found Americans weren’t big fans of the RNC.

Trump responds to a deadly shooting in Portland by blaming Democrats — and calling for the National Guard

Trump is running as the "law and order" candidate, but it’s unclear whether that’s a winning message.

What we know about a deadly shooting in Portland, Oregon

One person is dead in Portland after a pro-Trump caravan descended on the city.

State Police Will Return To Portland Following Deadly Shooting

A fatal shooting on Saturday led to an argument between Trump and the city’s mayor over who was to blame for the violence.

Inciter-In-Chief: Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Calls Out Trump For Stoking Violence

"What America needs is for you to be stopped," says the angry Democratic mayor following the fatal shooting of a man during a protest.

Dem Rep Warns Trump's Kenosha Visit Is Meant To 'Agitate' And 'Make Things Worse'

Rep. Karen Bass said Sunday that Trump's scheduled visit to Wisconsin in the wake of protests against police brutality is meant to cause harm.

An effort to 'stifle' the flow of information to Congress?

The office of the director of national intelligence will no longer offer in-person briefings to congressional intelligence committees about election security and foreign election interference. Sen. Angus King and John Brennan discuss.

Trump declines to condemn accused shooter, Biden says president has fomented violence

The Democratic presidential candidate's hastily planned trip comes as President Trump has sought to make law and order the focal point of the race. He plans to travel to Kenosha, Wis., on Tuesday.

Jacob Blake's shooting shows America has a long way to go in its journey toward a racial reckoning

Three months after the death of George Floyd at the hands of police spurred national unrest and widespread reforms, America's racial reckoning exploded when Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back by a White officer.

New video shows the moments before deadly Portland protest shooting - CNN Video

Disturbing new video shows the moments before a fatal shooting happened in Portland, Oregon, during protest clashes that left one person dead. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden released a statement condemning the deadly violence and encouraged President Donald Trump to follow suit.

Biden condemns violence in Portland and calls on Trump to do the same

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is forcefully condemning the violent protests that took one life in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday evening, calling on President Donald Trump to do the same.

Portland mayor responds to Trump tweets: Classic Trump - CNN Video

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to attack Portland, Oregon, Mayor Ted Wheeler during his press conference addressing continued protests and a fatal shooting in his city. The mayor opened his press conference condemning the President for stoking division in the US.

White House says Trump hasn't spoken to Blake family yet

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Monday that President Trump has not yet spoken to members of Jacob Blake’s family, despite the administration attempting to reach out to them.

Scalise on altered Biden video: 'It shouldn't have been edited'

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) conceded on Monday that a video he tweeted containing a doctored clip of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden speaking to disability rights activist Ady Barkan “shouldn’t have been edited.”&

Angus King: Ending election security briefings 'looks like a pre-cover-up'

Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) on Monday blasted Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe’s announcement that his office will no longer deliver in-person election security briefings to Congress, saying it “looks like a pre-cover-up.”

'Hinder our healing': Wisconsin governor urges Trump to reconsider Kenosha visit

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers said President Trump's presence in his state may prevent healing from a wave of civil unrest.

Portland leaders call for calm, offer no details on path forward

Portland leaders called for calm on Sunday following a deadly shooting Saturday night during a downtown Trump rally, but provided no further plans on how to ease increasing tensions.

Vernon Jones accuses 'liberal media' of supporting 'violent mob' that attacked him and other Trump supporters

Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones accused the “liberal media” of ignoring the attacks on him and other guests while leaving President Trump’s Republican National Convention nomination acceptance speech.

Trump demands Portland clean up ‘mess,’ defends Kenosha response ahead of trip: ‘See you on Tuesday!’

President Trump on Monday doubled down on his plan to go to Kenosha, Wis., Tuesday despite Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers asking him to stay away.

Report: Portland Shooting Suspect '100% Antifa'; Cited, Released on Weapons Charge in July Riot

The Oregonian says the suspect is a supporter of Black Lives Matter and Antifa arrested on weapons charges and released earlier this year.

Biden: Pro-Trump Protesters Were 'Spoiling for a Fight' in Portland

Joe Biden said Sunday that the pro-Trump caravan that drove through Portland, Oregon, on Sunday was "spoiling for a fight."

In Pittsburgh, Biden to Blame Trump for Riots, Violence Nationwide

Joe Biden is expected on monday to say Donald Trump is contributing to the violence in the streets nationwide.

Donald Trump Challenges Joe Biden to Condemn Antifa

President Trump on Sunday challenged Joe Biden to condemn Antifa, a violent organized leftist movement wreaking havoc in major U.S. cities.

Democrat Governor Urges Trump NOT to Visit Kenosha After Violent Leftists Destroyed the City

In the last eight days violent leftists looted, burned and destroyed Kenosha, Wisconsin. This comes after a sexual deviant was shot by police trying to enter a woman’s home he had raped in the past. The leftist antifa-Black Lives Matter terrorists destroyed the city and hundreds of businesses. Local business owners want President Trump to…

White House Says Trump Still Hasn’t Spoken to the Family of Jacob Blake

Advertisements Protests have continued unabated in Wisconsin since Jacob Blake, a Black man, was shot by police officers, reinvigorating demonstrations against racial injustice and police brutality that kicked off at the beginning of the summer following the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota. According to White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, President Donald Trump still … Continue reading "White House Says Trump Still Hasn’t Spoken to the Family of Jacob Blake"

Wisconsin Gov Asks Trump To Stay Away From State After Jacob Blake Shooting

“I am concerned your presence will only hinder our healing," Gov. Tony Evers wrote in a letter.

Biden accuses Trump of ‘recklessly encouraging violence’ in response to Portland shooting

His response came after Trump denounced Black Lives Matter protesters as “agitators and thugs” on Sunday morning, calling for a federal crackdown on demonstrations in cities such as Washington and ...

Portland protest shooting death: Here's what we know

Few details have emerged about what happened Saturday night when Aaron J. Danielson was shot and killed in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Biden to accuse Trump of inciting violence in Pittsburgh speech

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will accuse President Trump of inciting violence in the streets amid racial justice protests in a speech from Pittsburgh this afternoon.

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