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the middle east (8), president joe biden (8), speaker house (7), israel hamas (7), 10 21 (7)

Katherine Clark: We Want to Make Our Own Health Decisions with Our Doctors, Not Jim Jordan

Democratic Whip Katherine Clark hammered Rep. Jim Jordan in a House floor speech, during which she nominated Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries for Speaker.

House Republicans Boot Jim Jordan From Speaker Race

House Republicans held a vote and kicked Jim Jordan out of the Speaker race. They will go home for the weekend and then try again to do the basics of governing next week.

White House: Biden is Busy Working While House Republicans Fight Among Themselves

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates pointed out that while President Biden has been working to advance bipartisan legislation and protect our national security, Republicans are busy fighting with one another.

The GOP speaker contest has entered its "who?" era

Jim Jordan lost. Now the party is searching for new speaker candidates.

What Israel should do now

Israel’s current approach is clearly wrong. Here’s a better way to fight Hamas — and win.

Jen Psaki: The silver lining to the GOP’s House speaker mess

Plus the most important words President Joe Biden said this week, some very high takes in Virginia and a special morning routine in this week’s 3 Minute Read from Jen Psaki.

Americans, Weary of Foreign Conflicts, Face Another

Interviews with voters in key states show that while there is support for Israel and Ukraine, many are torn about how much the U.S. can or should be involved.

Analysis | Split-screen: Biden speaks to the world, Republicans can’t pick a speaker

The contrast between the two political parties was especially striking last week as Biden responded to the Israel-Gaza war and House Republicans failed to pick a leader.

Relentless Wrestler

Jim Jordan is an unyielding combatant, whether grappling on the mat or in the halls of Congress. A wrestling champion, he coached wrestling at Ohio State during the sex abuse scandal before entering politics.

Concerns about Jordan’s election denialism flare during failed bid for speaker

Some House Republicans aren’t comfortable with the prospect of having an election denier as House speaker. That still could happen, based on potential candidates.

First trucks carrying aid enter Gaza but besieged enclave desperately needs more | CNN

The first trucks carrying aid entered Gaza on Saturday, but international leaders have warned that much more is needed to combat the “catastrophic” humanitarian situation in the enclave that holds more than 2 million people.

As a ground incursion looms, the big question remains: What is Israel's plan for Gaza? | CNN

Tal and Zak have no idea how long they’ll be deployed in what the Israelis call “the Gaza envelope,” the area in southern Israel that was attacked by Hamas terrorists two weeks ago.

Ramaswamy: Israel should provide post-Gaza invasion plan to assure further U.S. aid

The Republican presidential candidate also called on lawmakers to vote against Biden’s $106 billion request to support Israel and Ukraine.

Biden, Blinken welcome aid passage to Gaza, warn Hamas against interference

Humanitarian concerns grew after an Israeli order to evacuate northern Gaza ahead of a ground invasion last week, causing residents to concentrate in the blockaded strip’s southern portion.

Israeli military steps up warnings to north Gaza residents, preparations for ground offensive

The IDF again instructed the roughly 1.1 million residents of northern Gaza to evacuate, threatening that “no matter where you are,” there will be “significant combat.”

Biden says Hamas attacks aimed to halt Israel-Saudi Arabia agreement

The normalization push began under former President Donald Trump’s administration and was branded as the Abraham Accords.

Israel-Gaza live updates:

Live updates on the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Emmer sends ‘Dear Colleague’ letter officially announcing Speaker bid

House Majority Whip Tom Emmer (R-Minn.) officially announced he has entered the race for Speaker in a “Dear Colleague” letter to members on Saturday morning. “Our constituents who sent us all to Wa…

Johnson sends ‘Dear Colleague’ letter pushing his Speakership

House Republican Vice Chair Mike Johnson (R-La.) officially announced he is in the race for Speaker in a “Dear Colleague” letter to members on Saturday morning. “I have been humbled to have so many…

‘Absolute Disgusting Language’: GOP Presidential Candidates Condemn Campus Antisemitism, Threaten To Pull Funding

Republican presidential candidates have condemned recent antisemitic rhetoric on college campuses amid the Israel-Hamas war.

‘Extremely Dire’: Israeli Soldiers Stand Ready To Enter Gaza But Lack Equipment, DCNF Reporter Says

Israeli soldiers are mentally prepared to enter Gaza but lack necessary protective equipment, Daily Caller News Foundation reporter Jennie Taer said Saturday.

Republican Reps Furious That Jordan Got 'Knifed' in Speaker Vote: 'This is Not Over'

"The most popular Republican in the United States Congress was just knifed by secret ballot in a private meeting."

Haley threatens to overtake DeSantis as Trump alternative, sending sparks flying

Escalating frictions between the two candidates are playing out before voters on the campaign trail and behind closed doors with wealthy donors.

House Republicans push unity ‘pledge’ to guarantee a speaker

The GOP is wary of another fiasco on the House floor.

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