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press conference, in the rose garden, new york, covid 19, cbs reporter weijia jiang

Trump Falls Apart When Asked About Virus Testing Double Standard

Trump fell apart when asked during his latest attempt at a coronavirus briefing about ease of access that the White House has to tests.

Trump Directs His Own Staff To Wear Masks All The Time

Trump has directed his own West Wing staff to wear masks all of the time unless they are alone at their own desks, while he rushes states to reopen.

Trump’s White House banner claims "America leads the world in testing." That’s wrong.

Other countries are still doing much better with Covid-19 testing.

While Trump Urges States To Reopen, White House Adopts New COVID-19 Precautions

Administration officials fear the coronavirus is spreading through the West Wing.

G.O.P. Split Over State Aid That Could Mostly Go to Democratic Strongholds

With governors and mayors pressing for more federal help to deal with the effects of the pandemic, a divide among Republicans is being driven by the political bent of the states that stand to benefit.

As States Rush to Reopen, Scientists Fear a Coronavirus Comeback

Officials are under pressure to restart the economy, but many states are moving too quickly, researchers say. The costs may be measured in lost lives.

A Coronavirus Mystery Explained: Moscow Has 1,700 Extra Deaths

Russia’s government has boasted of a low coronavirus mortality rate, but figures from an obscure city agency cast doubt on those claims.

Fauci, Other Witnesses and Chairman Are Quarantined, but Hearing Must Go On

Tuesday’s hearing before the Senate Health Committee will be a chance for Dr. Anthony S. Fauci and other top health experts to speak to lawmakers, albeit by video, without President Trump nearby.

Analysis | This might be the wrongest thing Trump has said about coronavirus

Trump said the United States and Germany were the lowest in per-capita coronavirus deaths. This could hardly be further from the truth.

Weijia Jiang, CBS reporter, questioned Trump and he told her to 'ask China' - CNN Video

President Trump told CBS reporter Weijia Jiang to "ask China" in response to her question at a White House press conference and refused to answer questions from CNN's Kaitlan Collins.

Fox News's John Roberts rips ABC's Jonathan Karl for mask 'shaming' tweet

Fox News chief White House correspondent John Roberts slammed ABC News chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl on Twitter after Karl posted a picture of Roberts without a mask prior to the start of President Trump's press conference.

Trump abruptly ends press conference after heated exchange with reporters

President Trump abruptly left his coronavirus news conference in the Rose Garden on Monday after tense exchanges with two female reporters.

Trump won't name crime he's accusing Obama of committing

President Trump on Monday declined to name the crime he believes former President Obama committed as he was pressed on a string of critical tweets he sent over the weekend accusing his predecessor of committing the biggest political crime in histo

Brian Stelter: 'It is racist' for Trump to tell Asian American reporter to ‘ask China’ about coronavirus deaths

CNN's Brian Stelter chided President Trump for a "racist" response he gave a Chinese-American reporter during a White House press conference.

'Some terrible things happened': Trump declines to name alleged 'Obamagate' crime

President Trump offered no details as to the crime he accused his predecessor and the Obama administration of committing in a series of "Obamagate" tweets.

NYC couple arrested for hate crime after allegedly attacking Jewish men while blaming them for pandemic

Police arrested a couple in Brooklyn for allegedly attacking three Hasidic Jewish men after blaming them for starting the coronavirus pandemic.

Masks and twin lecterns: White House unveils new-look coronavirus briefing

Days after the West Wing was rocked by two positive coronavirus tests, the White House unveiled its new-look press briefing. Journalists were kept behind a rope in the rose garden, staffers wore masks, and the president had a lectern all to himself as new social distancing efforts went into effect.

Donald Trump Shuts Down Press Conference as Reporters Protest

President Donald Trump on Monday ended a White House press conference abruptly after a CNN reporter disrupted the event.

Reporters All Wear Masks at White House Outdoor Press Conference

White House reporters on Monday teamed up to wear masks at an outdoor press conference in the Rose Garden.

President Trump Abruptly Ends Press Conference After CBS and CNN Reporters Disrupt Briefing

President Trump has been experimenting with new formats for holding press briefings since the daily COVID-19 Chinese coronavirus task force briefings devolved into daily brawls with obnoxious reporters deliberately distorting Trump’s comments to make him come off as if he wanted to poison Americans with disinfectants. Monday afternoon Trump tried a Rose Garden setting with…

It took one question for a reporter to expose Trump’s latest baseless Obama conspiracy theory

Monday’s news conference ended with Trump melting down in response to questions from female reporters.

Trump Storms Out Of Coronavirus Briefing After Female Reporters Challenge Him

The abrupt ending came after Trump told a reporter of Asian descent to "ask China" her question about COVID-19.

Fauci to Warn Senate of ‘Needless Suffering and Death’

The risks of reopening the country too soon will be a focus of government hearings on Tuesday. The White House’s new mask requirement won’t apply to President Trump.

Trump abruptly ends press conference after contentious exchange with reporters

President Donald Trump abruptly ended his Monday press conference after a contentious exchange in which he asked an Asian-American journalist to "ask China" about her question and then refused to take a query from another White House reporter.

'Important thing to do': Trump considering mandating coronavirus testing in all nursing homes

President Trump said he may require all nursing homes to conduct coronavirus tests on residents at the facilities.

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