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fulton county district attorney fani (11), county district attorney fani willis (9), the 2020 election (8), charges trump (7), new york (5)

Trump Is Facing RICO And Forgery Charges In Georgia

A court document was accidentally posted online before being removed that revealed that the Georiga grand jury is weighing RICO charges, forgery charges, conspiracy charges, and a charge of solicitation of violation of oath by a public official.

Trump Is Now Publicly Tampering With Georgia Witnesses

Trump told former Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan not to testify before the Fulton County grand jury and is tampering with a witness in the investigation.

Trump Blames Biden For Upcoming Georgia Indictment

Trump has reached the point where he is now blaming Biden, a federal official, for his indictment in a local case in Fulton County, Georgia.

Trump Melts Down And Basically Admits He Tried To Overturn The Georgia Election

Trump went on a Monday morning rampage and demanded that he get to present a case before the Fulton County, GA grand jury that pushed his Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen.

RICO, the Georgia anti-racketeering law used to charge Donald Trump

RICO is a law traditionally used to indict mob bosses and gang leaders.

Georgia court posts then removes document detailing charges against Trump

The document, which Reuters first reported came from the Fulton County court, listed 12 felony counts and one serious felony count for violating Georgia’s RICO Act.

Opinion | Donald J. is no Don Vito. But that doesn't mean RICO charges don't apply.

As numerous Atlanta teachers and school administrators have already learned the hard way, RICO — at least in Georgia — is not just for mobsters.

In Georgia, Trump abandons subtlety, urges witness not to testify

Trump's fear of charges in Georgia has led to a new step: The former president is now explicitly urging a relevant Republican witness not to testify.

Analysis | Trump ups the ante on going after judges and witnesses. Where’s the line?

A look at what that Trump has said, and what the law says.

Georgia Court Website Posts Document with 13 Charges Against Trump - And Then Deletes It

The document was taken down, but not before people took screenshots that purportedly showed charges against Trump.

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