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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2020-05-25 -- covid 19 (8), the coronavirus pandemic (7), death toll (7), the first time (6), confirmed cases of (6)

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covid 19 (8), the coronavirus pandemic (7), death toll (7), the first time (6), confirmed cases of (6)

Trump imposes travel restrictions on Brazil

The White House on Sunday announced President Trump is restricting the entry of non-U.S. citizens traveling from Brazil as the Latin American country sees a surge in coronavirus cases.

Trump retweets personal attacks on Clinton, Pelosi, Abrams

President Trump spent part of his Memorial Day weekend using his Twitter account to promote personal attacks on Democrats, retweeting posts that took aim at former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams’s appearance and anoth

Trump spent Memorial Day weekend tweeting conspiracy theories and petty attacks

Ahead of the holiday, Trump made baseless claims of murder and shared personal attacks against Democratic women.

White House announces restrictions on travel from Brazil over country's coronavirus surge

President Trump is imposing new restrictions on travel from Brazil as the country's coronavirus outbreak increases, the White House announced.

The Project Behind a Front Page Full of Names

A presentation of obituaries and death notices from newspapers around the country tries to frame incalculable loss.

Trump Tweets and Golfs, but Makes No Mention of Virus’s Toll

Coronavirus deaths in the United States approached a staggering 100,000, a number the president once predicted would never be reached.

President Trump Suspends Travel from Brazil over Coronavirus Concerns

President Trump suspended travel from Brazil to the United States on Sunday as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to worsen in South America.

On weekend dedicated to war dead, Trump tweets insults, promotes baseless claims and plays golf

The president, who had urged Americans to return to church pews this weekend, did not do so himself.

White House announces new travel restrictions on Brazil

President Donald Trump has issued a proclamation suspending entry into the US for any individual who has been in Brazil within 14 days immediately preceding their attempt to enter the United States.

Biden swipes at Trump: 'Presidency is about a lot more than tweeting from your golf cart'

Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) took aim at President Trump on Sunday as the president drew criticism for spending part of his Memorial Day weekend tweeting and golfing while the U.S. death toll from the coronavirus approaches 100,000.

Trump Bans Travel From Brazil, Citing Pandemic

As the United States marked the Memorial Day weekend, President Trump golfed, some Americans flocked to beaches and the death toll neared 100,000. And in Britain, the prime minister said he would not fire an aide for driving across the country while infected.

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