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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2020-08-22 -- the postal service (9), postmaster general louis dejoy (8), pelosi said (6), mail-in voting (5), mail delivery (5)

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the postal service (9), postmaster general louis dejoy (8), pelosi said (6), mail-in voting (5), mail delivery (5)

Nancy Pelosi Just Told America To Ignore Donald Trump

Speaker Pelosi was asked about Trump and voting, and she told the American people to ignore Trump, make a plan, and vote.

The RNC’s Laughable Speaker Lineup Is Basically Just A Trump Family Reunion

The list of marquee speakers at next week's RNC is just a hilarious mix of Trump family members and Vice President Mike Pence and his wife.

House passes $25B bill to boost Postal Service

The House on Saturday passed legislation that would prevent the U.S. Postal Service from making any changes to its operations that could slow delivery of mailed-in ballots for this fall’s elections.

House set to vote on USPS bill amid mail-in voting controversy

The House is set to vote on a bill related to the ailing US Postal Service in an unusual Saturday session amid an ongoing political controversy over mail-in voting.

Trump Proves He Is Slowing Down The Mail With USPS Bill Veto Threat

Trump claims that he is not slowing down the mail, but he is threatening to veto the House's bill to provide $25 billion in USPS aid.

Trump Caught On Tape Bragging About Suppressing The Black Vote

Donald Trump has made it clear over the past several weeks that if more Americans vote, he will lose the election to Joe Biden.

House passes $25 billion Postal Service bailout that would block reforms

The House passed a $25 billion bailout of the financially troubled United States Postal Service that would block reforms or changes to service.

House passes $25B in 'emergency' Post Office funding, White House threatens veto

The House of Representatives Saturday passed a $25 billion funding infusion to the United States Postal Service in a bill that also would reverse new cost-cutting measures and ban any mail delays until at least next year. 

Democrats Block Coronavirus Relief, Police Legislation After Pelosi Calls House Back For Postal Service Bill

Democrats blocked coronavirus relief bills Saturday after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the chamber back to debate and vote on Postal Service legislation.

How Trump, Mnuchin and DeJoy edged the Postal Service into a crisis

With a pandemic and election at the forefront, Trump focused on Amazon, and DeJoy on long-term problems.

Opinion: Republicans are still helping Trump destroy America

Advertisements There was an unexpected, but fairly important, revelation this past week that very few media outlets made a big deal out of – and as one straight-talking Vice President once said, this revelation was “a big f*cking deal.” For the sad, pathetic souls that spend an inordinate amount of time closely following politics, the … Continue reading "Opinion: Republicans are still helping Trump destroy America"

Family says USPS lost veteran's remains

The Postal Service apologized for the delay, but said remains were not lost.

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