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fulton county district attorney fani willis (20), new york (12), trump 18 (11), grand jury (10), election fraud (10)

Trump To Be Booked At The Fulton County Jail Just Like Any Other Perp

The sheriff in Fulton County, GA  said the plan is for Donald Trump and the other RICO defendants to be booked at the Fulton County Jail.

Mark Meadows Goes Full Nazi And Suggests He Was Following Trump's Orders

Former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows has filed to have the Georgia criminal case moved out of Fulton County and into federal court, as he claims he was only doing what Trump wanted.

Gov. Brian Kemp Blasts Trump After Georgia Indictment

Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp blasted Trump after the former president claimed that he is going to release a report on the state's election rigging.

The five conspiracies at the heart of the Georgia Trump indictment

What Trump, Giuliani, Meadows, Powell, and others were actually charged with.

The 4 criminal investigations into Donald Trump, explained

Still more indictments could be coming soon.

Lara Trump Still Thinks Hillary Clinton's Emails Are The Real Problem

Donald Trump's daughter-in-law went back to an old Republican refrain while reacting to news of his fourth indictment.

Georgia’s RICO law has ensnared mobsters, musicians and now ... MAGA Republicans

Georgia’s racketeering law is often used against underprivileged Black suspects. Fani Willis’ use of it against Trump and company is a defining moment.

Chris Hayes: Why Trump and his co-conspirators think Clarence Thomas will be in their corner

Trump could try to somehow kick the case up to the Supreme Court, where the conservative majority could rescue him.

Special Counsel Obtained Trump’s Direct Messages on Twitter

The nature of the messages or who exactly wrote them remained unclear, but it was a revelation that such messages were associated with the former president’s account.

Newly appointed Judge Scott McAfee gets Trump criminal case in Georgia

McAfee was previously a federal and state prosecutor and the Georgia inspector general, investigating claims of state government fraud, waste and abuse.

Trump co-defendant Carlos De Oliveira pleads not guilty in documents case

De Oliveira, a 56-year-old Floridian, is the property manager at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Florida home and private club.

Why Trump’s Georgia arraignment, trial could be different than the others

Trump couldn't pardon himself if convicted. And we could see a mug shot.

Analysis | The often startling numbers behind Trump’s indictment in Georgia

The staggering number of alleged crimes and overt acts.

Trump expected to be booked at Fulton County jail, sheriff says | CNN Politics

Former President Donald Trump is expected to surrender at the Fulton County jail, the local sheriff said Tuesday in a statement, along with the other 18 co-defendants charged on Monday in the Georgia 2020 election subversion case.

August 15, 2023 - Donald Trump indictment in the Georgia 2020 election probe news

Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants have until August 25 to voluntarily surrender to Georgia authorities after being indicted in the state's 2020 election subversion case. All the defendants will be booked at the Fulton County jail, the sheriff said Tuesday.

Mark Meadows seeks to move Georgia prosecution to federal court

Trump himself is expected to follow suit with a motion to transfer the case out of Georgia state court.

Trump indictment forces a GOP reckoning on 2020

Trump’s news conference Monday will force the primary field to re-litigate 2020 once again.

Judge calls new Texas election law unconstitutional but state says it will appeal ruling

A judge has called a new law unconstitutional that passed in the GOP-led Texas Legislature that will dictate how elections are run in the state’s most populous county

Georgia's Republican governor pushes back on Trump, and more campaign trail takeaways

Following a pattern established by three previous indictments, Trump was charged for a fourth time, this time in Georgia, late on Monday night

Grand jury returns indictments in Trump-Georgia case

A grand jury in Fulton County, Georgia handed up indictments in the Trump Georgia case.

‘Bullsh*t!’: Gutfeld Snaps After ‘Five’ Panelist Suggests Trump Deserved All Four Indictments

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld snapped at a fellow "The Five" panelist who suggested that former President Donald Trump deserves all four of his indictments.

‘Get Bad Convictions’: Alan Dershowitz Outlines Dems’ Strategy With Trump Indictments

Alan Dershowitz said Tuesday that the strategy the Biden administration and liberal district attorneys were using was to “get bad convictions” of Donald Trump.

Trump Announces He’ll Appoint a Special Counsel to Investigate Biden If He Retakes White House in 2024

Former President Donald Trump pledged on Tuesday, if he's re-elected, he will appoint a "real" special counsel to look into Biden.

Georgia Did Trump Massive Favor By Letting Him Choose Day to Turn Himself In

Trump should time his surrender in Georgia to coincide with GOP debate, though not for the reason one pundit suggests.

Georgia Indictment Joins Totalitarian Tradition of Mass Trials of Political Opposition

The Georgia indictment of President Donald Trump and 18 lawyers, aides, and supporters reflects an unfortunate totalitarian tradition.

McCaskill: 'We Finally Have Rudy Giuliani Indicted, Woo-Hoo!'

MSNBC contributor Claire McCaskill said Tuesday on "Deadline" that she was "very happy" former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was indicted in Georgia for his actions after the 2020 presidential election. | Clips

Georgia's Elected Republicans on Trump Indictment: We Told You, No Fraud

Georgia's leading elected state officials, who are Republicans, reacted to Trump's indictment by talking about voter fraud, not injustice.

Jack Smith Now Has A Ton Of Detailed Data From Trump's Twitter Account

Special Counsel Jack Smith won a bruising battle with Twitter that resulted in his investigation obtaining detailed data from Trump's Twitter account.

Mark Meadows seeks to move Georgia conspiracy case to federal court

Mark Meadows has been indicted along with Trump and 17 other co-conspirators over their efforts to overturn Trump’s election loss in Georgia. Now Meadows is asking the court to move his case to a federal venue. Lawfare’s Anna Bower joins to discuss.

As Georgia Republicans rebuke Trump, they are lonely voices in GOP

Even as Trump has been indicted four times, many Republicans stand with the former president or are sidestepping the charges he faces.

Special counsel obtained Trump DMs despite ‘momentous’ bid by Twitter to delay, unsealed filings show

Judge Beryl Howell lit into Twitter for taking steps to give Donald Trump advance notice about the search warrant.

Laura Ingraham Predicts New Trump Charges Will Guarantee Future Indictments Against ‘Political Opponents’

Fox News host Laura Ingraham predicted the latest indictment against former President Donald Trump will “guarantee” similar indictments in the future.

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