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public health, in new york city, dr. anthony fauci, fauci said, white house coronavirus task

Cheney defends Fauci: 'We need his expertise' to defeat coronavirus

Rep. Liz Cheney (Wyo.), the No. 3 Republican in the House, defended White House coronavirus task force member Anthony Fauci on Tuesday and praised him for the job that he's done during the pandemic.

New York Times: Reporter who called for CDC chief's resignation went 'too far'

The New York Times said Tuesday that one of its top health and science reporters went "too far" after calling for the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to resign over the agency's handling of the coronavirus outbreak

Fauci’s Senate testimony debunked a number of Trump’s favorite coronavirus lies

Fauci didn’t even say Trump’s name. He didn’t have to.

Georgia governor orders bars, night clubs, concert venues to remain closed until end of May

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) on Tuesday ordered bars, night clubs and live concert venues to remain closed through the end of May as leading U.S.

CDC Reopen Document Vastly Differs From White House's Plan

The Associated Press obtained a 63-page document from the CDC which stresses planning for future virus flareups.

Top public health officials urge caution as reopening picks up speed

Government health experts cautioned against reopening states too quickly and risking another coronavirus outbreak Tuesday.

At Senate Hearing, Government Experts Paint Bleak Picture of the Pandemic

The downbeat assessment of Dr. Anthony S. Fauci and Dr. Robert R. Redfield contradicted President Trump’s growing insistence that the nation has put the coronavirus behind it.

Coronavirus updates: 'Disturbing situation' with COVID-associated illness, Cuomo says

A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now killed more than 290,000 people worldwide.

A Spaniel, a Mute Button and Profound Matters of State

American democracy in the coronavirus era has gone digital or at least more distant, however fitfully and incompletely, as all three branches of government struggle to adapt to a new reality.

Analysis | Six takeaways from Anthony Fauci’s and other health officials’ testimony

Fauci previewed the testimony by warning against getting too aggressive in reopening — a message that seemed tailor-made for President Trump.

7 key moments from Fauci's Senate hearing

Dr. Anthony Fauci and three other top Trump administration officials testified before Congress on Tuesday, describing the administration's response to the Covid-19 outbreak and what reopening the country might look like in the coming months.

Fauci warns of colossal, deadly mistake. Will Trump listen?

Testifying before the US Senate Tuesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci and colleagues painted a dire (if confusing) picture of what an America that reopens to soon could look like. The pressing question now, says Jill Filipovic: Will Donald Trump listen?

Somber warnings temper hopes about a fall return to school -- and normalcy

School is out for an early summer for most US kids — and discouraging signs about the spread of coronavirus are starting to cloud hopes of a return to class in the fall.

Fauci Testifies U.S. Coronavirus Death Toll Is Likely Underreported

“I don’t know the exact percent that it’s higher, but certainly, it’s higher,” the nation’s leading expert on infectious diseases told the Senate health ...

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