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social distancing, public health, new york, coronavirus task force, the federal government

Trump unveils three-phase plan to reopen states and reach a 'new normal'

President Trump laid out a three-phase process for governors to lead their states out of economic lockdown even as his scientific advisers described a “new normal” in which the public would have to

Donald Trump: We Are Reopening America 'One Careful Step at a Time'

President Donald Trump on Thursday announced new guidelines for reopening America after the peak of the coronavirus crisis.

Fauci gives realistic take on guidelines to reopen U.S.

Fauci says not all U.S. states will enter coronavirus reopening phases quickly During the White House coronavirus task force briefing in which the three reopening phases of the U.S. were outlined,

Trump Says States Can Start Reopening While Acknowledging the Decision Is Theirs

The guidelines released by the president effectively mean that any restoration of American society will take place on a patchwork basis.

Tracking Trump’s Promises on Responding to the Virus

The president has promised enhanced testing and monitoring capabilities, thousands of ventilators and millions of masks. Here’s a status report.

The Coronavirus Outbreak

Everything you need to know about coronavirus, including the latest news, how it is impacting our lives, and how to prepare and protect yourself.

Straggling in a Good Economy, and Now Struggling in a Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has shown how close to the edge many Americans were living, with pay and benefits eroding even as corporate profits surged.

Donald Trump: Some States Can Reopen 'Literally Tomorrow'

President Donald Trump said Thursday that some states would be able to reopen as soon as Friday, provided they met the requirements.

Analysis | 4 takeaways from Thursday’s White House coronavirus briefing

Trump lost the game of chicken over when to reopen states.

Trump’s guidelines for reopening states amid coronavirus pandemic will leave decisions to governors

The guidance lists a set of criteria — such as testing and hospital capacity — for local leaders to use in making their decisions.

Trump tells govs 'you are going to call your own shots' and distributes new guidelines

President Donald Trump unveiled new guidelines on Thursday meant to help states loosen their social distancing restrictions, but in a retreat from his onetime claim of "absolute authority" to resta

Donald Trump: 'Thank God for Truckers'

President Donald Trump praised truckers at the White House on Thursday, thanking them for keeping the American supply chains up and running.

This is where all 50 states stand on reopening

More than 97% of the US population is currently under a stay-at-home or shelter-in-place order as the coronavirus pandemic continues to upend life as we know it. But worries for the economy -- and

Trump Gives Governors 3-Phase Plan To Reopen Economy

“We’re starting our life again,” Trump said during his daily press briefing. “We’re starting rejuvenation of our economy again.”

7 Midwest states to partner on reopening the economy

Seven Midwestern governors announced Thursday that they will coordinate on reopening their state economies, after similar pacts were made earlier this week in the Northeast and on the West Coast

White House Offers Reopening Guidelines as U.S. Deaths Surge

President Trump says he will defer to governors about lifting restrictions. At least 30,000 patients have died, and 22 million Americans have filed for unemployment in four weeks.

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