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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2023-08-26 -- the 2020 election (10), fulton county district attorney fani willis (7), social media (6), new york (6), john eastman (6)

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the 2020 election (10), fulton county district attorney fani willis (7), social media (6), new york (6), john eastman (6)

Biden Can't Hold Back His Laughter When Asked About Trump's Mugshot

President Biden laughed and then called Trump a "handsome guy" when he was asked for a reaction to Donald Trump's Georgia mugshot.

Stormy Daniels Obliterates Trump's Claim That He Weighs 215

Stormy Daniels has personal experience with Trump's weight, and she isn't buying his claim that he weighs 215 lbs.

A visual guide to the 19 defendants in the Trump Georgia case

The mugshots and the charges they face, briefly explained.

What Ron DeSantis and Elizabeth Warren have in common

DeSantis’s debate performance illustrated what makes him most vulnerable in his quest to become the Republican nominee.

Analysis | ‘Democracy’ was on the wall at the GOP debate. It was never in the conversation.

The health of American democracy in the coming election has been an open question, yet the eight candidates at the GOP debates hardly addressed it.

California judge shoots down Eastman bid to postpone disbarment proceedings

It’s the latest setback for the attorney as he fights to preserve his law license while facing felony charges in Georgia.

Opinion | The meme that still holds true about Trump's maddening lasting power

The number of truly persuadable voters in 2024 will likely be quite small.

Unrepentant, Trump participates in fundraiser for Jan. 6 defendants

First, Donald Trump participated in a fundraiser for Jan. 6 defendants. Then he did it again. The word “unrepentant” keeps coming to mind.

See the Georgia defendants’ mug shots: Mark Meadows, Rudy Giuliani and more

Here are the charges, bonds and mug shots associated with the defendants in Fulton County DA Fani Willis' election probe.

‘Not What They Thought It Would Be’: Jesse Watters Says Media Has Miscalculated Impact Of Trump Mug Shot

Fox News host Jesse Watters said Friday that the media miscalculated how former President Donald Trump’s mugshot would impact people.

Trump and His Co-Defendants in Georgia Are Already at Odds

Some defendants have already sought to move the case to federal court, while others are seeking speedy or separate trials.

Trump and his co-defendants in Georgia have surrendered. Now what?

Shortly before noon, the final co-defendant surrendered: Stephen Cliffgard Lee, who faces five counts for his role in an alleged criminal conspiracy to steal the 2020 presidential election in Georgia.

Donald Trump marks return to X, formerly Twitter, with mug shot tweet

With 1 million ‘likes,’ the tweet still is not Trump’s most popular. That record is held by the tweet that announced his positive covid diagnosis.

Jonathan Turley Says Prosecutors Are ‘Willfully Blind To The Implications’ Of Trump’s Georgia Charges

GWU law professor Jonathan Turley said Friday that prosecutor pursuing former President Donald Trump were “willfully blind” about implications of their cases.

Analysis | Americans don’t view all of Trump’s indictments equally

Among partisans, though, there’s more (predictable) consistency.

CNN’s Jake Tapper Flabbergasted by Trump's Listed Height and Weight at Fulton County Jail: 'Wait, What?'

People all across the political spectrum are taking particular interest in the height and weight listed on Trump's booking record.

Trump mocks GOP debate ratings, candidates

Two days after the first GOP debate — punctuated by Trump’s arrest in Georgia — the former president wrote on social media that the Republican presidential candidates were “second tier.”

Joe Biden Smirks at Donald Trump Mugshot: ‘Handsome Guy’

Joe Biden smirked when asked about Donald Trump’s mugshot and joked the Republican presidential frontrunner is a “handsome guy.”

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