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joe biden (41), the democratic national convention (27), former vice president (25), biden said (22), the final night of (20)

Trump Says He Is Going To Send Law Enforcement To Intimidate Voters

Trump told Sean Hannity that he is going to send law enforcement to the polls on election day in an apparent attempt to intimidate voters.

‘Not Fair!’: Trump Throws Toddler Tantrum As DNC Shows Voters What America Can Be Without Him

Trump has made it increasingly obvious that, A. He's watching the Democratic National Convention; and B. It's driving him absolutely insane.

Trump Adviser Admits To Nicolle Wallace That The DNC Has Been A Huge Success

Donald Trump doesn't stand a chance in November if the election is a referendum on him and his failed leadership.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is Crushing It At The Democratic Convention

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has landed several big jokes in the opening minutes of the final night of the Democratic convention.

Fox News thinks Joe Biden’s DNC speech was "a home run"

Trump won’t be happy with Fox News’s rave reviews of Biden’s speech.

5 winners and 4 losers from the last night of the Democratic convention

Joe Biden delivered an acceptance speech laser-focused on Covid-19 and the economic recovery.

Joe Biden officially accepts his party’s nomination for president. Read his speech.

Here’s the full text of Biden’s Democratic convention address.

Andrew Yang said the smartest thing about Biden at the DNC

"The magic of Joe Biden is that everything he does becomes the new reasonable."

5 Takeaways From The 2020 Democratic National Convention

Biden and company rebutted some of the Trump campaign’s most prominent arguments.

Joe Biden’s Most Unifying Message: Human Decency

In a divided country, Democrats think the former vice president’s character is his strongest selling point.

Democrats line up behind Joe Biden on DNC's final dramatic night

From a child overcoming a stutter to a World War II veteran, Democrats brought a diverse group of voices to their final night of the DNC all saying Joe Biden should be the next President of the United States. MSNBC's Brian Williams takes a look.

Joe Biden accepts Democratic presidential nomination, with a call for optimism at a time of fear

Joe Biden directly criticized President Trump, arguing he divided the nation and bungled the coronavirus response, calling for Americans to come together.

Analysis | Four takeaways from the final night of the Democratic National Convention

Joe Biden zeroed in on his coronavirus case against Trump, and took on an attack line about his verbal stumbles with a video showcasing his empathy for a fellow stutterer.

Joe Biden urges Americans to choose hope over fear in accepting Democratic nomination for president

Joe Biden formally accepted the nomination of his party Thursday night, arguing that America will choose hope over fear, facts over fiction and fairness over privilege as he cast President Donald Trump as a failed leader who has shirked responsibility while stoking hate and division.

Analysis: Joe Biden takes on Trump-era traumas in career-defining speech

If Joe Biden becomes the 46th American President, his speech accepting the Democratic presidential nomination on Thursday night will be seen as the moment when the destiny of a man and his nation converged.

Voices from Fox News to MSNBC praise Joe Biden's acceptance speech

He began on the stage in shadow. Then he stepped into the light. The staging matched his words.

5 takeaways from final night of Democratic National Convention

Joe Biden formally took the reins of the Democratic Party on Thursday night in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware.

‘All of us’: Biden appeals for unity, as Democrats underscore stakes on convention’s final night: ANALYSIS

Joe Biden's appeals were sobering as well as soaring, as he sought a counter to an era defined by anger, division and fear.

DNC 2020 Day 4: Joe Biden accepts nomination, calls for Americans to join 'battle for the soul of the nation'

Highlights from the DNC, which came to a close Thursday after former Vice President Joe Biden formally accepted the party's nomination for president from Delaware.

FULL TEXT: Joe Biden’s 2020 Democratic National Convention Speech

Read Joe Biden's full 2020 Democratic National Convention Speech.

What we'll remember from the 2020 Biden convention

The first-ever all-virtual convention is in the books.

Chris Wallace labels Biden's acceptance speech 'enormously effective'

Fox News’s Chris Wallace labeled Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s Thursday night acceptance speech as “enormously effective.”

Jake Tapper: Biden's acceptance speech was 'one of the best, if not the best' of his career

CNN’s Jake Tapper said Thursday that Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s acceptance speech was “one of the best, if not the best” that he’s seen him give in his career.

Trump swipes at Biden during Democratic convention speech

President Trump on Thursday wasted no time weighing in on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's acceptance speech, brushing off his agenda as "just words" while Biden was still speaking.

Trump's Team Says Biden Is Hiding as Pence Blitzes Media | RealClearPolitics

The vice president won’t watch the final night of the Democratic National Convention because he has to be up early. Friday morning, Mike Pence will launch an aggressive and grueling on-air...

Republicans say 'depressing' Democratic convention is a loser

Grim. Gloomy. Depressing. Those were some of the words Republican campaign professionals used to describe the Democratic National Convention, which culminated in former Vice President Joe Biden delivering his acceptance speech as the party’s presidential nominee on Thursday night.

Biden, in acceptance speech, pledges new era of 'light' over Trump failures

Joe Biden accepted the Democratic Party's 2020 presidential nomination Thursday in an unconventional convention address that asked people to turn a page on President Trump's chapter of "darkness" and choose his vision of "light."

Final night of Democratic convention showcases Biden's faith amid Trump criticism

Longtime friends of Joe Biden attested to the former vice president's personal faith at the final night of the Democratic National Convention amid criticism from the Trump campaign that he is an insincere Catholic.

'Resistance comedy night': Julia Louis-Dreyfus Democratic convention jokes fall flat

The Democratic National Committee likely made actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus of the sitcom Veep the host of the last night of its convention, the night Joe Biden is to accept the party's presidential nomination, with the thought of lightening the mood of the convention after days of serious warnings…

Liz Peek: Biden is officially Democratic nominee – Americans treated to 3 main messages over 4 nights

Up until Biden spoke, viewers had heard much about the candidate’s decency, but little about his plans for the country.

Michael Bloomberg: Trump Takes ‘White Supremacists As Allies’

Former Democratic primary candidate Michael Bloomberg said President Donald Trump takes "white supremacists as allies" during a speech at DNC.

Biden Never Says Trump’s Name, Draws From Obama’s 2004 Keynote Speech For His DNC Acceptance Remarks

Former Vice President Joe Biden accepted the Democratic Party's 2020 presidential nomination without uttering Donald Trump's name and channeling Barack Obama.

Joe Biden: 'There’s Never Been Anything We’ve Been Able to Accomplish'

Joe Biden (D) experienced another brain freeze moment during the climax of his Democratic National Convention (DNC) address Thursday evening.

President Trump Rips Joe Biden During Dem Nomination Acceptance Speech

President Trump dropped in on Joe Biden as the old tired angry former VP was giving his Democrat nomination acceptance speech Thursday night. Angry Joe Biden slammed his hands on the lectern and ripped into President Trump during his Dem convention speech. Biden looked like an angry, tired old politician screaming about the same old…

Angry Biden Slams Trump in His Democrat Nomination Acceptance Speech, Vows to End 'Season of Darkness' (VIDEO)

77-year-old Joe Biden formally accepted the Democrat nomination on Thursday night from the Chase Center in Delaware. “It’s with great honor and humility I accept this nomination for president of the United States of America,” said Biden. Angry Biden slammed President Trump and vowed to end the ‘season of darkness.’ “Our current president has failed…

Joe Biden Makes Trump Tremble With Powerful Acceptance Speech

Joe Biden accepted the Democratic nomination and wasted no time cutting through the darkness that has covered America under Donald Trump.

Joe Biden likes you

Joe Biden likes you even if you don’t like him, because it’s his job to like you, no matter how you vote.

Biden Accepts Democratic Presidential Nomination: ‘I’ll Be An Ally Of The Light’

The former vice president made it clear in his official remarks that Democrats needed to unite to unseat President Trump.

Hits and misses from final night of the Democratic National Convention

The Democratic National Convention is now officially over.

Video: Joe Biden accepts Democratic Party’s nomination

Biden ended the four-day virtual Democratic National Convention with the biggest speech of his political career as he accepted his party’s presidential nomination.

Five takeaways from the Democratic National Convention

The Democratic National Convention concluded on Thursday, capping off four nights of prime-time programming.

Republicans concede Biden did not look mentally unfit

Republicans panned Joe Biden’s speech accepting the Democratic nomination as thin on a governing agenda and thick on kitschy cliches. But quietly, GOP operatives conceded the spirited address packed a punch that undercuts President Trump’s argument that his opponent is in mental decline and…

Here’s What You Missed From The Final Night Of The Democratic Convention

On the last night of the Democratic National Convention, Joe Biden formally accepted the Democratic nomination for president.

***Live Updates*** Democratic National Convention Night Four

Former Vice President Joe Biden will accept his party’s 2020 presidential nomination on Thursday evening, the final night of the virtual Democratic National Convention. Tonight’s theme is “America’s Promise.” Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times Eastern. | 2020 Election

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